Cause hater gonna HATE! HATE! HATE!

OMG! I’ve been seeing tons of bitter-assed ANTI-SASUSAKU on tumblr and even in FB like srsly am i the only one who thinks its so adorable how Sasuke-kun teases his wife just before he leaves? That smirk tho!! He dint ignore her!!! 😍 STOP being DELUDED u crazy anti-sasusaku’s! Even Karin herself left your fandom because something’s obviously wrong with your brains!!! I’ve been a SASUSAKU FAN FOR NEARLY HALF OF MY LIFE! SO I WILL FIGHT FOR THIS CANON!!! Go find another SHIP and since your anti sasusaku obviously your bound to have a curse so i curse on which ever character you ship shall never be CANON!!!


Guess who came to stay!! I haven’t even seen this movie (waiting to see it with my sister!!), and I am already kind of obsessed, especially with Sadness. She speaks to me! On a level! Unforeseen! Not to mention, she’s adorable.

I got a set of books for my nephew, and I got one ‘soft sculpture’ of Sadness, and I want more!! The only place I can find them online so far (other than the one I already have) is America, though …  I hope that my local Disney store (soon!! soon!!) won’t disappoint so I don’t have to spend billions on shipping. 

❝ 5x19 ― folie à deux ❞

( strwonwoo)

Rarely does a person mean much to Taehyung. The bulk of human existence are only forms, faceless and nameless, who take up room in the hallway and his life. It’s easier to ignore them, because they’re judgmental, misunderstanding, aggressive and a whole plethora of adjectives used to describe villains found in various forms of media. But when he finds someone he can stand, he latches on to them like a leech, soaking up all their friendship and nutrients. His co-worker, Wonwoo, was quickly becoming such a person, one who would fall victim to Taehyung’s adoration.

Their time was spent slipping away, like sand grains through clenched fists, at their local movie theater. When they first met, the dark-haired, dark-eyed male was quiet, incessant frown clouding his features. But something, maybe Taehyung’s airy giggles, maybe his rectangle grin or maybe the cooing sounds he made at the latest Sci-Fi film poster, broke down his walls. Laughter quickly filled their shifts, instead of awkward silence, and Wonwoo taught the elder how to clean more efficiently. And it would usually be against his sense of righteousness, but the splatting sounds of half-full cups hitting the back wall was satisfying. Even Taehyung had to attempt to be an Average Teenager on occasion. The best part was when complaints of the last row smelling vaguely of Coca-Cola made it to their ears.

But he never expected that he’d try to take it to the next level. With his other friends, or people who put up with him more likely, never did he ask them to come over or “hang out”. Too afraid of overwhelming those he held close with his strangeness, he kept quiet, waiting to be noticed instead of taking a leap of faith. One day though, as they dined on movie snacks (Taehyung bought his, Wonwoo did not, but he had stopped chastising him for it long ago) in an empty theater after finishing cleaning faster than usual, they conversed. Their seats were directly next to each other, despite being able to sit anywhere they pleased. Taehyung’s ankles were tucked under himself, as the subject moved to a common one: television.

Naturally, the first series he brought up was the one closest to his heart, The X-Files. But the blank stare he received in return was enough to confirm his worst fears. Immediately, all his inhibitions were thrown out the window, and he cleared his throat, voice in an atypical (atypical for being around Wonwoo anyway) mutter, “Would you like to come over and watch it with me sometime? I… think you would like it? Maybe…” Tongue slipped out to lick dry lips, as he turned away, not wanting to look rejection directly in the face. His gaze focused on the items within his palms, as if Red Vines were much more interesting than their current conversation.

Am I the only one who finds this picture just ADORABLE? I MEAN LOOK AT KIBA’S HAIR AND AGH, AKAMARU IS SO SMALL!! (Photo isn’t mine)

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This is the admiring anon from earlier! Another thing I wanted to mention was how much I adore the way you play with metaphors and aesthetics in your writing. Most writers (not only in krp but krp does have quite a surplus) that choose to make their writing descriptive using these techniques end up spurting total bullshit. Yours is not only gorgeous to read, but also makes sense and means something.

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Ohmygosh, am I not the only one who finds the ‘Photograph’ by Ed sheeran totes adorable 😵

I’m happy with who I am, yes I would like to improve some things.. but I think that’s just being human.  I really want to find a guy who likes me for who I am and I will do the same for him. I just want to know what it feels like to have someone ( other than family & friends who loves, cares, and adores me. I bet it’s a special kind of feeling.  Also, I don’t want a type of a relationship where we are just together, I want one where I know later on down the road we may be married. I know I have to go through a few rough relationships in order to find the right guy. But goodness.. it seems like it’s taking forever. I’m only 19.. so I know I have time.. but yeah.. It’s all in God’s hands. I know he’s waiting for me to grow more as a person and is preparing me for that special guy. Just hopefully that time is soon.. but I can wait.. patience.. ♥