Finally picked up my #JOKER piece from the #aMajorMinority show. Truly an innovator doing work way ahead of his time, it is an honor and a privilege to have such a subtly beautiful piece. The beauty is in the simplicity. No photo will ever do this piece justice, and that is part of what makes it so ill. #1amsf #graffuturism @poesiatranscend @1amsf @graffuturism thank you for pushing the boundaries. @jinscoe much respect.

If yr the Bay Area go check out this great show! I got some pieces in there along with fellow New Yorkers @ekglabs @seeoneart @col_wallnuts @rubin415 and 100 other artists from around the world. A must see! #amajorminority #graffuturism

I’ll be part of A Major Minority, a huge collective show at 1AM Gallery in San Franciso.
Opening 14th march. If you live in the bay don’t miss it, it’ll be full of super-talented artists from around the globe.

Curated by @graffuturism

#amajorminority #sanfrancisco #graffuturism #1amgallery

"Franciscus Et Seraphim" is the selected work from "A Major Minority" group show curated by @graffuturism which is part of a 20 limited edition A4 print series dropped by @1xrun

Editions of only 50, numbered and come with embossed chop mark.

Unleash the fury of your wallet, they’re uber affordable at $25.00 each.

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Sneak peek of one of mypieces shown at A Major Minority, huge collective exhibit curated by @graffuturism opening today at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco. It’s gonna be a blast, so if you’re in the bay it’s absolutely worth the watch.
#amajorminority #graffuturism