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#Setlock, 27.05.2016, Windsor Drive, Miskin, Wales

I spent about ten hours watching the filming, and have tried to take notes regularly while sketching and taking the occasional photograph and recording a bit of video at one point. I’ve posted part of my sketches, the photos and the video already and they can be found under my #miskin tag. Now follows a more detailed account of how the day went based on my typed up notes.

A huge thank you to cast and crew for allowing me to stay and watch. At times I was the only onlooker, with sometimes locals coming round for a chat. The people of Windsor Drive and the neighbouring streets were brilliant, offering tea and biscuits and generally being extremely kind and forthcoming. This created a very relaxed, familial atmosphere which seemed to be felt by cast and crew as well who, despite the tight schedule (Martin, who basically filmed from morning through into the evening with only an hour break for lunch), were friendly, slightly curious (some crewmembers came over to have a look at my sketches) and seemed to be having a good time.

– Upon arrival, I walked round the back of the house they have been filming in these past few days. Not much can be seen because there is a large hegde shielding the house from the lane. A huge daylight lamp is set up, partly covered in branches (both real and artificial). Filming seems to be going on in the back of the house in a room looking out over the garden. Nothing can be heard from the lane, though. One of the upstairs windows is half open.

– In front of the house the Aston Martin and the limo have been removed. Filming is commencing inside the house. At one point I hear “both cameras on Martin again but both on the move”, thus confirming that Martin is in the house.

– After a while he comes out wearing the same outfit as yesterday: blue suit jacket, white/blue striped shirt, blue trousers, brown leather shoes. He looks relaxed and chats with the crew.

– Mark Gatiss shows up but not in costume (in jeans, leather jacket, jumper, shirt, orange socks); Sue is present as well.

– Martin signs an autographs for the son of the owner of the house they‘re filming in and talks to him and his mother; Mark also signs and shakes the boy’s hand.

– Catering (fruit again) arrives

– Amanda comes out and embraces owner, gives autograph and talks to woman and boy (asks about school, apparently: the boy hasn’t got any today because it’s an inset day).

– Surprisingly, no other setlockers are around apart from me.

– Martin and Amanda remain outside after houseowner leaves. They chat with the crew.

– slight drizzle :(

– Filming inside

– Outside under one of the black tents, I spot a bucket with cut flowers (peonies) as well as two white Eames (?) chairs. Are they props?

– The black-and-white gcat from across the road is back and nosing around the tents. :) Actually, there are plenty of cats milling about.

– Martin is outside again talking animatedly with crew

– A little later coffee is brought (but sadly only for the crew).

– As if they’ve heard my internal plea, I get offered coffee or tea by the inhabitants of Nr. 44, two houses down from where they’re filming. The couple has been absolutely brilliant before, allowing me to stand in their front garden with a great view of the doorway of the film-house. The people of Windsor Drive really know how to look after their guests.

– The security guys are provided with coffee by a lady from across the street. She already knows how each individual guard takes his beverage.

– Mark is talking with crew

– An interview with him is filmed, likely for a behind-the-scenes feature: There is another film crew there with a small digital camera. Sadly, they are too far away from me to overhear what is being filmed, but Mark sits in a chair with a guy angling sound.

– Amanda is outside to have her make-up refreshed.

– The crew are eating Cadbury‘s Roses.

– The behind-the-scenes film team seems to have gone inside, too.

– Amanda leaves. Apparently her sequence is complete.

– Rehearsals begin for 165 (?).

– Two garments are hanging in one of the black tents: they later turn out to be a jeans, a pair of beige (canvas?) shoes, a blue and white striped jersey jumper or dress with red cuffs. The outfit looks like something Mary could wear, or it’s for the mystery woman.

– All crew are called inside the house for a crew rehearsal.

– Shortly later they leave for lunch. Martin and the mystery woman (wearing the same grey, loose-fitting outfit as yesterday) who apparently has been inside the house all morning without showing herself outside are fetched in the Jaguar. Mark tries to get into the backseat as well, realises that they’re already occupied (reaction: “Oh, rot.”) and sits in the front next to the driver.

– The Aston Martin is back, but not parked exactly as yesterday. The locals are having a lark and their photographs taken posing with the car. The security guys are letting them peek inside.

– The owners of Nr. 44 make tea for me and coffee for another setlocker. Brilliant folks.

– The ambulance van is also back and parked round the corner: an exterior shot is looking likely.

– The number-plate of the Aston is changed to API5 CXJ: Apis, really? Can’t imagine this to be a coincidence, given Sherlock’s canonical love of bees :D

– The owners of the film-house come round for a chat. They’re not allowed to disclose what they’ve seen on a tour of the inside (or show photos – meaning I absolutely haven’t seen any … really … ;)), but they answer a few more general questions. Apparently one room has been completely taken over and changed beyond recognition with all their furniture put into storage. That‘s the room looking out over the garden. New and very striking wallpaper, too. Another room and the hall have been added to. Concerning the 1970s style that has been hinted at, they weren’t sure about that. From what I gathered, the style is indeed retro, with the Eames chair fitting in well in terms of aesthetics.

– Lunch break is over. Sue and Mark arrive.

– A little later the grey outfit and a long, dark-grey sleeve-less cardigan which would fit with the outfit of the mystery woman are delivered (although she left wearing the trousers they bring now).

– Martin arrives wearing dark blue jeans, a black shirt (sexy!) and the Haversack jacket. He leaves the jacket inside and shows up outside again with his shirt over his trousers.

– The mystery woman arrives dressed only (? – don’t know, can’t see anything underneath) in a beige/rose dressing gown.

– The limo and the chauffeur are back. Martin’s black shirt is getting de-fluffed/haired with a white roller.

– Filming or rehearsing going on inside.

– Security guard says that they’re staying at least until 20h not 18h as announced yesterday.

– More onlookers are showing up, almost exclusively locals, again many children among them. The owner of Max the black cocker-spaniel is back with her dog, and some of the crew come over to pet him because he’s so cute.

– Sherlock’s clothes arrive: dark blue shirt, black trousers, grey polo shirt (Shezza?), something long in a transparent bag, could either be yesterday’s dressing gown or the Belstaff.

– Five minutes later: Martin is outside drinking from a striped mug and chatting with Mark who is wearing headphones round his neck.

– Outfit for John is delivered (striped shirt and blue suit from this morning’s and yesterday’s filming).

– Filming is still going on inside the house with Martin and the mystery woman.

– Sandwiches arrive: apparently the team is indeed going to stay for a bit yet. Ten minutes later: the Aston Martin is moved to the same position as yesterday and the ambulance is fetched and parked across the road (also like yesterday). Apparently they are going to film some more scene from that sequence.

– The limo is brought back and all the cars are positioned exactly as in yesterday’s exterior shots.

– Amanda and Una arrive wearing the same costumes as yesterday (and this morning, in Amanda’s case). Una is wearing funny thick boots.

– Benedict comes wearing the dark blue silk dressing gown from yesterday

– Loo arrives in the outfit of the Molly double.

– All say hello and wave to the onlookers. Everybody is cheerful and in good spirits despite the long day.

– Benedict goes round hugging his fellow cast-members and some of the crew. He is wearing a dark blue shirt and dark trousers under the dressing gown (same outfit as during the Cardiff SU filming), face is still covered in stubble and his hair looks dishevelled and slightly greasy.

– Molly’s hair looks darker than usual with a hint of dark chestnut (like the double’s).

– One of the crew calls “checks on Sían (Jean? Shawn?) and Martin” – is the former the first name of the mystery’s woman’s actress?

– Filming going on inside.

– Mystery woman leaves (again wearing only the dressing gown). Her name really seems to be Sían. A screen is used to shield her from the eyes of the onlookers as she walks towards her car. Could she be actress Sían Reeves?

– Benedict goofs around on set, seems to be in excellent spirits.

– Loo walks around snapping pictures of the set and the small crowd of spectators on her phone.

– Someone comes out carrying the Belstaff and puts it into the ambulance (so apparently Molly did indeed bring Sherlock’s coat :D).

– Martin waves to the kids that are almost invading the set. They are most excited about the fact that both he and Benedict petted a local cat named Henry who even sat on their laps.

– They’re indeed filming the same sequence as yesterday (as mentioned, I’ve already posted a few photos and a video I managed to take).

– Not sure about the slate number, but it could be 187.

– Again, I only caught snatches of the dialogue, and only the bits that were spoken with slightly raised voices. A lot was said by John to someone in the house (Mrs. Hudson and perhaps Mary). Molly also has a few lines.

– Molly seems a little timid or confused when she knocks on the door (or rings the bell) and John answers it rather forcefully, speaking curtly. He seems pissed off by something and rather agitated. In addition to what I wrote yesterday, the line he calls into the house appears to be “No, I don’t care how.”

– Sherlock comes out talking to Molly (and mentioning his coat) and walks towards the ambulance. He appears to be swaying slightly, and particularly during the first few takes of the scene he looks really uncoordinated and dishevelled with his shirt untucked from his trousers.

– After he has left, Molly asks John something about Sherlock and he answers, of which I caught “Two weeks ago”.

– Molly leaves as well, walking quickly towards the ambulance. John talks to or with Mrs. Hudson while still standing in the doorway. At one point, Mrs. Hudson says “Any time, just ask”.

– Then John walks out, hesitates or is called back, then walks toward the waiting limo clenching his hand and generally looking stressed and pensive (see video).

– They film the scene a few times, from various angles.

– During breaks, Loo, Amanda, Ben and Martin are laughing and joking around. There is some mention of a birthday. Some more words concerning Sherlock’s dark blue dressing gown: it’s definitely not his usual one. This one doesn’t have any stripes, and the sash is tasseled. It seems to be made of dark blue silk but of a slightly different shade than his other blue one. He is wearing it with the collar turned up, as one must :D

– Mark leaves with a suitcase

– Sue is taking a pic of Loo and Amanda sitting on the Aston.

– Filming wraps up about twenty minutes later, just when it starts to pour down. There’s a round of applause with the director thanking the people of Windsor Drive for their patience. The spectators clap also and thank the cast and crew, who quickly get into the waiting cars, waving at the onlookers.

The only one I saw on the train back to London later that evening was Una, who has a beautiful little leather suitcase. All in all, these two days at setlock have been marvellous, particularly because of the relaxed, friendly and creative atmosphere around the set and the wonderful people I met. I’m still surprised that at times, I was the only person standing there watching. I had expected far more setlockers. Not that I minded.

Thanks a lot to everybody who commented on my stuff. Feel free to ask if you want to know about something in greater detail. I’m sure I missed things. I’ve just been to Speedy’s and have seen the parking suspension signs in NGS and where the crew ususally put up base (there’s also a suspension for 7th June at the latter location). Not sure if I’ll make it to setlock in two weeks. But I am tempted.

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Imagine Amanda teaching Spock how to bake. He gets curious ('By Surak - it is chemistry, but with edible substances!' he thinks, amazed) and Amanda is is the living room reading a book when Spock stumbles out of the kitchen, from his waist up is covered in white flour and his hair is at a forty-five degree angle. Amanda nearly fell onto the floor from laughter as a distinct green shade forms beneath the coat of white powder on his cheeks.