So I somehow woke up to 3000 people following this blog, which is really weird and confusing to me since I almost never post here but anyway you are all great and I want you to know that! Also I guess I’ll try to post more often, seeing as I had a super fun shoot with Michelle yesterday which mainly involved jumping on her bed and taking off some of my clothes, and last week I was in Paris, and all summer I actually kind of took a lot of 35mm pictures? So yeah I have some stuff to share!

Oh, and Michelle and I made a book, too. 

Also, did I ever mention that I printed a shitload of random amamak pictures a couple weeks back, and, as usual, I actually have no idea what to do with them now that I’m done mentally complimenting Michelle and I for being awesome at photo?

(Possible giveaway fodder?)

Also new tweaked watermark because WHY THE FUCK NOT.