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Fluffy prompt for you: Either, Phil comes back to the base to find Melinda baking, or, Melinda comes back to the base to find Phil attempting to bake but getting into a mess.

It’s A Piece of Cake.. Not Really


Five times Melinda tries baking something nice for Phil and the one time she succeeds.

For my amazing friend melinda-qiaolian, because tumblr won’t let me tag your personal blog, this one’s for you. I hope you don’t mind that I tweaked the prompt a little, and that you enjoy!

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Things I’m Currently In Love With

I was tagged by melindathecavalrymay! Love you, sweetling!

One Song: Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars. 

Two Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy, because it’s fantastic, and I just watched the newest version of Cinderella, so I’ll choose that. I liked it okay and it helps that Hayley Atwell is in it. 

Three Shows: Agents of SHIELD, Sherlock (though I’m behind), and ?? I don’t really have a third. 

Four People: Ugh, this is a sore subject so I’ll stay fictional to play it safe. Phil Coulson, Melinda May (of course), Thranduil, and…Daniel Sousa?

Five Foods: Crispy M&Ms (I’m so happy they’re back), Chips and Salsa, Chili, Sausage, Egg, and Cheese anything, and this isn’t a “food” but I’m adding it anyways, which is a peach, white wine sangria. 

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