“I did briefly speak to Chris Hemsworth at Comic Con, who played Thor. I just walked up to him and said, “Mate, I wanted to say hi, my name is Henry, I’m playing Superman. What’s it like?” He said “Don’t worry about it. The fans are a lot more supportive than you think. They’re behind you the whole way, so just enjoy it.” He’s a really nice bloke.” [Henry Cavill, Shortlist Magazine, 4 June 2013.]

30/31 Henry Cavill Quotes Amancanfly New Year’s Countdown


SL: We read you didn’t want CGI abs. How did you shape up? Was it hell? HC: It was hell and wonderful at the same time. [My trainer] Mark Twight gave me a whole bunch of workouts to do by myself to get my fitness levels up, so that when I arrived in LA the really hard stuff would start. I did two months training on my own and four months training in LA with Mark, and that was excruciating – breaking boundaries I didn’t know I could. I remember one moment, doing some horrible rowing sprint thing, and I said, “I can’t do this Mark, I can’t, I’m done,” and he said, “No you’re not, don’t listen to the lies.” I kept on pulling and pulling until suddenly I realised I had finished. That’s what Mark taught me – one of the many things – don’t listen to the lies, your barriers are breakable.[Henry Cavill, Shortlist Magazine, 4 June 2013.]

31/31 Henry Cavill Quotes Amancanfly New Year’s Countdown

I was suppose to post this on the 31st but I had other stuff I wanted to post. So this is the last of the set. Thanks to everyone who followed, liked, commented, and reblogged the countdown. It’s been really fun!  Now on to regular posting.