amalagam comics

Amalgamation of Harley Quinn and Deadpool.


Harleen Wilson was once a worker at the program that created Hyena and Nightclaw. When Hyena was recaptured, she was in charge of his “re-education” but soon became smitten with him. After helping him escape, Hyena revealed that he used her and tried to kill her because she had outlived her use, leaving her with a scarred face and mind.

Hyena escaped and left her at the program where she was punished for helping him escape by becoming their newest test subject. After a year of horrific experiments, she developed regenerative powers, as well as enhanced strength and agility. Scars she got before getting her regeneration powers remained though, leaving her face and body with the scars left by the Hyena.

She later escaped and took up a job as a mercenary. She’s also known as “the merc with the laugh”.

I thought Jaime Reyes and Kamala Kahn would be a cool fusion in the amalgam universe. 


Her name is Kamala Reyes, an American teen of Pakistani and Mexican heritage. She is a huge super hero fan and gets her powers from a piece of alien technology got fused to her body after a mysterious fog engulfed her town.

The suit is made of a powerful metal that allows her to fire energy blasts, fly, enlarge and extend her limbs and gives her super strength.