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Follow friday special edition graphics/edits/gifs makers!

So basically there are a lot of great BTVS blogs on Tumblr, but I just wanted to make something special for the people who create amazing Buffy stuff that I love to love and reblog. Some of them are not only BTVS related but they have amazing taste and everything they post is so beautiful it hurts.

coalitiongirl / wouldbeheavenly / sleepwakehope / anyankas / echohearts / sunnydalecaps / slayercaps / staketotheheart / -sweetjealousy / prettyasarosebud / goldminegoldmine / amagicbeyondall / goodbyepiccadilly

I didn’t do a Follow Friday (because I’m obviously too lazy to do one every week), but I figured I could post my crushes because:

  1. For once they’re pretty accurate 
  2. For once there’s only people I’m actually following
  3. For once it’s almost only BTVS related
  4. And last but not least they are all really quality and I adore their blogs

anyankas (11% though!) / william-the-bloody / amagicbeyondall / sleepwakehope / lawyerupasshole (not BTVS related, but if you like movies & gifs you should definitely follow her!) / wouldbeheavenly / wordsandzombies / -sweetjealousy / prettyasarosebud