amaizing houses


Konichiwa everybody❤

So right now i just feel so happy and relax now that i sleep in my new home for the first night . I never thougth my house would be like this i just fuck my savings and my own Job money so i can have this palace with me ❤ having houses like this in tokyo its hard but i love the area and the place it was expensive everything but IDC i got my new home ❤❤❤❤❤

This house was old and bad conditions but i feel in love with the place i give a call to a friend buy the house and we start working in secreto here so i’m glad it give amaizing results ❤❤❤❤🍷 i give my little bohemian touch and some modern style and i HAVE to have rafters here so there we go… my favorite place so far is the back i cannot wait to use everything and use that waterfunt i put new 💳💲 my room its the best thing ever i love my room its so cozy and intimate ufff and i GOT to have a mine mini frigde Cuz i’m not walking downstairs 😎 and my beautiful closet its small now because i start shooping this morning ahahah sorry its a mess ❤❤❤ i still giving clothes to my friends or charity because i don’t have to much space here😊i’ll keep trying to expand my closet because i’ll buy to many sneakers and other shoes.

So thank you so much for seeing my house como dice el dicho mi casa su casa 🏡👑

So @freebackbird and @willclarksonphotograph i cannot wait to have you here also my beloved Natta its also coming so i need to buy more groceries🍤🍣🍱🍜🍙 and also i have to pick soon some new little friends i adopt to have here so i cannot feel lonely in this amaizing house so




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