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Flight: Now in Grape


The Ava’s Demon Book Two Kickstarter is up! Check it out here!!

We’ve been following the webcomic Ava’s Demon for years now, and even back when Yotta first started, we were interested in collaborating with Michelle. A couple years later, THE STARS ALIGNED and we got a chance to do the PV animation for the campaign!

To take things up another notch, if the campaign reaches its final stretch goal, we’ll be producing a fully animated chapter video for the comic, and anything past the 250K stretch goal will go toward making the video even bigger and better! This has the potential to be one of our strongest and most ambitious projects yet.

Credit goes to Spencer Wan on the keys/being a baller in general and (deep breath) Temmie Chang, Cal Moray, Nick McKergow, Amanda Bautista, Alastair Sew Hoy and Jake Ganz (das me) for all taking turns assisting helping us get this thing out the door during a busy holiday season — and of course, ultra thanks to Michelle for jamming with us!! It’s been real, and we’re hyped to work with you on the next round!

Ava’s Demon is an awesome comic, and it totally deserves your support. Let’s make it happen!


Super Cute Shop Time by my good friend and winner of the UArts Junior Animation show Amanda B.