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a thing that has always bothered me about logan (besides the obvious privilege things he has going although rory has some of those traits too): how he manages to manipulate rory into thinking her feelings and concerns are immaterial. 

when rory asks logan to hang out, only a fool would not know what that means. the last time they were together they were caught by her parents just prior to having sex. so logically she would want to meet to discuss what happened and apologize. 

he agrees to hang out (which everyone knows means a casual date) and then when she appears his long-running poker (?) game with the boys is going. he could have just asked her on the phone “tonight all of my friends are coming over tonight to play cards. i’d love for you to come. do you like cards? they won’t mind. if that’s not your thing, i have such + such night free.” then this never would have happened. 

or afterwards he could have said, “the invitation was a little vague but i still should have given you a heads up that all my friends were going to be there. next time i will.”

instead logan debates with rory until she is convinced all of her feelings aren’t important. she says she thought things were going to be a little more intimate. he acts as though she means she just wanted to use him for sex. when really that could just mean dinner + movie alone. 

his logic is basically

hang out = vague, intimate = sex, but you didn’t want to just use me for sex did you? so we can hang out in all types of situations, including groups. therefore there is nothing to be bothered by and your feelings are invalid.

there are more examples of this as their relationship progresses. logan you cannot + should not debate your girlfriend out of her own feelings!

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