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Okay mom crash course on what you missed
Dad put you in stasis without telling you and brought you to andromeda, he’s dead, I’m the pathfinder, all our golden worlds are crap but we found ancient alien stuff to fix them kinda, we met two new species, one is evil and wants to kill all life and one awesome and called the angara this is one his name is jaal and we’re getting married.


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Warriors: Chapter Two - Mitch Rapp

Author: @susybird

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x OFC/Astrid

Description: Angst, swearing, mentions of injuries and ptsd. Astrid starts training with Mitch but struggles with her past.

Word Count: 2331

Author’s Note: Okay, this chapter made me nervous for so many reasons!!! Hopefully it turned out like I wanted it too :) Big big thank you to @redstringlovers​ for proofreading and general awesomeness!!!

As always feedback is welcome (please pretty please) and let me know if you want to be added to the tag list or my forever tag! Enjoy :)

Chapter One - Chapter Three

Chapter Two

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Astrid hit the mat with a thump, her palms smacking into the plasticised floor, barely saving herself from a painful face-plant.

“Come on, Quinn!” Mitch sounded more than a little frustrated.

Astrid couldn’t blame him. She was angry with herself. This was stuff she could do. The training exercises should have been as easy as cake. But her body just wouldn’t respond to the simplest of instructions, making her feel like an unbalanced toddler.

Astrid lifted herself up off the floor with her arms, rolling her neck from left to right, trying to rid herself of some of the stiffness. Mitch stood several metres in front of her, his arms crossed against his chest, his expression stern and his brow furrowed in thought.

“Maybe we should try a different approach,” he mused, staring at Astrid in a contemplative way.

She winced as she rotated her shoulders, feeling the bones pop back into their proper place. “I’m open to suggestions,” she replied, as she lifted her arms above her head, hoping the stretches would magically help somehow. Astrid knew, though, that her failure wasn’t due to her physical abilities but instead her mental capacity.

Mitch started taking his shirt off, revealing a black tank top underneath. Astrid tried very hard not to be distracted by the sight of his vein-lined biceps and the chest hair peeking above the collar of his shirt. She failed miserably.

Mitch kicked off his shoes and socks, placing them next to his discarded shirt, before crossing the mat to stand in front of his pupil.

“I know you’ve got the training. I’ve seen your file. These exercises should be easy for you. I think that it’s not a physical thing; it’s a mental one.” Mitch’s amber gaze bore into her and Astrid cursed his very acute observation skills. “So… come at me.”

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