I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been in Europe for the past 3 weeks exploring aimlessly. We had no set plan before we arrived here. We picked up a rental car that would turn into our hotel, as well as main way of transportation, and we set off. Driving through about 11 different countries, my goal was to rekindle my love for travel photography. Most of you know me for my landscapes (trust me.. Europe has the best I have seen so far), but i wanted to share a few shots of a few cities that were very interesting to me. Nature landscapes are coming soon….

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Hike from Amalfi to Atrani and Ravello in Italy’s Amalfi Coast (part 1)

As soon as we hopped off the ferry in Amalfi, we checked into our hotel and set off exploring. We embarked on this hike, which ended up being about 6.5 miles round trip from Amalfi town center, through Atrani, and up the cliffs to Ravello. It took awhile so we ended up fighting darkness on our way back, but it was so beautiful! There were SO MANY steps, but getting up the hill and seeing the coast from Ravello was totally worth it.

The internet didn’t have much information on our hike so we relied heavily (and blindly) on our guide book - highly recommend this book if you’re planning on hiking around Amalfi.

April 2016


scenes from the Amalfi Coast by marin tomic