Ónyé ọ́chá [white person] mask, Amagu Izzi, northeastern Igbo. A masker parodies a white man. With notepad and pen, the masker caricatures a ‘researcher’ fervently monitoring spectators and feverishly jotting down notes to the amusement of the people. Photo: Herbert Cole, 1982.


Kasokudo Bonsai Planter by Adrian Magu

Designer Adrian Magu’s interest for everything green and his work in the automotive industry has resulted in the Kasokudo Bonsai Planter; a stunning fusion of form and function.

Referencing speed forms and manufacturing processes used in transportation design, this piece juxtaposes movement applied to what is usually a static object.

The piece gives the impression of an accelerating form that effortlessly floats to house a bonsai tree, evoking a perfect balance of dynamic harmony.

The latest manufacturing processes of the highly polished finishes of the planter and 3D-printed ‘mountains’ contrast to that of nature that usually takes many decades to grow, sculpt and form the gnarled bonsai forms.

In all, a unique synthesis of cutting-edge precision with the imperfect beauty of nature.

Design: Adrian Magu  -
Photography by Andy Beard

landonarchive-deactivated201505  asked:

For the three-sentence meme: Emily teaching Landon to dance. =u= (this should be good HAH)

((do you really expect this to be three sentences))

She thought it wouldn’t be too hard-he walked with enough grace already, so it would just be down to teaching him the correct steps and him remembering them, right?

She was wrong.

It seemed the moment any sort of music was started his body froze, and it took a few tries and mental calls courtesy of Oliver to call him back to the present. He just wouldn’t relax, and Emily knew they were going to get a whole lot of nowhere if he kept as stiff as a board; but she couldn’t tell him that-she had to show him.

Slow dancing was the easiest dance she could think of-simply swaying in a circle after all, but after Emily resting her hands on his hips and trying to show him that yes, his hips moved, and yes, he needed to move them, they were done.