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Taken @ ALA 2015 Series: Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) Photographer: Oppai Cos https://m.facebook.com/OppaiCosPhoto Cosplayers: Mephisto Pheles (manga attire): o0mai-chano0 Amaimon: Tsukiyamama Cosplay https://m.facebook.com/tsukiyamamacosplay Yukio Okumura: solemnlyartistic Rin Okumura: Tamadachi Cosplay https://m.facebook.com/TamadachiCosplay The other set: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ aAAAAA THESE PICS CAME OUT BETTER THAN I EXPECT LIKE ; U ; Tbh I originally didn’t plan on having a photoshoot in my mephy cosplay at ALA but my Amaimon invited me to be part of her shoot and I’m not the type to day no to a photoshoot so yea. But glad I was part of it cus the pics came out lovely and ehat not like yea ; v ; Also, I decided to go with Mephisto’s outfits in the manga despite for the lack reference pictures around the net oher than the manga pages. Yes, I painted the shirt even though there was litterally no color reference for the logo there (nor for the shit like lol), but I just decided to be creative and just go with the flow~ Aside for the shirt, I also made the little kitty cat zipper thing too ao yea c: The coveralls where commissioned by tyrfing-plus