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1. What bad habits do you have?

Standing up late, sleep too little, eat too much chocolate and too little vegetables, procrastinating, not doing my homework, not writing my books even if I have ideas just because I’m too lazy to ban them on paper, make a mess in my room, starting new stories I’m never going to bring to an end… Enough?

2. Which trait do you appreciate on your self?

My destiel-shipping side^^ Yeah, I love being a fangirl because it’s big fun to fangirl with my friends (those who know what Destiel is and who don’t think shipping means sending something per post) and have GoT- or Supernatural-marathons.

3. Which trait do you dislike on your self?

That I care too much about what other people think of me. I don’t do always, but a little too often.

4. What is your favorite food?

That’s a difficult one… I would say chocolate, but it has to be the right chocolate. And I love melted chocolate, especially with raspberries or strawberries. Or bananas. Also pancakes with chocolate… So yeah, chocolate and everything with chocolate.

5. Do you have siblings? And how old are they?

I have two little brothers, they are 13 and 11.

6. Have you ever done such a big mistake that you had to think about it for more than a month?

Oh my god, yes, I guess so! But… I think it wasn’t a really BIG mistake, sometimes I just can’t get those little embarrassing moments out of my head.

7. Are you a good liar?

I don’t think so. I did a drinking game with some friends where you have to bluff and holy shit, I failed so hard.. Also my brothers now very often when I lie to them. I’m just kinda good in pretending that I’m feeling one way when in reality I feel exactly contrary.

8. What do you want to do when you’re grown up?

Go away! I hate this question, I hate it to the end of the universe and back! Because a while ago I was pretty sure that I want to become a teacher. And now I’m just like: Just leave me with your fucking future, I don’t want future, I hate future, I’m never going to choose a study course! Because I would like to do nearly every job but only for a few years, not for my whole life. So, yeah, I guess what I really want is not working at all, just read and watch series all day.

But, wait, I guess I have something I really want to do, beside whatever job I might do: Write. I would love to write a book. That’s something I want to do. But yeah, you know.. Money. Money sucks. Maybe I should rob a bank and then become an author so I don’t have to care if my books are good or not.

9. Do you enjoy it to wear skirts and/or dresses?

Sometimes I really do but mostly I’m more the jeans-type. For some reason I feel uncomfortable wearing skirts/dresses to school. Maybe because I have no dress I really love besides my ball dress (and no skirts at all.)

10. Have you ever got in REALLY BAD trouble?

I don’t think so. But maybe I will if I rob a bank to be rich enough to do nothing but writing ;) Hope there’s internet in prison so I can tumblr…

1. What’s your favourite book?

2. Do you have any pets?

3. If you could choose any person you want, even an actor or the president of the US or just your neighbor, who would you date?

4. And if you could talk to a person from the past, who died a few or a thousand years ago, who would you choose?

5. What’s your favourite animal? And which animal do you hate the most?

6. Are you sleeping with your room door open or closed?

7. Do you prefer orange or apple juice?

8. What was the happiest moment of your life? Or one of the happiest moments?

9. Do you read fanfiction? If yes, what pairings?

10. What’s the best disney movie you have ever seen?

La motte d'Amance

Depuis la motte castrale d'Amance, la vue est toujours imprenable. Si l'intérêt stratégique a poussé l'homme à s'intaller sur cette butte dès les temps anciens, c'est aujourd'hui un panorama à couper le souffle qui attirera le visiteur dans ce petit bourg médiéval. Les vues dégagées lui permettront en effet d'embrasser, vers l'Est , la vallée de l'Amezule jusqu'à sa confluence avec la Meurthe, le sud, vers Saint-Nicolas-de-Port et, au Nord, l'ancienne route venant de Metz.


Como no te voy a Querer Guache

De: La Extra / Diario de Morelia / Noticias Morelia / Noticias Michoacan  WebMaster  January 25, 2016 at 04:04PM

Como entona Rapael digan lo que digan los demas, que si populistas, que si campañero, que lo que sea y como sea el gobernador del estado, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, estableció el compromiso de su administración para que a partir de hoy asuma los costos totales de tratamientos médicos a favor de 400 niños con cáncer. Me estàn oyendo inutilessss.
Durante un desayuno ofrecido a la AMANC, y a padres de menores enfermos, el guachito gobernador estableció una nueva política de cinco ejes para el tratamiento de dicho padecimiento.
Entre ellos destacó la compra de nuevos equipos para la realización de estudios oncológicos, a fin de que los padres no desembolsen recursos, la construcción de un espacio digno que permita hospedaje, alimentación y aseo cerca del Hospital Infantil y dar por concluidos los campamentos improvisados que se encuentra a un lado del nosocomio. Asi como dicen los porristas de los pumas “como no te voy a querer” goberladron de corazones de madres padres y parientes de esos pequeñitos que se la esta rifando contra el àancer
Durante el encuentro, Aureoles Conejo comisionó a los titulares de Salud, atención ciudadana y política social a instrumentar los mecanismos para apoyar los traslados de padres de menores enfermos desde sus lugares de origen, así como la recuperación de los gastos invertidos durante el tratamiento.

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