yeah, I’m like a supahero when it comes to lovin’
yeah, I pack a punch, back it up Batman and Robin
you stutter ‘n stutter,
‘n stu, stu, stu, stutterin’
I can’t hear the sound comin’ outta your mumblin’~

cupid ain’t got nothing on me
you lock and load your eyes on me
oooo~ yeah, I know that you do~

your heart makin’ that boom boom sound
I can’t hear a word comin’ out
oooo~ yeah, I know that you do~

one of my contributions for the P3 charity zine, AMOR FATI. the books have been shipped and i sincerely thank you so much for supporting our project and its cause!!! ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙

someone once pointed out that the persona 3 kids have the most realistic friendship because they don’t feel the need to spend all their time with each other, and they have so much emotional baggage between themselves that they need to work through before they can truly become each other’s ride-or-dies.

i think this is largely due to the fact that sees existed before you came along. the investigation and the phantom thieves did not exist until you created them, but sees existed and would most likely have continued to function whether or not you decided to get involved. you are not the senpai, in this case, because your senpai have been doing this for literal years longer than you have.

and all of this culminates in you having:

  • one friend who feels so inherently inferior to another that she resents her for nearly three quarters of the game
  • one friend resents you due to his own inferiority complex and occasionally treats you like garbage (but always apologizes for it afterward)
  • two friends that are so caught up in their drama (to put it lightly) with each other that they don’t involve anyone else and no one knows the full extent of it until one of these friends ends up dead (or comatose)
  • one friend whose closest friend isn’t even in sees and yet still plays a crucial role in her character development
  • one friend who tries so hard to be the senpai and role model you need that he buries his own emotional needs and traumas