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Why I love Amanda Palmer: An Election Night Story by M.L. Wahl

Dear Amanda,

I love you. I love you because you put out music that means something. I love you because you consider your signing table to be a confessional of sorts. I love you because you are unabashedly loud and proud about things that many people don’t dare to speak of. I love you because you genuinely want to know how we are doing, and celebrating holidays. I also love how you crowdsourced things to help illustrate points in your book when you were writing it.

However, I love you most for your community. Somehow, you find followers that are truly genuine, and who want to connect with each other. We connect over one or two topics, and then we add each other as friends on Facebook. We read each other’s more private status updates, and we frequently comment on them more than friends within our immediate communities. We send each other gifts around the holidays, even if we have never corresponded before. We buy each other’s art, which tells them that we see them, and that they are real. We donate to people’s funds to keep roofs over heads. We stay at each other’s houses, and celebrate very human things together.

Or, we post to be seen like I did tonight. I posted in one of the AFP groups to whine about not having any meat or veggies in the house until Friday. I described the kinds of protein that I had left in the house as evidence that I would not starve. I just wanted to be seen, because it’s something that we never see people struggle with in public, and it sucks to struggle with it behind closed doors in private alone.

A woman who I have never seriously talked to until the beginning of this month asked me if I was close to a Safeway, and I told her, “Yes, I’m close. I can survive with what I have until we get paid though too. It’s just a lot of beans and rice.”

I didn’t even have enough time to beg her not to do anything out of embarrassment before she told me “too late. Check your email.” She had sent me a $25 gift card saying, “A girl has got to eat more than just beans. I mean seriously.“

I was able to buy 2.4 pounds of chicken, mixed salad greens, a block of cheese, 10 pounds of potatoes, tortillas, an onion, and two boxes of 79 cent mac and cheese. More than enough to complete meals that I already had most of the of the ingredients for until Friday. I took the doughnut, (even if was offered to me like Jason Webley offers his CDs when he’s given money when he’s busking.)

Tonight is the first night I have been full in a few days. Tomorrow, I won’t have to eat a bowl of refried beans by itself for lunch like I did today. On a day such as this with a major election, a day of collective anxiety, a wonderful woman gave me money to buy groceries. No matter what happens, life will go on. Our special community will still exist, and for now that is enough for me.

Thank you Amanda, for creating and encouraging a community such as this. Thank you for being uniquely you. And when people ask you about crowdfunding, you can point them to this blog post. We crowdfund to support you, because we love the ideas that you foster, and the community that has been created because of it.

All my love.

Petition for a spin off with Zimmerfield and Estevez before the Lydia Spring case, just finding missing people and being annoyed with the FBI.

Relationship goals = Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman’s unicorn of a non-monogamous relationship.  

“I want to live and work alone. If we get married, do I have to live with you? 
 No, he said. Will you marry me?
Do I have to act like a wife? I don’t really want to be a wife. 
     No, you don’t need to be a wife, he said. Will you marry me?  
If we get married, will we be able to sleep with other people? 
     Yep, he said. Will you marry me? 
Can I maintain total control of my life? I need total control of my life. 
     Yes, darling. I’m not trying to control you. At all. Will you marry me? 
I probably don’t want kids. 
     That’s fine. I already have three. They’re great. Will you marry me? 
If I marry you and it doesn’t work, can we just get divorced? 
     Sure, he said brightly.” 

-The Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer

In Dirk Gently season 2 Farah heads to the police station to get help for Todd and to find Dirk, but she finds detective Estevez wounded and still alive, so she calls an ambulance and he gets well in no time to join the Mystery Squad. 
Yep, that’s it, no one will convince me otherwise. 


Little Witch Academia 2 : The Enchanted Parade

Introducing the new characters of Yoh Yoshinari’s LWA 2, again : 

Amanda O’Neil : Guilty of breaking into a treasure vault of Luna Nova’s historical treasures, as well as attempted thievery. 
Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger : Guilty of breaking campus regulations of owning, manufacturing and selling high-tech electronic devices on school premises.
Jasmineka Antonenko : Habitual food thief.

Amanda Palmer: What time is it, dearest honey snookums mine?

Neil Gaiman: Oh, do you mean what time is it RIGHT NOW? I am so dreamy and impractical, I might just give you the time it is in the past!

Amanda Palmer And Neil Gaiman: Ohohoho, we are so terribly quirky and charming!

Me, breaking down their door with a fucking chainsaw: VROOM VROOM MOTHERFUCKERS IT’S TIME FOR YOUR RECKONING

Aren’t Maggie and Paul adorable? I think I’m going to weep like a baby when these two are split up, they look to be quite in love. And dear Phyllis looks glorious tan even if it was just a spray ha ha . ❤. Amanda reveals the cast’s sun-kissed skin is all an effect as they were issued with spray tans and advised to keep out of the sun, to avoid getting burnt. Amanda says co-star Neil who plays her beach bum love interest, had an extra one put on his body before he did a nude scene, baring all on top of a rock. “We were all spray tanned before we went out there,” explains Amanda. “The men especially enjoyed the experience. “Neil had an extra spray tan before he got his bottom out.” ️