Amabella cheerfully wanders around the Skullship. She is disguised as a watchdog in order to blend in. Based on what Jeff has told her about Lord Hater, she doesn’t want to risk being seen in her normal form. Despite her being transformed into one of the little, walking eyeballs… She does anything but blend in. Having lost the uniform she had ‘borrowed’, Amabella walks around in a frilly, pink dress. If the bright pink color doesn’t make her noticeable, the low-cut and tight fit sure does.

Twirling her entire body around as she observes the inside of the ship, she almost runs into a watchdog heading down the hallway. But thanks to her grace and what she has learned in dancing class, Amabella skillfully side-steps around the watchdog before they can bump into each other. Smiling at her brightly, she waves her hand and says, “Hi there! My name is Amabella! What is your name?” She talks to the watchdog cheerfully, as if she is an old friend instead of someone she has nearly run into. @sargentnicole

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An unfamiliar watchdog quickly travels through the Skullship, practically skipping down the long hallways. She spins sporadically as she goes, trying to take in every detail. Amabella's never been in this part of the ship before! Not paying attention to where she is going, she suddenly rams into a stranger and falls to the floor. "Oh my good golly gosh!" She says, her bright blue eye blinking a few times with confusion. "Are you okay?" Still sitting on the floor, she looks up at the watchdog.

“I’m fine, I’m fine you-” Soren turns around and his eye catches a female watchdog who was sitting on the floor looking up at him. Her eye was in a beautiful shade of blue and she wasn’t wearing a uniform but very colorful clothes, Soren wasn’t sure about what to say. “…” He’s completely silent till he finally speaks up. “H-here let me help you up!” He takes one of Amabella’s hands and drags her up from the cold floor. “I’ve never seen you here before, why aren’t you wearing a uniform like mine?” He takes a good look at her, her clothes were a bit too revealing for an attractive lady like her. He didn’t mind!

“I-I’m sorry, ahem, let me start over.” Soren shakes his head and leans against the wall. “What’s a pretty lady like you doing here in the dark and scary hallways?” He asks with a smirk

Another character redesign named Amabella the cannibal

I pretty much created this character when I first started college, I also chose her to be in a really stupid easter card contest at college. Everyone pretty much did cute and sweet little easter cards and I did her all bloody and eating real rabbits (and surprisingly I won :| )

So I decided to draw her again with an impossible hairstyle. I don’t even know how her hair works.

A drunk Katherine taking Amabelle out to skate.

“Are you sure were allowed to take these?”

“Sure, if were not they should of hid them better” 

” I really don’t think we should”

“Oh just give me your hand, being drunk and skating is my specialty” 

Taken by an lurking second year.