Amabella has always been a heavy sleeper. An incredibly heavy sleeper. Such a heavy sleeper in fact, that she could be carried away to a new location and tied to a chair without even noticing it. She could… and she was. The young girl certainly didn’t foresee being kidnapped when she decided to disguise herself as a watchdog and get some rest in the Skullship. But that is exactly what happened. She stirs slightly, letting out a yawn. But when she tries to stretch her arms, she notices that she is securely bound to a chair. Blinking a couple of times to clear the sleep away, it takes her a few moments to realize what has happened. When she does, her expression becomes… curious. Not afraid, not concerned, not uneasy… just curious.

She looks around the dark room, trying to see where she is. Because she has taken the form of a watchdog, her head is now a giant eye. That makes it a bit easier to study her surroundings. The blue-eyed, long lashed watchdog notices someone else in the room. In a feminine voice containing a hint of a French accent, she says cheerfully, “Hello!”

Hello. She has just been kidnapped and she says hello… That is Amabella. @jeffreytheterribleliar 

Wedding Night To Remember

Deep in the chapel’s chambers, candles were alight for the ceremony that none in the great castle next door knew about. No deep sounds of music, no bridal march, no banners of France and Austria; just the steps of wooden shoes and a swooshing of skirts. 

Amabella had her mother’s sixpence in her shoe’s heel, her tiara a modest ringlet with blue stones to match the princess’s eyes. The moonlight caused her gown to glow, a dusted white pear shimmer almost a star in it’s own right it light up the corridor she was tucked way with the priest waiting on the groom to arrive. 

Hardly past womanhood, the young princess’s heart drummed in her chest that this was the reality. Becoming a union with her betrothed was signed into law already but to have a secret ceremony on their own.. 

Was she ready for past and crown to be left behind as she became the wife of Lukas? Nor minding the wife to the King of Austria, on baited breath she waited. 

Another character redesign named Amabella the cannibal

I pretty much created this character when I first started college, I also chose her to be in a really stupid easter card contest at college. Everyone pretty much did cute and sweet little easter cards and I did her all bloody and eating real rabbits (and surprisingly I won :| )

So I decided to draw her again with an impossible hairstyle. I don’t even know how her hair works.