amaing artwork

Hello everyone! 

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on Tumblr. So, I decided to do something to change that! 

I made a heartwarming ME:A picture of The Ryder Twins being Adopted into the Ama Darav Family. Jaal made them both Rofjinns as gifts for the Special Occasion! Each with their own special tint of color :D

What do you think?

Anyway, I hope you all are able to enjoy the picture! I’ll try to post more of my artwork on here in the future! Take care!


I’m sorry I can’t write very well-

So, I made this in reply to this post. Now, I know I could have just privately “messaged” you on the post itself, but I’ve only found your mod blog recently so ;w;

But when this post showed up- I knew it was late, but I kept going uwu"

Now, you can see that I was doing a quick doodle at first, but then these doodles become more seriously-taken at the end.

I wanted to show you how sincere and genuine these words are but putting what feeling I have as I would say it- into these ;w;!

Because you know, we really love ya Denny! And Ive been seeing your art for about a good 3 years or so. ((Found you on dA Somewhere .w.))
Also, when I mean when I said you inspired me:
Because you were one of the first artists I found who didn’t follow the show’s style, it made me felt so inpired to move on, to be someone like you .w. And if you compare my work now, from show-style, you can see the difference XD

Before I leave a huge wall on everyone’s dashboard- stay happy, keep up that amaing artwork you do, and remember we’re all here for you, staying inspired .w.

dennybutt-art/ dennybutt