Dougou Badia (Feat. Santigold) - Amadou & Mariam

I heard this for the first time this week and when I did it was like an explosion going off in my head. I’m cursed with rarely loving music the first time I hear it so this was an awesome freak occurrence. I am loving this ferocious conglomerate of French-African Malian Blues Pop, it just makes me want to run naked through fields and dance till my feet bleed.

It’s only March but I think I’ve already found the soundtrack to my Summer!

- Rosie


I love finding music that isn’t like everything else I’ve ever heard. This song is a delightful cocktail of familiar guitar and harmonica (?) with languages I barely speak or don’t speak at all and rhythms that are just beyond the realm of the commonplace.

Dougou Badia (feat. Santigold)
  • Dougou Badia (feat. Santigold)
  • Amadou & Mariam

“Dougou Badia” - Amadou & Mariam feat. Santigold

More than thirty years ago, Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia met at the Mali Institute for the Young Blind. The result? A marriage, several cassette albums, a Manu Chao collaboration, and a FIFA World Cup anthem. 

Now, our favorite Malian duo has teamed up with Santigold on this track from their soon-to-be released Folila. The result? Well, just listen for yourself…

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I’ve always wondered what this song meant…just in case you were wondering as well.


Anw na ku yé foli de yé.
Anw duya yé tolo kê yoro yé.
Anw bo kê ko yan.
Anw bo kê ko yan.
Sabali! Sabali! Sabali yonkontê.
Sabali! Sabali! Sabali kayi.

Ni kêra môgô fê sabali yonkontê.
Ni kêra tiè fê sabali yonkontê.
Ni kêra Mousso fê Sabali yonkontê.
Wo! ouh! Wo! sabali, sabali, sabali kagni.

Cherie, je m'adresse à toi.
Avec toi, cherie la vie est belle.

Avec toi, cherie,
Ça c'est pour la vie.

Cherie, je te fais un gros bisou.
Je te fais un gros bisou.
Je t'embrasse fort.


We came to have fun with music

The world is a place of amusement
We have a good time doing that.
Patience! Patience is worth everything!
Patience! Patience is good.

If you love someone, patience is worth everything
If you love a man, patience is worth everything
If you love a woman, patience is worth everything
Patience, patience, patience is good.

Baby, I’m talking to you
With you, baby, life is beautiful

With you, baby,
This is for life.

Baby I give you a great big kiss
I give you a great big kiss
I hug you hard

Review of Amadou & Mariam’s latest album ‘Folila’ in the NYT:

CALL it double exposure. “Folila,” a new album by Amadou & Mariam, the blind husband-and-wife duo from Mali, was recorded twice, once in New York with an all-star cast of indie musicians and once in Mali with a crew of traditional instrumentalists. Though their original plan was to make two albums, they ended up mixing the separately recorded tracks together.

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Santigold + Amadou & Mariam

Santigold se suma a  lista de colaboradores del nuevo disco del dúo de Mali, Amadou & Mariam. Escucha la canción “Dougou Badia" a continuación.

El 27 de marzo aparece "Folia”, que cuenta con Santigold, TV On The Radio, Theophilus London y Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) en la  lista de créditos.

La pareja de artistas, ambos no videntes, se hizo conocida mundialmente tras su discoDimanche à Bamako (2004), que fue producido por Manu Chao.

Original Article
Amadou & Mariam announce new album release in March!

If you haven’t heard Amadou & Mariam then you need to give them a listen immediately. I am absolutely in love with this band. The upcoming album features guest appearances from Santogold, Tv On The Radio, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, & Theophilus London. Amadou & Mariam are a blind couple from Mali and they make fantastic music together.

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Music Round Up: January 23, 2012

Its been a while since I did a Music Round Up for you guys. Hope you guys like :)

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