amanda banks


Performed by: Stephen “Swizzy” Banks, David Butterfield, Cathleen Cher, Jean Chung, Juliet Jones, Brooke Shepherd, Adrian Smith, Cass Song, Jasmine St. Clair, Amanda Suk, TinTin V., Richard Wang, and Eugene Lee Yang

Number: “Is Your Life Average?”

Choreographer: Eugene Lee Yang

Style: Contemporary

From: Buzzfeed Video (2016)


CAZWELL - Downtown

I spy Boomer Banks, and you got to love an Amanda Lepore cameo


“Appropriation occurs when a style leads to racist generalizations or stereotypes where it originated, but is deemed “high fashion”, cool or funny, when the Privileged take it for themselves”

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Under-appreciated Movie of the Day: Lost in Austen (2008)

“Everyone you know… will one day prise your fingers from the raft and watch you drown. It is the way of the world. Everyone, except me.”

A thoroughly modern heroine threatens to ruin one of the world’s greatest literary love stories in this ingenious reinvention of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Bored bank worker Amanda Price literally becomes lost in her favorite Austen book after she finds a strange portal in her bathroom and swaps places with its heroine, Elizabeth Bennet. Once she gets entangled in the affairs of the Bennet family and the dashing Mr. Darcy, how can she keep this celebrated romance on track?

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