ama draws

“You have so many fingers, Sara!”

My Pathfinder and her new Angaran family. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m seriously so in love with Jaal and his family (and the Angara in general…) ‘cause like… You were all alone in this new galaxy. Your mom and dad are both dead, and your sibling was in a coma and… Jaal and his family are just like “You’re part of our family now. :)” and it’s just so warm and loving. Gives me warm fuzzies.

View in High Res, pls! I put some little details into the male Angaran’s faces you might not be able to see too well otherwise.

A little story I was thinking of while drawing this

I imagine Sara always shows him animals from the milky way like cats and fish. So while on shore leave Jaal would take her to his home planet showing her the animals and the forest. She’s just so excited because all these cool creatures are around and she is just amazing. Since Jaal was raised there he is used to them, so he is just enjoying seeing his human running around all happy and in awe.

About… 8 hours worth of drawing on Photoshop.