The Way You Look Tonight

Steve x Reader (Because my little marshmallow needs some love. All of them do, but I’ve been paying special attention to Buck, so Stevie is feeling a little left out.)

Prompt: Oh and I would have an idea: maybe there is a 40’s themed party( because Tony was feeling like it), so Bucky/Steve and the reader go together but Bucky/Steve loses his composure when he sees the reader in 40’s style? with dancing maybe? rest would be up to you 😊

Requested by: @anoril

Word Count: ~2000

Warnings: Slightly sad Steve, besides that, the amount of adorableness may just kill you. I went overboard.

A/N: I spent the whole time writing this listening to Enoch Light & The Light Brigade. Want to step back into the 40’s??? Listen to them. I’ll be linking songs throughout the fic so you can click and hear what will be playing in the story. Please enjoy!!! <3 <3 <3 <3  (P.S. Even though the title of this story wasn’t used, it totally reminded me of this story after I wrote it. You can find the title song here)

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  It was Christmas time again, and everyone around the tower wasn’t feeling in the holiday spirit all that much. Things were slowly being patched up after everything that had occurred, but tensions were still high: especially between Steve, Tony, and the newly unfrozen Bucky.

  You weren’t much, just a low tier agent that happened to brighten up everyone’s spirits. Everyone loved when you were around, since you just seemed to brighten things up where the healing process seemed to be going well. You biggest challenge were the three boneheads that were being absolutely stubborn.

  Tony was your brother; he was always a pain in the ass to you. Bucky was starting to warm up to you in his own way, and you two had become very good friends. Your problem laid with Steven Grant Rogers.


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Therapist: So Todoroki, how did it all start?

Shouto: It all started when I had and still have a shitty dad-