steven universe review - erin horakova

okay so this review of Steven Universe by Erin Horáková is utterly perfect and brilliant and I want to quote THE ENTIRE THING FOREVER, but in lieu of that, please enjoy this utterly merited dragging of Steven Moffat and his mangling of Dr Who:

We get fragmentary glimpses of what looks to have been a terrifying technological war on a mass scale, with heavy casualties. The details are particularly poignant. It’s never flagged up, but at one point we visit an old battlefield that’s thickly overgrown with a riot of strawberries, plants that fare well in sandy soil—the kind of soil you might get if a lot of rock-based lifeforms were destroyed on this spot a long time ago. Strawberries are the gem equivalent of poppies, which thrive in soil that’s been disturbed: this the gems’ Flanders Field.

I don’t particularly go in for military SF as such, but space-opera combat surely ought to be this thoughtful, as well as being fantastic and ambitious. If you’re going to use combat in your SFF, as part of the mechanic of its attraction (and there are decent philosophical reasons to ask whether you should, but), then at least be inventive and challenging and use your SFFnalness for something. When Doctor Who did the Time War under Davies (or in Who’s Extended Universe, which did the Time War earlier and with more conceptual ambition), we heard about weapons with names like the Cruciform and the Nightmare Child; there were allusions to a kind of unimaginable warfare that used time, minds and physics as battlegrounds. Imagine my disappointment when Moffat’s “The Day of the Doctor” just gave us—Halo combat. Are you kidding me right now? I know it’s hard to visually represent this stuff, but look, bloody Thor II managed guns that ripped holes in existence at least! This is the bare minimum of what I expect! Otherwise you’re just saying “I think so little of your intelligence and imagination that I don’t trust you to understand the basic-AF idea of war if it doesn’t look like Saving Private Ryan plus shiny lasers”. 


Queef of the Damned

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Writers' groups: what they are & how to find the perfect one for you 👓📚

You wrote a book, but is it any good?

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1-What is a writers’ group? A writers’ group is a group of writers that meets regularly to critique each other’s work to improve it

2-What type of writers’ groups are out there?

  • Cold readings: Each writer brings a piece they want to share in as many copies as the number of participants. In turn, each writer reads their work out loud. At the end of the reading other writers express their opinion on the piece (at every level, someone might comment on grammar, someone else on structure, plot and characters). Pros: fun, engaging. Cons: time constraints, often you can only ready 1,000-2,000 words at the time
  • Pure critique: writers share their file before meeting and then meet to discuss them. Pros: you can get a lot done Cons: dry and a bit boring
  • Paid groups: Most groups are free. Sometimes an expert organizes one and you might have to be a paying member to partake. Pros: the advice of an expert. Cons: you have to pay, duh! Also they might be overcrowded. The quality will very much depend on the personality of the expert.

I personally like cold readings, because it’s so much more fun and it’s helpful to learn to read better in public.

3- How do you find a writers’ group? Google your town and writers’ group, browse local newspapers, browse meetup

4-What to expect: a mishmash of people and genres. From erotica to church sermons, from illiterate writers to nobel laureates. Either way you will learn a lot if you allow yourself to! Most writers’ groups go from three to about ten writers.

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5-Writers’ group etiquette:

  • Never interrupt a cold reading, avoid shuffling, fidgeting and going to the restroom unless you really have to
  • Be respectful when expressing your opinions
  • Warn the group if you are about to read adult content that might irk some people (sex, violence, language)
  • Be honest, you do no favor to a writer telling them their chapter is great if it sucks!
  • Take nothing personally. Yes, your book is your baby, but you can make it better and that’s why you’re at the group.

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  • Don’t defend your book. Let everyone talk and then decide if taking or leaving their advice. The only reason to respond to a critique is if someone asked for an explanation
  • Listen! This is not your mom telling you you’re awesome. This is a taste of the real world. Treasure criticism. It hurts, take it like a writer; let it sit, masticate, and regurgitate a better book.
  • Don’t be offended by other people’s writing. Some characters might be racist, ignorant, and evil. That does not mean their author is. If you feel that the writer comes off as any of those things, let them know without sounding threatening or offended
  • Vocalize only major criticisms, mark typos and grammar mistakes (unless recurrent) on the paper you will return to the writer
  • Avoid repeating criticism already been mentioned, just say you agree
  • Never keep somebody else’s writing without permission. Duh. In fact I think it’s a bit weird when people ask.
  • Don’t destroy a first timer. Be considerate, it takes a lot of courage to come out of the writing closet. By all means be honest, but criticize in a positive way. If you are too harsh you might cause the person to never come back or worse, quit writing all together!

6-Things to watch out for:

  • Big egos: some people just love the sound of their voice and will talk forever. Find a group with a good moderator or you’ll never get work done. I had to try three groups to find one I loved. One of the other two was so boring I felt like I was in school and ended up texting during it (never text in school O_o)
  • Leeches: people that will take a lot and give nothing. Learn to say no, you cannot write somebody else’s book

By the way, beyond learning a ton, I made some great friends at my writers’ group. Good luck with yours :)

Who am I to give you advice?

I am a writers’ group veteran and the strange, elusive author of the Italian Saga (#TIS):

…an irreverent series taking place in Italy and speaking of love, sadness, sex, and happiness with a healthy dose of humor <3

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FYI: The books are recommended for anyone 13 and above, but most of my readers are adults.

They're Arctic Monkeys, believe the hype.

Since last years Olympic performance and their triumphant Glastonbury headline set, Arctic Monkeys have been catapulted into world-class rock and roll status. The band have always been wary of overexposure, in 2006 after appearing on the 10 o'clock news after the release of their debut album, Alex Turner told NME, “I think people must be right sick of us by now. We’re everywhere. We’re overexposed."But whether they liked it or not, the hype behind their fifth studio album was stratospheric. 'AM' is the proof to back it all up.

They could have easily served up another round of observational indie rock and soon become just another one of those indie bands in the list of "Do you remember The Kaiser Chiefs? And Razorlight? And Franz Ferdinand?” But they have evolved, making a firm departure from their post-Britpop, indie roots. The new songs are unabashedly rock and roll. Imagine lusty leather jacket love songs with hairstyles bigger than Texas strutting along route 66 in a pair of knee-high gator skin boots, drinking bourbon and occasionally stopping to shred on a sunburst stratocaster, and you have ‘AM’. 

It opens with the drum machine and seriously seductive guitar riff of ’Do I Wanna Know’, the older and more mysterious brother of second track and 2012 single ’R U Mine’. These tracks see Alex’s “I’m just some lad from Sheffield” vocals that charmed fans on ’Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not' has matured into more of a Californian desert slur, and just like his hair and get-up, it’s styled, sexy, and oh-so-Elvis. The fact that it was all recorded in LA can really be heard and the result is a bigger, more glam sound, but they didn’t let the sun get to them; this is their darkest album yet. If William Miller were to hear it, he would no doubt agree that the guitar sound… is incendiary. The chorus of ’Arabella' is so powerful and sexy you half expect it to combust at any moment. What you don’t see coming however is the hypnotizing poetry of lines like, “Arabella’s got some interstellar gator skin boots and a Helter-Skelter 'round her little finger and I ride it endlessly" 

Before the release, the music world was buzzing with talk of Dr Dre being mentioned as playing a part in the evolution of Arctic Monkey’s sound. It was something that was hard to wrap your head around without nervously recalling Lil Wayne’s infamous rap-rock (con)fusion 'Rebirth’. All fears are immediately abandoned and it all makes sense when hearing ’Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?' Alex’s description of the track is wonderfully surreal, he says "We took a Dr. Dre beat from like 2001, gave it like an Ike Turner Beatles bowl cut and then set it off galloping along on a Stratocaster into a liquid live show”, and it’s a testament to the originality of the album, that this is the only way it can really be described. Much of the album is embellished with operatic r'n'b style falsettos, but they are at their best on 'One For The Road’. It performs the amazing feat of sounding like a beat Eminem was supposed to start rapping to, where Outkast slid onstage from the wings instead and not sounding like a wild departure for a British indie rock band. 

You can’t help but do a little side-to-side shoulder dance in your chair hearing the funky beat of 'Snap Out Of It’. It is undeniably cool and has a real sass to it, helped by the backing vocals.  A bit of classic Alex Turner wit comes out in the line “If that watch don’t continue to swing or the fat lady fancies havin’ a sing”. The song that really blows you away though, is No. 1 Party Anthem. Seeing that title on the song list before having heard the album could give any die-hard fan nightmares of picking up tomorrow’s NME magazine and seeing the words “"We’ve been listening to a lot of LMFAO”- Alex Turner" blazoned on the cover. Thankfully, the song turns out to be a magical piano-driven ballad. It shoots for the stars with each turn it makes and reaches outer space every time. It is well qualified to steal the place of Oasis’ 'Don’t Look Back In Anger’ as the song that should to be played at the end of every night out. It’s certainly fitting to be belted out by a bunch of drunken lads amidst the throngs of lusty liaisons with lyrics like, “It’s not like i’m falling in love I just want you to do me no good, and you look like you could”. It’s followed by 'Mad Sounds’, another similar themed tune that so accurately describes music’s ability to stop you wallowing in heartbreak and “what went wrong?"s and make you get up and dance. It’s beautifully simple and reminiscent of The Velvet Underground’s 'Pale Blue Eyes’. Alex Turner has always had a lovely habit of sounding a bit Lou Reed.

Judging by the second to last song on the album and the artwork for The Last Shadow Puppets 'Age Of The Understatement’, Alex Turner has a bit of a thing for a good pair of ’Knee Socks’. On first listen of the album, this is the one that really grabs you. It’s definitely one the highlights. The chorus is so catchy you have to pause it and look up the lyrics so you can sing along, and then comes that best part, that falsetto bridge: "In late afternoon the ghost in your room that you always thought didn’t approve of you knocking boots never stopped you letting me get hold of the sweet spot by the scruff of your knee socks" Conclusion: No one gets it on their fishnets anymore, it’s all about the knee socks.

The closing song pays homage to punk poet John Cooper-Clarke, setting his poem 'I Wanna Be Yours’ to music. It’s a fitting tribute to the poem that first sparked lyricist Alex Turner’s interest in writing. He said "I was your typical teenager, trying to be cool and not interested and the teacher proceeded to read 'I Wanna Be Yours’, doing an impression of Johnny. It made my ears prick up in the classroom because it was nothing like anything I’d heard, especially on this syllabus. Had I not seen him do his thing, I wouldn’t have started writing like that,” John Cooper-Clarke seems to have equal admiration for the band. When asked what he thinks about the song, he said “I think it’s great the band have used it, because I think it was always kind of a song. It’s a poem that owes a great deal to popular music. I haven’t heard their version yet, but I know it’s gonna be great.” Listening to the track it is clear he won’t be disappointed. He added, “I think he’s [Alex Turner] a fantastic lyricist. He’s always changing, and as a band they won’t be pinned down. I like that album they made when they’d been to the States for the first time, they were so obviously Americanised. I think things like that are a strength, where you can make every new experience uniquely you. That’s part of the secret of longevity." Regardless of that secret, what a band can’t progress without is a killer record and 'AM’ is just that. Observing the Arctic Monkeys’ evolution so far it is clear that this is only the half way point.


I know my hair isn’t exactly the right color, but I wanted to show you guys anyway. This is my attempt at cosplaying Feyre from ACOMAF. This book is my life and I will never stop obsessing over it.

(Review) Izayoi Renka vol. 2

(R18! Please proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Fujiwara Yuuki


First thing first, sorry for all the upcoming daddy words I’m spouting out and I’d like to clarify that I am, in no way, a ddlg sorta gal. Not in a a chance. But you know, Fujiwara Yuuki happens.

And, SPOILERS AHEAD! Best don’t read before you listen.

My thoughts: I have been anticipating this CD long before it was released, and at that time, I didn’t know how the cover looked like so the visual I got was the artist illustration. And it was love at first sight; as soon as I laid my eyes on that particular illustration I knew I had to get this CD no matter what.

And so I did.

So the first thing I thought upon receiving my package was: “Why dis cover tho.”

Lmao, I don’t mean that the cover is ugly, in fact, I like the blood stains and the arm injury. But somehow that aforementioned uncolored illustration looks more appetizing?? Well anyway, cover aside, it’s time for the listening part. It’s been a while since Fujiwara Yuuki’s last CD so I am completely restless and possibly jumping on my seat.

Anyway, I listened to the voice sample before, and I realize that his voice is a tad different than what I usually hear of him. It has a more mature/stern vibe (which fits the killer ninja character, I suppose). I usually don’t listen to these types, but since it’s Fujiwara Yuuki, I expected it’d be excellent.

And boy, it was. I don’t know if it’s just me missing his voice (lmao) but his voice really sets me on the edge of my seat like “shjiiiitt….spank me daddy”

and mind you, I’m a rabid do-S.

The first few tracks before the actual H got me all heated up and wondering where the hell is the love scene… like the whole time I kept thinking, YEAH he’s a tsundere and that’s cute as fuck but WHEN WILL I FUCK THIS NINJA THO….

At first he was harsh to us and even saying like “scram off or I’ll kill you.”, things like that. I normally would fucking flip but again, since it’s Fujiwara Yuuki I was like “ah…yes…kill me hard…shuriken my ass daddy…”

Well, eventually we can see his apparent tsundere attraction for us since his “scram off or i’ll kill u” becomes “don’t come near me…my heart becomes strange if you’re around… scram off or else i’ll kill u…”

at that point I just went fully, “HmMMM, yeah, kill me IF U CAN…daddy..;) if u can resist this round ass…waiting for u to ram in with ur spear….;) or these legs….u know what these toes can do? they’d make u kneel over ;) ;)”

My do-S senses finally came back and yeeaah finally I got to the H scene. The scenario itself was not lovable at all I’d say, it’s sort of like those cringey “look @ what terrible things im doing to u, hate me!!!” scenes. But AGAIN…since it’s fujiwara yuuki I found myself unable to skip it…

I listened all the way through and i gotta admit that it didn’t disappoint me… well technically it did a little but it is still bearable to say the least… Maybe I like the whole hatesex concept thingy going on. And anyway he wasn’t that rough like he didn’t physically abuse us (?) or sth, it’s more like he’s subverting his apparent horniness under the guise of making an enemy out of us…

but what surprised me was the next morning he was gone… like he literally used “fuck and disappear” no jutsu when I FUCKEN SPECIFICALLY TOLD HIM NOT TO… I was so offended like…BITCH…U DONE DID IT…

I know Izayoi Renka series was supposed to be a sad story but THIS ONE MADE ME ANGRY..  LIKE… m8 i swear on me mum… u fucked me and left…rude ass bitch…

Ah, but as cliche as r18 otome cds go, in the end, we found him again (after a few years i think) now he’s in a pretty bad shape and apparently he doesn’t have the strength to kill anyone…and it’s because of us?? like he softened up?? MAYBE BECAUSE WE DIDN’T GIVE HIM THE SUCC???

Anyways, we cleared whatever misunderstanding we had and finally gave him hte succ…

Happy ending after all.

So, yeah, that earned him a 7/10. i’d give it a 8/10 but i’m still conflicted about the hatesex H scene…. on one hand i love the concept…but on the other hand, it’s kinda force-y… but on another extended hand, it’s fujiwara yuuki…

X-Men: Apocalypse Review
Major Actors:
  • Sophie Turner as Jean Grey
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique
  • James McAvoy as Professor X
  • Michael Fassbender as Magneto
  • Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse


Having a Headache Throughout the Movie:

Idk what it was about this movie but I had a headache the whole time like as same as the opening credits ended the headache began. This part of my review has nothing to do with the movie itself but I figured it was worth mentioning, this movie had me feeling all types of fucked up I swear yo! I don’t want to give too much away from the movie because I think it’s worth the watch especially if you’re a pothead or something in that realm….it’s a great time killer  

Show Love To Magneto and Apocalypse:

Right off the back Magneto and Apocalypse are dope the whole movie, well if you saw the TV show then you know that Apocalypse is supposed to be this huge motherfucker but nah not this movie! Well once again he did get to be a huge motherfucker in some dream world reality of some sort….Anyway Magneto’s story was great, right from jump you will feel all types of emotions for Magneto, dude SERIOUSLY!!!! (Sidenote: he had to be Jewish tho) The voice of Apocalypse was funny too me but idk if they was going for funny but funny is all that I see.

Weapon X & The Ending Scenes:

Now would it be an X-Men movie without seeing Logan in it, (I’ll give you a few seconds to think about it) fuck outta here  if you thought not! I think the Weapon X part was the best part of the movie point blank period, just how the teens found him and how Jean Grey used her powers to give Weapon X “some” of his memories back. If you remember from the last movie homeboy got shot in the head a few times….but yeah that was such a bad movie anyway…the way that did Deadpool….smh fuck you mean dawg!!!! Right getting off track here, the ending scene after all the credits and stuff you know what Marvel does, man they took all that time just to show us (the viewers) “Essex Corp” really bro….really?!?!

Quicksilver was DOPE:

Man oh man If The Flash movie don’t do what Bryan Singer captured speed then the movie will wack and I won’t care how funny dude is if the producers don’t get the speed down correctly man….Quicksilver was so dope in this movie, I’m 25 years young and I want to be Quicksilver like this dude was funny, had his own swag, and weird! The way we (the viewers) were introduced to his character was good, but the actor Evan Peters sold this character so well, I swear you will love all the parts he’s in expected for one maybe well I questioned why he didn’t say anything you know. X-Men’s Quicksilver is better than Avenger’s Quicksilver and theirs died too.

Something Was Missing From The Movie:

I can’t call it but I wasn’t satisfied with X-Men: Apocalypse, you know the feeling when you are watching a movie or show and you’re anticipating when it will be over, well with this movie I wanted more even once Apocalypse was defeated. I think the Logan scene would have been dope that or maybe another appearance.

Movie Review:

1-10 I give this movie a strong 7

Newburgh Blogger - Shawn Cushnie

anonymous asked:

would you recommend the captive prince to anyone? I am constantly hearing mixed reviews about it and I feel like your opinions on this sort of stuff is generally correct

[I am going to tell you what was basically told to me alongside my own two cents. Please keep in mind I have only read the first two books and I am going to be reading the third one soon.]

As much as I and many other people love Captive Prince for the characters, story, and/or setting of the whole thing, the series isn’t necessarily for everyone. It is a mature book intended for adults and while I know quite a few people didn’t care about that, you should really keep it in mind.

Personally, I love this series. Unlike many other books geared towards adults and young adults where I am sitting there reading it and thinking to myself ‘I know fifteen year olds who can write better scenes than this,’ I have not yet come across that problem once. I am sure many of us are used to that feeling, where there is a scene in a book or movie or television show that you sit there feeling uncomfortable because it really shouldn’t be there, it doesn’t belong there, and it doesn’t flow right. I can count the times on my own hand where that hasn’t happened and CP is only the third.

That being said, there are a lot of sexual things in CP. While they are not as descriptive as they could have been, they are there. Often. It is a romance and  there is a lot of sex. It works with the story, don’t get me wrong. It is a fundamental part in the plot on multiple occasions. It isn’t always ‘nice’ though. There is sexual slavery, regular slavery as well of course, and topics such as torture, rape, etc. in the book that isn’t swept under the rug for lack of better terms. It is discussed, it is there, you know it is there. I felt like there was no awkwardness because of it though.

(Unlike with other books in the past where stuff like that is mentioned, or it happens off screen, or it is dropped in and placed into a scene so badly that you can feel the second hand embarrassment coming off of the page in waves so you choose to skip ahead and not have to deal with the nightmare anymore.)

The book, while this might sound cliche, is really not like many of the other books I have personally read that might have had similar themes and happenings in them. 

  • in many cases where in many books two people of the same gender having sex is considered ‘taboo’ in CP that isn’t the case at all. this has dragged in a lot of ‘younger’ (though, I use that term loosely. the book is geared towards a mature/18+ audience but many people 15/16 and older have read it) readers as well as people who are a part of the LGBT+ community because finally there is a book with characters who are not straight, do have sex with people of the same gender, and it doesn’t revolve around that fact. it’s a part of the plot and every day life in the book in the way heteronormativity is a part of our own.

  • sexual topics in this book are out in the open and, as mentioned before, they are not ill placed or awkward. everything is written very well and it works towards the progression of the story (so thank you C.S. Pacat for giving me hope for other popular published authors in the future). I am sure many of us can sympathize with each other when it comes to having to sit through awkward sex scenes in movies/television shows and terrible descriptions of sex in books. CP isn’t like that, at least to me it isn’t.

All in all, if you are looking into reading the books because of the fact it doesn’t involve all of the heteronormative tropes and on goings that happen in other romance books alongside not minding a lot of sexual themes which might not always be pleasant, I’d say go for it! The characters grow on you and the plot makes you want to keep reading more and more until you’ve finished all three books in a few days. 

If you are considering reading it because it got popular again after the release of the final book back in February and any of the previous stuff I mentioned made you uncomfortable, I wouldn’t. It isn’t worth making yourself uncomfortable for three books just so you can be a part of another fandom. There is plenty to read about online so you can understand the story without actually having to read it.

That is all I really have so say and wow; sorry for making this so long. I hope this helps!

Star Trek Beyond sucks, and is terrible.

The film reminds me a lot of Insurrection, in that they both:

- Waste the talents of a formidable actor on a poor villain
- Have wonderful character moments scattered about like gems in shit
- Are an odd-numbered Trek film

Now, Beyond is slightly better than Insurrection.  You may recognize this as on par with saying “waterboarding is slightly better than dental torture.”

Specific spoilers under the cut.

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Whats up guys !? I finally got my cubby little hands on the S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2001) ! And boy I am excited ! So here is a quick unboxing, for you guys! i hope you enjoy ! also I am working on the review as of right now.


finally, a new review!

contains spoilers!