I think the perfect social networking site would consist of the following:
  • The music integration of Myspace – That player was clean, easy to use, and built-in.  You didn’t have to put in HTML code and stuff
  • The notifications, games, and overall functionality and infrastructure of Facebook – People rag on it all the time, but there’s a reason why Facebook is a multibillion dollar corporation and other networks aren’t.  It’s a pretty solid platform, but it needs to allow for more customization and stop changing so darn much.
  • The speed and global connectivity of Twitter – Twitter’s 140 character limit is lame (200 would’ve been fine, but 140 is too short), but whether or not you’re a fan of Twitter, you have to admit its trending topics are pretty cool.  Whether it’s the death of a celebrity, sports update, or some other event, people on Twitter are always the first to know.  It has news integration like no other social site.  The trending topics also allow for some fun and creativity, which is definitely a plus.  Directioners and Beliebers dominating said topics, however, is a minus
  • The community and mentality of Tumblr – Tumblr has some of the nicest people I’ve ever met on a social networking site.  Period.  There’s some anonymous jerks from time to time, but for the most part people are very friendly and open on here.  I like the transparency of the users and the willingness to discuss things that are rarely discussed elsewhere.  Nothing is off-limits.  The ask box is pretty cool too.  It’s built-in Formspring basically.  The only minus on Tumblr for me is the reclusion of individuality.  Too many people reblog the same kind of “hipster” stuff, and blogs are becoming too similar.  But all in all, it’s an enjoyable site. 

If you were to combine all these things, I think you would have the end-all, be-all social networking site.  The site should allow users to share their life in their own way, and give people the option to have a blog, media stream (a la Facebook), or a mixture of both.  You should be able to “friend” people you know AND “follow” interesting people.  Do all of this correctly, and you have the perfect social networking site……at least until all your family members join.

That vampire Wolverine comic made me discover the best thing:

Dark Claw, the DC/Marvel hybrid of Batman and Wolverine.

External image

In addition to him, there is a cute as sin crossover of Jubilee and Robin:

External image

I know I should be bothered by this, but honestly I’m not. I love professionally published fan fiction ;p

One Friday afternoon in the Arcellana Reading Room, I smelled of nicotine, and that’s how I knew you were already in the same room as I was. And so my eyes searched for you. It didn’t matter if I can’t take the smell of cigarette, what mattered to me is that was you.

And then you started telling stories, not forgetting to voice out your opinions and comments about Murakami. My eyes tend to focus on your lips when you tell your stories. I so want to kiss those lips. I could almost taste the menthol flavored cigarette you just had.

But I remembered that today was the last day I could see you. And this was my last chance. And I let it slip away.