(( when a single song gets u hype for an old muse but u have no place to really play them………………

probably no one remembers this boi… this was the amalgafusion of an undying pre-blog sunny and an undying sleazy from some time after reset’s unshattered m!a, who i didn’t ever play in blogverse; he got played in the discord group for the timeline wasteland instead

this boi’s name was UN, and the two paps that comprised them were still distinct as WAV (sunny) and REL (sleazy). as they had two distinct identities in the one body, as UN they went by they/them. they amalga-fused as they were dying when they fell into the wasteland because they both realised at once that they didn’t want to die. their body is huge, cumbersome and extremely malformed, sporting a crushed and warped ribcage, a face that looks like one skull trying to eat the other, two spines, a spiky lumpy mass for a pelvis, and four arms and legs. they’re pretty much in constant pain but have learned to cope. they usually keep their legs together and walk as though they only have two, but when they’re focused enough and don’t have the impediment of normal two-legged people clothing they can scurry pretty fucking fast.

for the most part they get along with one another, and don’t fight for control too much. WAV is better at social situations since he’s still very much got that positive and optimistic personality of a pre-multiverse sunny; REL handles any combat situations completely because WAV is still an innocent. they’d made friends with a radiation-ravaged prickly (sushi) and a monstrous war-scout felly (celly), and found an obliviated reset (menot) who’d roused to a state not unlike a lobotomy patient, that they carried around in one pair of arms when they were travelling ))

source-powered-archineer  asked:

I don't have the exact dialogue, but I was playing a pacifist run and called Papyrus outside Alphys's lab. Pap calls it a 'strange science house' to which Sans corrects him and says it's a 'laboratory'. "Labrador-y?" questions Pap. "There might be a few in there." replies Sans. Sans knows about the Amalga-dogs confirmed. Additionally, when calling Pap again he says "Strange dog's house..."

Sans: the sign outside says “lab.”
Papyrus: LAB?
Sans: like… laboratory.
Papyrus: LABRADOR… Y? DOES THAT MEAN THERE ARE DOGS INSIDE? Sans: i mean. i wouldn’t rule it out.

Then there is this scene:

Alphys makes a joke, just as Sans is about to make the same joke, resulting in the following 

Alphys: Jinx! I knew you were gonna make that joke!
Alphys: Well… I…
Sans: doesn’t everybody?

Sans also loves science stuff and has a teloscope and books on quantum physics. 

name: Amalga Apangi

Title: Knight of DoomTime

Age: 7 alternian solar sweeps (around 15 earth years)

Screenname: fusedAlchemicals

Typing style: all “a” and “m” are typed double, if they are already double, she adds another “a”. otherwise perfect punctuation.

Strife specibi: rope-dagger kind; shield-gladius kind

Fetch modus: Amalgamated

Planet: Land of Skulls and Clocks

Moon: Derse and Prospit (she doesn’t have two dream-selves, her dream self’s attirement is half prospit and half derse, she never knows where she’ll wake up.)

extra: her horns are an amalgamation of corkscrew horns and scythe horns