amadéus leopold

I sat right next to Death one day
And looked him in the eye
I begged him not to take your life
Although I knew he’d try

He laughed at my request and asked
Why I would fight for you
Because, said he, you once left me
And broke my heart in two

And I am not a poet, dear
I don’t have words to say
I never hoped you’d love me back
I only hoped you’d stay

And we are not a formula
Our pattern can’t be named
My heart is set aflame for you
And chaos can’t be tamed

So I grabbed Death by his own throat
And told him my dark truth
I do not fight to win your love
I only fight for you


One Scientist Who Loves Another

(By @agent-85, for @omgfitzsimmons)

Ugh…You know what we need? We need a musical episode of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not for any particular reason. We just need one. WE NEED ONE!

Butters: Oh..geez..well today was kind of embarrassing. I got a text from Kenny at cheerleading practice and all the girls looked at it.

Butters: He teases me sometimes but not in a mean way like the other guys…in a friendly way, but it’s still sorta embarrassing, now all the girls think I like Kenny…

Butters: Well, I have something but you gotta keep quiet about it.

Butters: I stole Eric’s phone and found all these. It seems like he has taken an interest in photographing Kyle.


the saddest word in the whole wide world is the word  a l m o s t.