How to Survive Finals

Finals week is almost here and I, personally, am sick as a dog. It is Not Good. However, this being ill thing has shoved me into survival mode, which has reminded me of the important parts of surviving finals week!

Drink lots of water. Water is good for you. Dehydration leads to headaches, and constant sugary drinks lead to sugar crashes. Both are sucky, so just drink water!

Don’t come within five feet of me. I am currently a hive of filth and disease, laden down with most maladies known to man. Just stay away.

Remember sleep is your friend. Sleep is so good. Start studying NOW, so you don’t feel the last minute urge to ignore sleep in hopes of getting two more facts to stay in your brain.

Remember real food is your friend. Eat a vegetable that hasn’t been fried, you heathen. Your body will thank you and you will not feel like a garbage dump.

Try to start papers at LEAST three days before they’re due. There is NOTHING worse that trying to write a paper the night before it’s due, especially if it’s more than five pages long. Start early!

An uneventful finals week is a good finals week. Just because your friends are going to Walmart at 2 am to bother people does not mean you need to go with them, ESPECIALLY if you have a final before noon. Sometimes, being bored during finals week is the preferable option.

Go forth and make good decisions.

Headcanon: at the wedding, Victor and Yuri (or just Victor) throw the bouquet. Phichit catches it and turns, immediately meeting Seung-gil’s eyes. Seung-gil gets this look. “Fuck no.” Phichit gets this look. “Oh fuck yes.” He had lightly been crushing on him before but now it’s FATE.

Spends the next year chasing Seung-gil around the world. Supports the fuck out of him at competitions. Always sends him the cutest little stuffed animals for the kiss and cry. Actually cries when Seung-gil places he’s so happy for him. He always crashes practices trying to get Seung-gil to dance with him.

At Leo and Guang Hong’s wedding, Seung-gil ends up SOMEHOW catching the bouquet (more like Leo punted it at his face). PHICHIT MADE DAMN SURE HE WAS RIGHT THERE.

THEY get married the next year. Live happily ever after. The Squad is complete and happy. Leo and Guang Hong lowkey high five whenever they see these two DORKS kiss.

The End.

(Bonus: Yurio and Otabek marry three years later. It’s the lamest wedding. Lasts like ten minutes before Yurio tells everyone to fuck off. But these losers are happy so The Squad doesn’t care. Victor does. He’s pissed. He wanted Yurio to ride in on a horse. Yuri tells him not every skaters wedding can be as crazy cool as theirs was. Yuri and Victor get married AGAIN bc Victor is so upset by the snooze fest Yurio’s wedding was)

A Good Fit

i don’t actually know how or when to stop.

more of “All My Friends Are Here,” featuring Jack/Tater.

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also on a03

Late-October roadies are the worst. Jack is used to the cold and the darkness of oncoming winter but that doesn’t mean he likes it, and all the traveling in between hockey games makes him feel twice as worn out.

When the Falcs are on the road, Jack does his best to take care of himself. He sleeps, eats, Skypes Bitty, and checks in with himself every morning and throughout the day to find out where he is on the spectrum of stress. He knows himself by now, and although the whole point of anxiety is that it sometimes bites without warning, there are certain things he can do to reduce the chances of it rearing its ugly head.

One of those things is staying in contact with people he cares about. People who remind him that he’s not alone.

Recently, Kenny has become one of those people.

They’ve been friends (again) for almost a year, now. When they first took the plunge back into civil conversation, it was stiff and awkward. They were different people and they had to learn how to treat each other as adults with control over their lives, not underage kids thrown into a hockey-fame pressure cooker and seasoned liberally with teenage hormones. Kent’s still kind of a dick but he’s finally making a concentrated effort not to be, and Jack is trying his best not to let the hurtful history between them color his judgement of Kent’s actions now. He wants Kent to be his friend. He never really hated Kent; just how hard Kent always had to make things.

It was one of the weirdest moments of his life, finding out that Tater and Kent were dating.

Tater. Tater and Kent.

And then, a month ago, Tater and Kent and Bitty.

Jack’s almost glad they’ve started the regular season and he’s got an excuse to be fully distracted by hockey.

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So the moral of episode 10 is: always pace yourself when you’re drinking. If you want to drink to lose some inhibitions, that’s fine, but make sure you pace yourself so you can remember losing said inhibitions the next day. Because if you don’t, you may have had the time of your life last night; you could’ve met your celebrity crush and made them fall madly in love with you, but what if you don’t remember the next day? Like, imagine if the triplets hadn’t secretly recorded and uploaded Yuuri’s routine. Would Victor have still gone to Hasetsu to be Yuuri’s coach? Sure, it’s nice to think so, but we don’t know for sure if Victor would’ve ever worked up the courage or found a reason to go anyway, because Yuuri didn’t remember that night.

Even putting his seduction of Victor aside for a moment, imagine how knowing what he was capable of as a dancer would have done for Yuuri’s self-esteem. Sure, he’d be embarrassed for a while, but I can see Minako pulling up pictures later, just to show Yuuri how damn good he is on the dance floor (and the pole tbh). Knowing what he could do would do WONDERS for his confidence even if that night was the last time he ever saw Victor.

But seriously, Yuuri, a 23-year-old who’s been to college in America, should’ve known better than to drink as much as he did. And honestly, even after all that’s happened in the show, even with Victor and Yuuri’s amazing romance, even though Yuuri learned that Eros and got that confidence from Victor, it still sort of breaks my heart a little bit that he doesn’t have a memory. Because speaking from personal experience, it’s still really nice to have that memory, so even if there’s some initial embarrassment, you can look back on that night later on and think to yourself; “at least I had a great time.”

SO. Don’t be like Yuuri. Pace yourself when you’re drinking, at least enough so you can remember what happened the next day.

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bruh guzma in The Sweetest Chill would be chill

It’s ya boi, Guzma!

I have mad respect for him for just being a villain for the sake of being a villain, it’s such a good excuse too.

  Give me a character and a pallet and I’ll draw it as I record it, I’m gonna gather a bunch up and hopefully have enough for a speedpaint comp.