A few thoughts about Ventura and AM5

1. Alex style for this era: Great Gatsby meets PSY ? (or he just really loved JT’s new style like every woman in this world).

2. I haven’t realized Circus was nowhere to be found in the setlist until SIAS. It makes me sad bc it’s a favorite, but it’s just the first show so who knows… which leads me to..

3. OMG FAKE TALES… and Dancing Shoes!! .. but man FAKE TALES! who else died?! I saw the picture of the setlist i think fuckyeaharcticmonkeys uploaded on tumblr and couldn’t believe it til Blake tweeted it. Then he Vine it. Then Arielle Vine’d (?) it. I’m just so happy i got to listen to Teddy Picker just once (last tour) bc it was probably going to be changed… but i think none of us where really expecting neither of those songs. Specially since the “those songs are dead to us” sort of statement years ago. 

4. The new song. The soundcheck recording. A lot of people said they couldn’t hear a thing, and come on it’s a soundcheck recorded from OUTSIDE the venue. But when I got to make sense out of it… after the first minute, I felt it. That Arctic Monkeys vibe. That vibe that comes alive when those guys get together and play. That sound as a whole. It just made sense to me, I could feel it. And felt so happy because this is really just beggining. 

5. Every single one of you who were there and who were kind enough to take time and make videos, vines, tweets and everything you did today to share this with the rest of us who couldn’t be there. And of course to the other guys who couldn’t be there either but where really quick to find info and share to the rest of us too. The names we all know and we’re always thankful for, and the ones who are not that am-known as well. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. It’s true this is an amazing community, i love how everyone gets as excited as me (and even more) because of what’s coming, and what’s happening and it’s so weird because very few of us know each other, yet the feeling is the same. 

edit: just listened the new song at Ventura thanks to Blake at AMUS, and god, what a solid start. I mean, if this is the first time they play it live and it sounds like THAT, can you imagine the studio version? and… the rest of the album?! and omg i just thought of this…. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE B-SIDES??!?! I know Alex probably heard a hundred mistakes no one but him heard during the song tonight but still. I don’t want to get my or anyone who’s reading hopes up but… how can I not? These guys always get it right. Even if at first you didn’t like it or where worried about it (crying lightning in that australia show the first time years ago) they’re still right, Alex said “it’s a grower” for My Propeller but for me it meant the whole album. And it was so true. I mean seriously, if they’re this good at making music, they must suck REALLY bad at other stuff. There has to be a compensation for that much talent right? Riiight? 

Anyway, I just had to share this. The time has come again… and it seems its going to be more than great. Cheers, and if you can, go to sleep. 

*sorry if there’s a bunch of misspells, i’m so tired yet so excited about today and everything that’s happened (AM was really demanding but i’m actually saying this about the rest of my day).