Amabella Clevense. Skeptic. 24 years old

She hides behind her smile and crystalline laughter. It’s become her cage for so long that she’s forgotten how to even breathe without someone to guide her. A lifetime of lectures and rules to live by, it’s all she’s ever known.

But she wants it no more. She wants freedom, not just for herself but for others as well. Slowly she breaks away the bars that hold her locked away from the rest of the world. All the while her father continues to force her to smile, laugh and be merry with the system.

“I will be free. One day I will fly away from all this.”

He had been away from home for work business for two weeks now, leaving Amabella with his partner from the station, Sheriff Stilinski, luckily he had a child the same age as Amabella. He had promises Noah he would pick his daughter up from school, so he drove up to Amabella and Stiles’ elementary school and parked up in one of the spots, getting out and leaning against the car. 

He had his arms folded and would occasionally run his hand through his hair, almost knocking his glasses off. When he heard the school bell, he stood straighter and waited patiently. He saw Stiles practically trip out of school with his best friend and to the cruiser, that’s when Derek moved to a space where he knew Amabella would see him. He waved at Stiles and then turned back to the doors, waiting patiently for his little girl. 

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Once more, her mother had pushed her into the lap of another man. Today this one was a slightly older guy, probably near his forties if she was being brutally honest, with light gray hair and an annoyed expression that screamed he probably had already three kids. It was strange. He’d called her ‘women’ the entire night, never using her name, just her gender like it was a disgusting disgrace for her to have a vagina hidden between the cream of her thighs. He hadn’t allowed her to pick her dinner, which, anyone who knew Amabella knew would piss her off. She hated being told what to do, it was a major pet peeve that often pushed her into a state of violence and aggression. Luckily enough, she had avoided that part of it.

But as usual, when the end of the night ticked to the present, she had ended up in her usual bar. It was her favourite place, close to her house and her best friend was the bartender. They hardly talked out of the bar, but he’d been there through everything. The issues with her mother, her romantic struggles, the sexual struggles. he’d been there through everything, and listened and advised her about so many parts of her life, and she loved to sit down and chat with him as closing time approached. Hell, if he was able to, sometimes he would let her linger after the bar closed, and they would have a drink and chat some more. It was comforting to have someone to rely on. In fact, she only came when she knew he was working.

“She’s staying at my house now,” She had sighed as she hung her head forward, the glass of scotch gripped tight between her fingers. “She claims that she’s not leaving until I find myself a husband.How many men do I have to scare off for her to get that I’m not going to settle down with the ones she picks out?” She groaned, one hand raising to rub at her temple. “I’m going to go home and she’s going to lecture me about how Darren was ‘such a good man!’ and ‘Oh he would’ve treated you so wonderfully!’ like yes, mother, of course. The man who spat women at me like it was a taboo word would make such a great life partner.” 

“Do you think she’d notice if I didn’t go home?”

Another character redesign named Amabella the cannibal

I pretty much created this character when I first started college, I also chose her to be in a really stupid easter card contest at college. Everyone pretty much did cute and sweet little easter cards and I did her all bloody and eating real rabbits (and surprisingly I won :| )

So I decided to draw her again with an impossible hairstyle. I don’t even know how her hair works.

A drunk Katherine taking Amabelle out to skate.

“Are you sure were allowed to take these?”

“Sure, if were not they should of hid them better” 

” I really don’t think we should”

“Oh just give me your hand, being drunk and skating is my specialty” 

Taken by an lurking second year.