It was just another day of boredom. Kit sighed, laying back in the grass, and staring up at the sky. Nothing to do made him sleepy, and the demon king yawned. He very strongly wished that something would actually happen. He didn’t really care what that something was, he just wanted it to be something. 

He had almost started to fall asleep, when something prickled at the edges of his senses. Another demon? At least that’s what it felt like. He sat up. And it didn’t feel like one of the annoying weak ones either. Perhaps this would provide some entertainment.

Simply Relaxing ~ Closed RP

Arthur leaned back on the wall he was balancing on. He glanced at his watch aimlessly, not really caring what the time was. He gazed out at the scenery, simply watching the nature around him.

“…I know you are up there,” he said loudly, directing his voice to the tree above him. “You don’t need to hide from me, you know.”

Candy Adventures ||Closed RP for Amaimon-theearthking

Today seemed as though it was going to be a good day. Fransisca’s aunt had just gave her an allowance, and it was now time to spend it. She thought for awhile while walking down the street. Soon it came to her, A Candy Shop, and not just any candy shop it had to be THE candy shop. Sweets were one of her favorite things. 

She walked further until she reached the store and went in. This particular candy shop had any single piece of candy that you can possibly think of.