I had the pleasure of meeting @rosariodawsonsgf today at a WLWOC dialogue/event I facilitated today! I’m the one on the left in the blue shirt :) Amal is very sweet, smart, and funny, and we both attend the same university so it was very fun getting to know her! She, unfortunately, got exposed to how goofy and weird and overly-extroverted I am IRL, haha! It was lovely meeting you today babe 💘💘💕💕🌹🌹🌹✨✨✨🎀🎀🎀💛💛💛


TONIGHT: Our premiere of Afro-Parisienne journalist, antiracism activist, and award-winning filmmaker Rokhaya Diallo’s Not Yo Mama’s Movement here at the Schomburg Center!

Not Yo Mama’s Movement explores the similarities and differences between the racial situations in the U.S. and France and how today’s activists navigate building movements for change. Diallo will be joined on stage by Shaun King, Jacqui Lewis, and Amal Bentounsi in a post-screening discussion moderated by Lumumba Bandele, Senior Community Organizer at the NAACP-LDF and educator from Central Brooklyn.

Please note that registration for this program is now closed, and we are no longer accepting RSVPs.


I am a tougher person now than I was twenty years ago. I have become confident in my craft. If you hire me, you hire someone who is nice to work with, who doesn’t fuss or need too much attention, and tries to get the job done as best as I can. After my family, acting is my other great love. And through the rejection and the work, that is a constant.

Observations about the Rationals


-  not sensitive over normal things so seen as cold, but sensitive over abnormal things so also dubbed overly sensitive by others

-  may or may not see physical obstacles, walks into them anyway

-  combusts when overwhelmed with too many details


-  sits in the wrong classroom and doesn’t realise it until a different lecturer walks in; also loses their phone for an entire day and finds it in the car boot 

-  remembers details but remembers them incorrectly

-  won’t tell you about their vision unless absolutely necessary, unlike INTJs who won’t tell you about their plans unless absolutely necessary


 -  remembers something you said on a random day two years ago, tells you the same story over and over again for three days

-   even clumsier than INTJ (read: daily injuries and no recollection of how they got there)

-  really smart but somehow also lacks life skills


-  knew one ENTP two years back and not very well, but can confirm the surplus of puns and memes because they still inundate my FB feed today

-  I mean for God’s sake control yourself man

-  the world is not ready for that much wit at one time 

~ Mod Amal, INTJ

I had about 5,000 dress pictures on my wall of every conceivable look that existed and I had really had gotten directions from Ron that this needed to be a fairy tale; a beautiful moment that cements and entire book series and an entire television series. It’s a series about a marriage and the foundation is this moment, but it’s two people who didn’t know each other and who didn’t plan to be married and are being forced into this. And yet, we had to make it so impossibly romantic that we could believe that our heroine and our hero could just fall in love so completely at that moment.
- Costume Designer Terry Dresbach, on Claire’s wedding dress.


I think I am similar to Emma in that her heart clouds her sense of being able to tell when people are lying or telling the truth. Like, when she’s trying to protect Henry, or if she has feelings for Neil at one point. Her ability to judge situations gets muddled by her heart. So, I think that’s similar with my own life. When I have distance from things, I have a pretty good sense for seeing things for what they are. But, once my heart gets involved, things get a little clouded.