Ok. So.. God Serena is actaully Yuriy Dreyar. I’m convinced. They look too much alike, he has lightning magic (Shockwave), and it would explain a lot. How Makarov knew, how this other kingdom knew about Lumen Histoire. I love how Mashima is connecting Fairy Tail Zero and Fairy Tail. I am so excited about where the manga is going!

Team B is coming back, Laxus, YES! I love how Mira was blushing when Gajeel said they were gonna go find him. ^^ Jellal needs to make a comeback too, yo. Erza being a kick ass master right out of the gate. Mest apparently a new member of Team Natsu, I approve. ^^ am I the only one who really likes his new look? Natsu is gonna fight the first person he sees, sorry Erza. Juvia and her silly imaginations. Hehe. Poor Lily.. Levy was adorable in this chapter, glad she got some panel time.

Did anyone see what next week’s chapter is called? I read it on MangaHere (since ManagPanda is acting crazy lately..) and all it said was to be continued.

And where is Zeref?! After 436, he’s become so important, and 4 chapters later he’s still gone.. Mashima you cruel and brilliant man.

Gah, gotta say it again. I keep seeing everyone say they think God Serena is Yuriy, but I know it can’t be anyone else. Honestly, who else who actually know about Mavis? Warrod is in the council, Precht has already made his apperance and gone buh bye. The only other person, besides Team Natsu, is Zeref. And I highly doubt he knows about Lumen Histoire, and if he does he doesn’t need it cause of his own power and E.N.D.

Now I have to wait a whole week to find out more? Ughhhhhh….


Guess who came to stay!! I haven’t even seen this movie (waiting to see it with my sister!!), and I am already kind of obsessed, especially with Sadness. She speaks to me! On a level! Unforeseen! Not to mention, she’s adorable.

I got a set of books for my nephew, and I got one ‘soft sculpture’ of Sadness, and I want more!! The only place I can find them online so far (other than the one I already have) is America, though …  I hope that my local Disney store (soon!! soon!!) won’t disappoint so I don’t have to spend billions on shipping. 

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Am I the only one who finds the little gap in Andy's front teeth beyond fucking adorable? Like goddamn.


Am I the only one who finds this picture just ADORABLE? I MEAN LOOK AT KIBA’S HAIR AND AGH, AKAMARU IS SO SMALL!! (Photo isn’t mine)

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Am I the only one who would find it completely adorable if Mike met an extremely tall girl (maybe like 6'2 or 6'3) and they just completely hit it off and he just starts dating this girl who towers over him and has to bend over to hug him and stuff?

Doll is like
5′8 I think

Ohmygosh, am I not the only one who finds the ‘Photograph’ by Ed sheeran totes adorable 😵

I’m happy with who I am, yes I would like to improve some things.. but I think that’s just being human.  I really want to find a guy who likes me for who I am and I will do the same for him. I just want to know what it feels like to have someone ( other than family & friends who loves, cares, and adores me. I bet it’s a special kind of feeling.  Also, I don’t want a type of a relationship where we are just together, I want one where I know later on down the road we may be married. I know I have to go through a few rough relationships in order to find the right guy. But goodness.. it seems like it’s taking forever. I’m only 19.. so I know I have time.. but yeah.. It’s all in God’s hands. I know he’s waiting for me to grow more as a person and is preparing me for that special guy. Just hopefully that time is soon.. but I can wait.. patience.. ♥

Am I the only one who finds packed lunches adorable.
Like little boxes of the sandwich you like with like a yogurt and crisps that you’ve specifically picked out and are looking forward to
So cute