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“You’ve proven that you’re as accomplished as any Vulcan, which is gonna serve you well.. as long as you never forget that you’re human too. You need to nurture that side..”

Star Trek Discovery Episode 6 “Lethe”

aka in which amanda grayson continually proves to be the best mother in the galaxy. 

​Things to have in consideration when drawing Michael, Sybok and Spock:

  • If we take Sonequa’s age as a reference, she’s 32yo in Discovery. This means she was born in 2223.
  • Sybok was born in 2224.
  • Spock was born in 2230.
  • So we know that Michael is 1 year older than Sybok and 7 years older than Spock. Sybok is 6 years older than Spock.
  • Spock left when he was 20 to join Starfleet.
  • Sybok left when he was 21 or so to look for the real location of Sha Ka Ree.
  • Michael probably joined Starfleet when she was 18. This means that Spock was 11 at this time, and Sybok was 17.
  • Sybok joined the family when he was 10 more or less (his existence was kept secret from Sarek by T’Rea).
  • We don’t know when Michael was adopted but for what I see in the trailer she looks like 6 yo.
  • So this means that Sarek and Amanda adopter Michael, a year later Spock was born and 4 years later (again, more or less) Sybok joined the family.
  • And the most important of all I-Chaya was still alive.

Add more things if you like.

Originally posted by trekgate

I love the idea of Sarek coming back home with Michael under his arm, and opening the door with a “I found her and she’s ours now”, and Amanda just sighing and preparing a new bowl of plomeek soup.

 I mean, I love Amanda. She’s the most badass human there ever was, so I’m so happy star trek discovery is talking about her.

Because badass!mom Amanda would have looked at the little lost face and taken it in stride. She would have mothered the hell out of that kid.

I mean, Michael is confronted with a people/Klingon-eating monster and the first thing she does is quoting from memory a book Amanda used to read to them? How many times do you have to repeat a book for a child to remember entire passages of it (and not just her favorites bits, no, even pages that could be applied to the “I’m running away from a monster in Jefferies tubes” type of situation). Then Michael kept the book even in detention ,and took it to jail with her.

I want to know so much about the influence of foster!mom Amanda on young Michael.

There is so much of Amanda in her. I-will-step-on-your-neck-and-look-stunning-while-doing-it? I am a human and proud of it? I will protect you whether you want it or not?This is all straight up from amanda.

Sarek had to tell Michael to behave. Out loud. In front of a stranger and her future captain. While Michael was an adult.

I’m not telling all the kids got their wild sides from Amanda, but all the kids clearly got their wild sides from Amanda.

(Also, we really need to have a talk about Spock and Michael as brother and sister. How do you think Spock reacted when his dad brought her home? Did he try to turn even more Vulcan to lead by example? Did he allowed himself more human sides, because he didn’t want Michael to be his mom’s favorite (faulty logic: Amanda loves them all fiercely)? How did he react to Alice in Wonderland? Did Michael and Spock meditated together? Did their homework together? Quizzed each other? How did Michael react when Spock was bullied for being half human?

Did Michael high-fived her brother when he politely told the Vulcan counsel to go fuck themselves when they badmouthed Amanda?

Because, yeah, she totally did, and Sarek’s kids have forever this reputation as the wildest children to ever been raised on Vulcan)

(also, we need to know about Sybok.)

All these years I’ve been so sad when I imagined how difficult and daunting it must have been for Amanda to adjust to being the only human on Vulcan. But it turns out that she wasn’t the only human after all. Around the time she married Sarek, another human being arrived… an inquisitive, bright, lovely girl who needed love and affection in a place where both were ridiculed. It was only logical for the kind, natural-born teacher to latch onto a child so much like herself; and for a lost girl to cling to the comfort of someone that her mind could impose over her already-failing memories of her biological mother. So, now I don’t feel sad, because I can see the only two humans on Vulcan helping each other heal and adjust. Helping each other show love and emotion despite their surroundings. Helping each other not only survive on a planet not suited for them- but thrive.

Has anyone thought how the S'Chn T'Gai clan handled Michaels court martial?

Sarek trying to pull every string he can to help Michael while secretly being eaten alive by guilt because it was his advice that caused all of this. If he’d just been better, showed her the affection that a traumatized human child would need, actually told he was proud of her this would never had happened.

Amanda fighting Starfleet every step of the way. Letter writing, protesting, even a hunger strike. You name it, Amanda did it in an attempt to free her daughter. Yes, she made a mistake, but, under no circumstances did Michael deserve this harsh of a punishment.

Spock trying not to let anyone see how crushed he is by all of this. His big sister, his friend, his inspiration for joining Starfleet. Now a convicted mutineer and the scapegoat for this war.
Pike does everything he can to support him, unaware it’s this kind of devotion to his crew will lead to Spock preforming his own mutiny.