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This Summer's long slow distance, part 1

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Gou: Okay, everyone, I started recording!
Nagisa: Huh, already?!
Rei: Please wait a minute! We’re not ready yet!
Makoto: Sorry! Isn’t Rei out of the frame?
Gou: It’s okay! His muscles are in!
Rei: I object!
Makoto: Well, we should record that kind of daily life stuff too! –Wait, Haru! Don’t go off swimming on your own!
Haruka: …But that’s my daily life.
Gou: We know that already… But remember that right now, we’re having a meeting to decide our destination for this year’s training camp!
Nagisa: But but, Gou-chan, what does taking a video have to do with this meeting?
Rei: As the swimming club secretary, watching the record afterwards will allow me to write a PERFECT report, but…
Gou: And by editing it nicely and leaving it here as the records of the club’s training camp, it could be useful to the next generations of club members, just like the training menu from hell we found last year!
Nagisa: Deserted islands!
Makoto: We could use it to recruit new members as well. Like the movie research club guys did.
Haruka: Dark hero, Iwatobi-chan!
Gou: Yes! And let’s not forget, beautiful muscles on tape! Truly killing three, or even four birds with one stone!
Rei: So that was your main objective, Gou-san…
Gou: Whatever! Let’s start! Iwatobi high school swimming club meeting! Our topic will be the training camp destination!
All: Yeah!

~ Makoto: This summer’s long slow distance, part 1.

[The following dialogue is the video of the meeting.]
>Gou: So, for starters, let’s talk about the destination. Where do you want to go, everyone?
>Makoto: Maybe, the same place as last year?
>Haruka: Swimming in the ocean again? Is it okay, Makoto?
>Makoto: Yeah, it’s fine. Everyone is here after all.
>Nagisa: Then, Haru-chan, maybe you’ll get to see Mizushimashima-kun again!
>Gou: Mizushimashima-kun? What was that again?
>Nagisa: The island we went last year’s mascot character!
>Haruka: Mizushimashima-kun is a deep and complex character born from the mix of several islands.
>Rei: But I’d feel bad asking coach Sasabe to drop us off with his squid-fishing boat again…
>Gou: Don’t worry about that! We got some budget this year!
>Rei: Then, how about mountains this year? Like a sports facility close to a lake! Take a look at this…
>All: Ooh!
>Makoto: A 50 meters pool, gym machines, and even hot springs!
>Nagisa: Might be good!
>Rei: And in addition! They also have a mascot character! His name is MizunaSHIRIII! He is a legendary catfish who lives on the lake shore…(buzzing noises)
[Now we switch to real life.]
Haruka: What’s up, Rei?
Rei: I was checking the recording of the meeting and… The camera…
(Camera) Mascot-mascot-DESERTED!-dark hero-muscles–
Rei: Aah, it won’t work!
Makoto: Wait, let me see?
Makoto: Oh no, it’s completely broken!
Nagisa: Let me see too!
Haruka: (feeling uncomfortable)
Makoto: Mizunashi… [T/N: Mizunashi means “without water”] Repeating this over and over is making Haru uncomfortable! Stop that, Nagisa!
Nagisa: Eeeh! Then, umm… Huh!
(Camera) MIZU-MIZU-MIZU-MIZU [T/N: Mizu means water]
Haruka: Phew.
Nagisa: Oh… Just a bit more…
(Camera) WATER WATER WATER [T/N: you got the joke I can actually translate it now]
Haruka: H-Hah…
Nagisa: And if I do that…
(Camera) Water… Waaater… Waater…
Haruka: Hah! H-Hah~
Makoto: Hey, wait, Haru!
Nagisa: Hehehe! And if I do a bit more…
Rei: Stop playing around!

Makoto: What do you think, Ama-chan-sensei?
Amakata: Hm, I doubt an amateur can do anything about it…
Haruka: (soft gasp)
Rei: Not you too, sensei!
Amakata: Hehe, sorry! But now, whether you want to fix it or buy a new one, it’ll cost money…
Nagisa: Well, isn’t it fine? Even if we don’t leave a video behind…
Haruka: It’s fine, memories will still be left in our hearts.
Rei: What are you saying, both of you! We NEED a camera to check our form during training!
Makoto: But, if we use our club budget for the camera, we won’t have any money left for the rest… Which should we choose.
Nagisa: Eeeh?! Can’t you do something about it, Ama-chan?
Amakata: Even if you ask me…
Gou: Guys, this is bad!
Haruka: What’s up, Gou.
Gou: I called the location, and they’re already full with another school’s reservation!
All: Eeeeh?
Rei: Are we going to have to cancel this year’s camp?!
Nagisa: I don’t want that!
Amakata: By the way, where did you want to go this year?
Gou: Here! On the lakeside!
Amakata: Ah! T-This is!
All: Huh?
Amakata: If I recall correctly, around here is…
Haruka: What is?
Amakata: Oh, no! Nothing at all. But, it’d be better not to go there.
Rei: Why?
Amakata: T-That’s… How should I say… I if had to use a saying, it’d be “The wise man doesn’t approach danger”… Or something?
Gou: Don’t tell me… There are ghosts there?
Makoto: Aah! Let’s not go!
Nagisa: Which means, the camera breaking is… A warning from the spirits!
Makoto: Aaah!
Rei: Makoto-senpai, please calm down! The existence of spirits is scientifically impossible!
Haruka: Wait.
Makoto: H-Huh, what! Not you, Haru…
Haruka: No, no. The other day Rin told me about where Samezuka was going this year for training camp.

(Knock knock)
Rin: Is Momo here?
Ai: Oh, Rin-senpai. Momo-kun just got an authorization to leave the dorms and went out. Is there a problem?
Rin: No, I’m making a new training regimen and there’s something I’d like to check in the book I lent him… Well if he’s not here, I’ll come back later.
Ai: I think he should come back real soon. He said he just had to go buy stockings.
Rin: WHAT? Stockings?!
Ai: Yes! It seems you can use them to make a trap to catch stag beetles! Apparently, you put a banana inside the stocking and mash it, and you tie the sock to a branch.
Rin: What the hell is this dude thinking, really… (rustle rustle) Huh?
Ai: Ah, those are the stag beetles Momo-kun is currently taking care of, Lovejirou and Rinrinmaru!
Rin: …Rinrinmaru? (beep beep) Oh. (beep) Gou? What’s up? …What? Training camp destination? Yeah, it’s not at the beach but in the mountains. Yeah. Yeah, the facility that’s next to this lake. What? Iwatobi wants to go there too? The reservations are full?

Gou: I did it! The negotiations were a success! Samezuka and Iwatobi shall have their first joint training camp!
Nagisa: Yaaay!
Rei: As expected from the number one manager!
Gou: And with that, I’ll be able to enjoy Samezuka’s new members’ muscles as much as I want…
Rei: Forget what I just said.
Gou: Oh, but, they’re only letting us use the facility, so we’ll have to find lodging somewhere else.
Nagisa: So after all, we have to choose between the camera and the camp?
Makoto: No, it’ll be fine, I think we can work out something.
Haruka: Makoto?
Makoto: There’s still time before the camp. Let’s all work part time!
All: Ooh!

Sousuke: A joint training camp with Iwatobi, huh. You’re as naive as ever.
Rin: It’ll be a good motivation for our team too. Sousuke, racing Haru makes your skin tingle, right?
Sousuke: That was long ago. He doesn’t make me feel anything now.
Rin: Haha.
Sousuke: By the way, we went to that lake during summer vacation when we were young, right?
Rin: Ooh. We went camping there with the guys from Sano Swimming club, and there was even an amusement park and a leisure pool nearby.
Sousuke: Yeah.
Rin: Huh? What’s up Sousuke?
Sousuke: Nah. I was just thinking we sure made a long way since that summer.
Rin: Pfft, what’s up with that?
Sousuke: Nothing, I said.

Nagisa: I brought some jobs info!
Rei: Something we can do when there’s no practice, preferably short and well paid. Does such a convenient job even exist?
Makoto: It’ll be fine. If we search we’ll probably find it.
Nagisa: Oh! How about this! Persons with no experience are welcome, an easy job of attending customers, salary starts at 3.000 yen, food and lodging included, and in one month the salary can even go up to one million yen!
Rei: No way, this is way too suspicious! And in any case, we are high school students so we can’t do night jobs!
Nagisa: Eeeh?
Haruka: This is…
Makoto: What’s up, Haru? Found something good?
Haruka: Yeah. Pool lifeguard.
Nagisa: That’s perfect for you!
Makoto: No way, Haru.
Haruka: Why, Makoto?
Makoto: Even if there’s a pool in front of you, full of people having fun swimming, you can’t just join them. Haru, will you be able to contain yourself?
Haruka: Nn… I can.
Makoto: Say it to me eye to eye.
Haruka: I’ll contain… I won’t.
Rei: As expected from Makoto-senpai! He predicted what Haruka-senpai was going to do!
Nagisa: Then, Haru-chan, how about this? “Looking for new staff for the launching event of the new mackerel burger, mackerel lovers welcome!”
Rei: Wait a second! Mackerel lover he might be, this is a hamburger shop! A hamburger shop that sells even smiles, how can Haruka-senpai do it?
Nagisa: Of course he can, he’s Haru-chan…

Makoto : At that time, we didn’t know anything. About the incident that would happen at the training camp… And, about the events of that night, when we had to stop being children. Yes, those were… Our last moments of innocence.

Note: Mizunashi is a reference to Funasshi, the disgusting abomination that serves as mascot for the town of Funabashi. It screams a lot in an horrifying high pitched way, which is why Rei pronounces the name like an idiot. Don’t even google it, it’s nightmarish, I hate it. 

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Imagine a Haikyuu/Free! crossover! Who would be friends with who? Any crackship made?

Okay so:

Imagine Suga and Makoto being friends. Spending time going around town, shopping, going to café’s, mAKING JOKES AND LAUGHING TOGETHER. r e s t i n p i e c e s evERYONE

Gou Kou, Kiyoko, Yui and Yachi being cute girlfriends and talking about their teams while spending some girls time out. 

Nagisa befriending Hinata but also Bokuto and Kuroo. holy shit Nagisa joining Kuroo and Bokuto’s lil gang. sHIT

And then under some circumstances, Haru and Kageyama befriends. Since both can be pretty…. shy…. around new people. first thing haru asks kageyama who says yes do you like mackerel 

Ama-chan sensei and Takeda-sensei becoming friends or more and sharing wise quotes and sayings or poems and haha can you imagine?


My god. Momo, Nagisa, Hinata, Bokuto sQUAD

And like, Captain Mikoshiba and Daichi being close friends


Well I’m sticking to the Takeda & Ama-chan sensei ship

i can’t come up any else, fck

Haru's Nightmare Analysis

I think in haru’s dream the people who have their eyes closed (nagisa, makoto, rei, gou) are all people who are encouraging and supporting haru whatever he may choose to do in the future

But I think the people with their eyes open like sousuke, momo, nitori, rin, the scout and even ama-chan sensei; haru is feeling pressured by to do what they think he should do which is to go pro.

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A Free Nap, Part 1~ Gold Sousuke, Silver Sousuke ~
A Free Nap, Part 1~ Gold Sousuke, Silver Sousuke ~

Translated Sousuke’s Dream Track from the Free! ES Vol. 2 Drama CD (Sousuke dreaming about Rin wanting both sides of him I can’t…)

Sousuke: A Free Nap, Part 1~ Gold Sousuke, Silver Sousuke~

Rin: What’s wrong, Sousuke? You don’t look so good.

Sousuke: I had a really…weird dream last night.

Nitori: What kind of dream was it?


Momo: Yamazaki-senpai fell into the pool!

Rin: Sousuke, are you okay!?!?

Goddess (Ama-chan Sensei): The person who fell into this pool is a good sousuke or a lone wolf sousuke?

Rin: What is going on?

Nitori: What exactly do you mean?

Momo: Err…a friendly yamazaki-senpai

Sousuke: WOWWWWW Teams are GREAT!

Momo: Kind of different…

Sousuke: Leave me alone.

Momo: That’s the one! Goddess, please give us the lone wolf Sousuke!

Rin: None of them are the real Sousuke. To me, both of them are the real Sousuke, so!

Nitori: Ehh ? Both?? Rin-senpai, if you choose both that means…

Momo: As expected of Rin-senpai! I’m so moved…

Nitori: Why would you be moved because of that?

Goddess (Ama-chan Sensei): Uh….that’s right! Uh…since you came all this way, I’ll be generous and give you both of them.

Nitori: Ehh? Is that all right?

Rin: It’s already decided that it’s okay!!!


Sousuke:…and that was my dream.

Rin: Uh….oh….

Nitori: That seems like quite a tiring dream…

This Summer's long slow distance, part 7

Audio on Wakoaime

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Haruka: It’s become just drizzle now.
Makoto: And it seems the wind’s calmed down, too.
Rei: If we wait just a bit more, surely it will  completely let up. We will be able to go to the resort.
Nagisa: Tcheh…
Rei: What’s the matter?
Nagisa: Because, we finally got Rin-chan here too, the five of us could have had a fun time…
Rin: I didn’t come to play. Well, this did end up being kind of fun I guess.
Nagisa: Hehe. …Ah! Look look! There’s another room over there!
Haruka: What could it be?
Nagisa: Let’s go see! (dashes off)
Rei: Aah, Nagisa-kun!
Makoto: We shouldn’t wander around so much!

(door opening)
Haruka: This room is…
Nagisa: It looks like some sort of display room…
Rei: The items displayed are… Swimsuits?
Makoto: Even that striped one that looks like a prison uniform?
Haruka: It’s an old type of swimsuit.
Rin: From speedos to short spats, long spats, and even school swimsuits?
Nagisa: Bikinis and pareos… There are also lots of women’s swimsuits!
Makoto: “In the season of love, show a nice body!” (*) …Is this still about swimsuits?
Nagisa: There’s an explanation plate here. Hum… This says it’s “A museum of the history of swimsuits”.
Rin: Saying it’s a museum is completely overstating it. And this was not here when I last came.
Rei: It was probably made later.
Nagisa: Oh, ah? It seems there’s a picture and a sign displayed with the swimsuit here.
Makoto: This picture is… Huh? Ama-chan-sensei?
Rei: Why would Amakata-sensei’s picture and sign be in a swimsuits museum?
Haruka: Is it really her?
Rei: This sign is… It’s old and unkempt so I can’t decipher what’s written, but this picture is definitely Amakata-sensei.
Nagisa: Except she looks much younger.
Makoto: Oh yeah, before coming back to Iwatobi, she had a job related to swimsuits in Tokyo, right? Could it be…?
Rin: So the swimsuit manufacturing company she worked for helped make this museum?
Haruka: Maybe she was the one in charge of it…
Nagisa: For her to get her picture and sign in here, she must have been pretty high in hierarchy!
Rei: Even though she had such an important position, she quit her job and saw her dream fall apart, and came back to Iwatobi…
Makoto: …She had a dream too, huh. For us, she’s an adult, so we hadn’t thought of it.
Rei: I wonder what her dream could have been.
Nagisa: So becoming a high school teacher wasn’t her dream?
Makoto: Well, we don’t know about that, but…
Haruka: If you don’t have a dream in the first place, it can’t fall apart.
Makoto: Haha, that’s true… But I think that’s a bit sad.
Rin: What are you talking about? Just giving up your dream after failing once is plain weird. You can’t do anything without a dream.
Rei: Haha, that’s something you would say. One can’t guarantee they’ll accomplish their dreams. But the repercussions that failing to fulfill her dreams had on Amakata-sensei are something only her could know.
Makoto: Yeah.
Rei: But, it’s because one can’t know for sure if they’ll accomplish their dream, that they’ll do the best they can. Amakata-sensei probably fought with all her might for the sake of her dream. That’s all we know.
Nagisa: I see…
Ama: (barges in) Boys!
Makoto: Ama-chan-sensei!
Haruka: Why are you here?
Ama: Um, I came to search for you, of course! Rather than that, everyone… Did you… See this?
Rei: We’re sorry. We stumbled on your past when we least expected it.
Ama: Aaah! Gack… I was too late…
Rei: But I hadn’t thought it’d be a job as wonderful as supervising a swimsuit museum for a swimsuit company!
Ama: Eh?
Nagisa: It’s awesome, Ama-chan!
Ama: Uh? Ah! Oh, yes, yes! That’s right! I was invited for this museum’s anniversa-I mean, I took part in the planning and the supervising of it! If I had to choose a saying, I’d say that too many cooks spoil the broth! …Like that?
Makoto: Amakata-sensei.
Ama: What is it?
Makoto: Did you dream… Not come true?
Ama: Eh? Ah… No, it didn’t. It was really hard at the time… But now, I’ve become a teacher, and I do my best everyday for the swimming club. This life is really fun! Of course there are a lot of difficult things… But to keep on watching my students grow up… That’s my new dream.
Makoto: Sensei…
Ama: Okay, we’re done talking about me! Let’s go! Everyone is worried about you. …Ah! I brought an umbrella, but since I rushed to come, I only have one.
Makoto: Ah, we’ll be okay. We have one umbrella here.
Ama: Hey, that’s no good. You can’t just help yourself! 
Rei: No, this is actually mine. We found it earlier. 
Haruka: It’s one for children, so it’s actually pretty small, huh.
Rin: The picture of Super Fusion Doppelganger on it is kinda embarrassing…
Rei: It can’t be helped. It’s the umbrella of fate after all, that had been waiting for us for ten years.
Nagisa: Eheh, that’s not like you at all to talk about “fate”! It’s not scientific at all.
Rei: That’s fine. I’m in the mood for it tonight.

Haruka: Ah… The rain has let up.
Nagisa: Thank goodness!
Rei: Too bad, we can’t use the umbrella…
Rin: Well, just keep it as a memory token, and treasure it.
Ama: We can’t all get in the car, so what do you want to do? I could bring some of you, and then come back pick up the others.
Makoto: It’s fine, we’ll walk there.
Rin: I know the road after all.
Haruka: We won’t do anymore detours.
Nagisa: I’m too hungry to do any!
Rei: Sorry for making you worry.
Ama: It’s okay. Then, I’ll go home first and tell the others you’re okay. Be careful on the way!
(Car leaves)
Rin: Then, let’s go.
Makoto: Yeah. Ah, what’s the matter, Haru?
Haruka: The stars are beautiful.
Nagisa: Aah, that’s true! You wouldn’t believe there was a storm just a bit earlier.
Rei: The wind was so strong it blew all the clouds in an instant!
Haruka: How long will it be before we get there?
Rin: Hm? Hm… Around thirty minutes, I’d say…
Nagisa: Eheh, then, let’s continue the discussion from earlier as we walk!
Rei: Embarrassing stories again?!
Nagisa: Then, this time it’s love stories!
Others: Eeh?!
Nagisa: Come on, come on!

Makoto: To have a dream. To fulfill it. And to abandon it. Everyone lives facing their dreams in their own way. But, there’s one thing that’s sure. It doesn’t matter if you lost one dream… There’s nothing to be sad about. As long as you keep on going after dreams, they will wait for you. Shining brightly, an eternal dream. We still don’t know about our futures. But we are here, on this long path leading to the future, and all we can do it tread it tranquilly.
All: This summer’s long slow distance.

(*) I have no idea what Makoto says. Honestly. It sounds like “Koigoro ni yoshi no mi” which COULD, I GUESS, mean “In the season of love, a good body”. But I had a Japanese friend listen to it and she had no clue what it could be about either so I think it’s probably a reference to something but I don’t know what. I don’t really get references unless they’re about Kamen Rider, sorry.

Also, this was the end. Sure was worth it amirite lol

The Nagisa and Rei Duet Series CD drama has officially been HEARD, APPRECIATED, AND ENJOYED!!!!!!!!!!! I jotted down notes as I listened, and for everyone else who is curious, here is a SUMMARY! I know brilliant and wonderful and qualified translators will have a full and real transcript up soon enough, so only read this if you are okay with spoilers!!!

Please also note I have lived in Japan for ten years and I AM fluent in Japanese, but I am NOT trained as a translator AT ALL!! I promise not to make anything up but it might not be exactly the way you professionally SHOULD do it… so please also keep that in mind! Sorry!

(PS: Little Samezuka action going on in this drama too, eheh!!!!!)


Nagisa and Rei meet up planning to go shopping for swim gear. Rei is surprised he is 3 minutes late but Nagisa says “It’s fine, I just got here myself!” (like Rei said in episode 9…eheh). Haruka and Makoto are not there yet, and when Nagisa double checks, he realizes they are meeting at 1:00, not 11:00 like he thought and accidentally told Rei. Rei wonders what they should do for two entire hours. Nagisa says, “kill time somewhere!” to which Rei replies, “you do not just kill time, there is a saying that time is money!”. Nagisa says he sounds like Ama-chan-sensei…. Rei giggles.

Then Nagisa has the idea to go to THERE!! There turns out to be a KARAOKE BOOTH!!! Rei seems a bit surprised and reluctant, then admits he’s never been to a karaoke booth before. He is extremely defensive about it, but Nagisa says he is happy he can share Rei’s first time (at karaoke…)!! Nagisa tells him what is a remote control and what is a mic. Rei says he knows what that is, and adds that he never agreed to any singing.

Nagisa: Don’t say that! I really love Rei-chan’s voice.
Rei: /choking/ ….I think it’s pretty normal…
Nagisa: No way! I really want to hear you sing!
Rei: But…
Nagisa: I WANNA HEAR!!

And he begins to rub at him or… I can’t quite explain this noise. Nagisa finally adds Rei’s singing voice is surely beautiful, and that decides it, as usual. Rei says that while he’s never done karaoke before, he does know the theory behind vocal music, and he will let Nagisa hear his captivating singing voice!

But before that, they must order a drink (just the way karaoke booths work!). Using the digital menu and the remote, Nagisa picks a strawberry drink, and Rei is just amazed at all the choices. He dawdles, and Nagisa tells him he is wasting time! (But Nagisa really has no idea at that point how much time wasting he is about to be in for…) Insert a very long sequence of Rei studiously looking over many different drinks, comparing their prices, etc, and Nagisa gets impatient. He orders his drink first, then orders some basic barely tea for Rei. Rei is upset all he got was regular old barely tea, but Nagisa says he would have taken too much time anyway!

Rei begins to flip through songs on the screen using the remote. He wants to sing something he’s heard before, but he recognizes nothing at first. He sees one called “I Love You More Than Anyone” (but what’s this? let’s just say the title when he reads it is a little bit punny like …“I Love you More Than Anycone”…you’ll see). He thinks he heard it on his father’s radio before. Nagisa says “Sing, sing! I want to hear Rei-chan’s love song!”. Rei selects it, but no music begins. They decide it’s glitched and Rei picks another he knows - “Win through Love and Courage!” (“win” being “katsu”… you’ll see…). He sings a verse to himself to prove he knows it, but when he selects it, no music plays. He finds another - “Very Very Happy Berry”. He doesn’t know it but assumes it’s a recent song. He flips through more - “Cool Unrequited Love” (素敵な片思い… suteki… steak…), “Ask Him for A Kiss” (彼にキスミー…kare…curry)… and when he finds one named something obvious about soba noodles and condiments… Nagisa understands. He grabs the remote - Rei has been looking at the food menu, and actually ordering everything he was trying to sing.

They eat all of it. Nagisa is happy, but Rei’s stomach hurts. He asks if they are okay money-wise, to which Nagisa just says yep, he brought along tons to buy a swimsuit with!

They find the right menu for singing songs, and Rei is overly excited about some of the gimmicky options, like how you can get the system to give you a score! He excitedly realizes they can see the scores of the people who used the room before them!

With a 92% was someone named Mikoshiba………..oh! It’s that Samezuka Captain Mikoshiba! And Rei is not at all surprised at how high a score he got. Below his score is someone who’s nickname is entered “Nitorin” (I’m not typing it wrong okay) who Nagisa realizes is “AI-CHAN”!!! Nitori got an 89% singing an idol song. And below that… the nickname is “Rin-Rin” and the score is…..75%. Rei and Nagisa point out how good he is at swimming, but he lost to his kouhai at singing. Nagisa feels sorry for him.

They decide to best Samezuka at singing. Rei seems to feel especially competitive towards Rin. He begins to flip through songs…

…he’s still flipping through songs…

Nagisa grumpily mumbles “Rei-chan…still?”. Yes, still. Nagisa whines that he will just sing first! Rei argues no! It’s his first time, let him sing first!! And furiously goes back to flipping through songs. Until……he knows one! He starts to select it, but then he finds another gimmicky option for that song, where you can record yourself and take it home on a CD! And here is another option on another song, “One Person Harmony!” But it’s not on the song he’d picked before… he must find a song with all the options so he can do them all… Nagisa becomes grumpy again as Rei keeps obsessing endlessly over the gimmicky side options.

Nagisa falls asleep on his lap.

Rei: Nagisa-kun! Do not sleep on my lap! /whapping sound/
Nagisa: /snore snore snore/
Rei: You’re such a child……./chuckle/ Ah well…yesterday we practiced so late, and today started out so early… /pat pat/ /sigh/ But… /giggle/ …no way I can sing like this…..honestly.


SUPER BONUS! Rei and Nagisa also talk at the end of Track 2.

Nagisa: Rei-chan! Today was fun huh!
Rei: Yeah………fun……..
Nagisa: Wha?? Rei-chan, did you sleep?
Rei: /sleepily/ I…am not sleeping…!
Nagisa: No need to try so hard when you’re with me!
Rei: But I’m not sleeping!
Nagisa: Tomorrow, let’s do our best together at practice!
Rei: Okay…!


The birthday game! Ready, go!

1. First letter of your name:

[A]. Haruka [B]. Makoto [C]. Rei [D]. Rin [E]. Nagisa

[F]. Nitori [G]. Gou [H]. Mikoshiba [I]. Ama-chan-sensei [J]. Makoto’s siblings

[K]. Eren [L]. Mikasa [M]. Armin [N]. Erwin [O]. Levi [P]. Jean [Q]. Marco

[R]. Hanji [S]. Connie [T]. Sasha [U]. Reiner [V]. Annie [W]. Christa

[X]. Ymir [Y]. Bertholdt [Z]. Petra

2. Day you were born

[1]. gives you the biggest kiss ever [2]. marries you [3]. plays dmmd with you  [4]. reads your fanfics [5]. serves you breakfast naked [6]. stripteases for you [7]. begs for sex [8]. ships you with another person [9] pushes you off a cliff [10]. turns into a yandere  [11]. sneaks into your bed [12]. wants you to show him/her how to play dmmd [13]. is a tsundere [14]. goes all moe [15]. wears the same clothes as you [16]. comes to life [17]. is a stripper [18]. is sassy [19]. wishes that he/she was in bed with you [20]. hugs you during a horror movie [21]. dresses in a maid outfit [22]. cosplays [23]. sings in the shower [24]. wears a speedo [25]. pushes you into a pool [26]. invades your tumblr [27]. has a nice booty [28]. is immortal [29]. is in a 10-minute sex scene [30]. is the best motivator [31]. hides the dead body

3. Month

Jan: They think it’ll help save the world

Feb: a killer is after them

March: yaoi is good for the soul

April: “gay sex” was the only option on their checklist

May: they want senpai to notice them

June: they want to show the world of tumblr to everyone

July: they have high hopes for a gay sex scene to come on

Aug: they found your diary

Sept: they saw naked pictures of themselves 

Oct: they f*ck sh*t up

Nov: they want their sexual fantasies to come true

Dec: they watched “Boku no Pico”

What are your results??

  • Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Tsubasa would be the most picked on in the studio, mainly by Yukino-san and Miyata-san.
  • Yonaga Tsubasa: Yeah, from Yukino-san it was always either "Sing" or "Eh? You're going to strip, aren't you?" Yukino-san is my senpai from the same office, so I can't disobey her.
  • Suzuki Tatsuhisa: (lol) She'd say "Yonaga?" in that patient but commanding way.
  • Yonaga Tsubasa: Yeah. Like, "Do it." And she says it with Ama-chan-sensei's voice, which makes it even harder for me to say no.
  • -from Free! episode 7 audio commentary