I wasn’t even going to say anything, but Rucas shippers are so set on bothering Lucaya shippers, so why not kill their buzz a little?

One statement: Rucas isn’t endgame.

Now, I’m not really saying the Lucaya is endgame either, except, I kinda am.

I know everyone has their eyes on Zaya right now, and yes, Maya and Zay would look incredibly beautiful together but I’m not one hundred on that yet. I can’t just skip out of the Lucaya fandom after supporting them since the beginning.

But anyways, back to what I was saying.

I highly doubt Rucas isn’t actually endgame.

Why? Because of all the clues that point to Lucaya being endgame of course.


Now, this may not be much, but isn’t it a little strange that the actual couple and Lucaya were put into the same outfit and position? It isn’t that big of a clue though, so let’s just call it a coincidence, but coincidence, I think not.


Okay, let’s talk about this. When I saw this, I literally laughed. I couldn’t even stop that chuckle from releasing because come- the fuck- on.

This scene was taken place the first day both Riley and Maya met Lucas, on the train and in the same spot. As you can see, behind Riley and Lucas in the bottom picture, there’s a sign that says 2 Months Only, which one could see as to say that this whole relationship won’t actually last. But behind Maya and Lucas, the sign says New Long Lasting.

It’s either this has nothing to do with anything or the GMW writers are just smart and sneaky lil’ fuckers and I am all for it.


You can say all you want about the first two clues, but there is no way that this one is “just a coincidence.”

In pictures 1 & 4, Topanga and Shawn were speaking about Cory (obviously), in season 2, episode 21 titled “The Thrilla’ in Philla.’“ Pictures 2 & 3 broadcast a conversation between Farkle and Maya and a very similar setting (and clothing, for Maya specifically), in season what of which episode? Episode 21 of season 2, “Girl Meets Texas: Part 2.”

Who’s really going to sit here and lie to me and tell me that doesn’t mean anything? Salty Rucas shippers, that’s who.

I don’t even need to explain the picture for everyone to understand what I’m saying, so I just won’t explain.

And if that isn’t enough for you, let’s talk about this.

Rucas shippers love to talk about how Lucaya hasn’t even kissed but their OTP has.

You know what’s embarassing?

There was more chemistry between Lucaya in their almost kiss than there was in Rucas’ actual kiss.

That is literally hardly even a kiss. It’s awkward, and in a way, one could say cute. It’s adorable in the kind of way that I’d find it adorable if I ever caught my future child kissing his/her kindergarten crush. It’s that kind of cute.

But then we have Lucas and Maya, who’s lips didn’t even meet, delivering one of the most intense and the most passionate scene to ever be in Girl Meets World.

Sure, Maya is standing there looking like a statue because she’s nervous. But she’s looking into the eyes that are directed at her lips and the fire sets this mood and that scene was just tew much. Nevermind the fact that Disney totally cock-blocked, but it was absolutely beautiful regardless.

And that right there, is what a true pairing should look like.

There’s also the fact that Maya tames him, he tames Maya, she has amazing nicknames for him (which Riley does not, just saying), and they just look perfect together but, whateves.

Now, there are many other clues pointing to Lucaya endgame but I’m done with this post.

At this point, I hardly even think Lucas deserves Maya. Hell, nobody deserves Maya. She’s too great of a person for everyone, ever.

But I’m still for Lucaya.

And I rest my case.

Have a nice day Huckleberries.


When we first met, when your partner was sarcastic and said, “yes, ma'am,” you instinctively reached for your detective shield, as if you were protecting it.
That tells me you don’t like him disrespecting the chain of command. But you’re also loyal, so you didn’t say something to him. I’d say you were military, probably an officer. Praise in public, censure in private, right? You’re right-handed, but you have two different color pen marks on your left hand. I’d guess you have a toddler at home just learning how to draw. You don’t wear a ring. And you were quick to flirt with me, so you’re happy to let people think you are a player. But if i took you up on it, you would run for the hills, because you love your wife and you would never actually cheat on her.

April Ludgate or Character Development Done Right

Damn, is she talking about April again? Yes, yes I am. What can I say? We all have our faves. She’s my personal all time favorite character, and not just because she’s the perfect representation I need as a mentally ill young woman in search of herself. Another and maybe even more important reason why I love her so much is because her character evolves so much throughout the whole show and is an inspiration to me, as someone who was roughly her age when I watched.

What is good character development? Ideally, we want to see a character evolve and become a better version of themselves in a way that feels earned. No action should feel forced against the character’s nature, but there should come a point where you realize that the character from the first episode (chapter, film, etc.) never would have been able to act in such a way, and now is. Basically, it should feel organic, a narrative born out of the character themselves and that fits them perfectly.

In comes April Ludgate.

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Do you think the joker really loves Harley? Every one says he just likes the fact that he owns her idk. They said he cares for her but just not in love.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the JokerxHarley relationship, and while I think there is a shared love in their relationship, I am not saying that I’m right nor will I push my opinion on anyone else. 

Yes, I do think the Joker loves Harley. The problem with this whole debate is everyone is being very black and white about it. It’s either yes he does or no he just uses her. Not only that, but everyone is also too focused on bringing up Ivy and shoving that down everyone’s throats that it’s just become a straight up bloodbath. 

David Ayer himself said in an article that the Joker does love Harley, and that he’s trying to come to terms with these emotions and that it’s difficult for someone as twisted and abusive as him to truly express and understand love. Is that an excuse for abuse? Absolutely not, never. But I’m not excusing the abuse, I’m just saying that he does love her. Mark Hamill has also said, 

Expressing emotion in any way that’s real and meaningful is alien to the Joker, but he’s learning those parts of himself, however unconsciously, through Harley ” 

An abuser is capable of feeling love, believe it or not. Abusers are human too, and as someone who has been through multiple forms of abuse I can vouch that yes, abusers can love their victims and that’s what’s so messed up. 

There is an ownership dynamic between them, it’s been brought up a lot lately that in the movie especially (and in the comics) that the Joker and Harley have a daddy/baby sort of relationship (her collar with his nickname, he refers to himself as daddy, etc). This alone presents a very different relationship than what many are used to seeing. There’s a power in the dom and a power given to the little/baby. The Joker and Harley seem to have an established dynamic between them in this sense, but unfortunately the Joker still struggles to treat Harley appropriately. If the Joker just saw Harley as property it doesn’t seem realistic that he would waste so much time and effort into dealing with another person besides himself. Especially concerning the movie, he’s visibly distraught without her, and ironically becomes a hero figure in the end. Yes, his abusive scenes got cut, but even in the cut scenes he’s only abusing Harleen. Again, could argue that oh he fried her brains and stockholm syndromn-ed her so that Harley didn’t need to be smacked around as much. But but but, Harley also loves him and fell in love with him, or else she wouldn’t have agreed/dealt with any of his shit. He seems aware that Harley is a strong individual on her own, that she is capable of saving herself and not always needing him (i.e. car crash scene). He is not a hero. Yes, he did heroic things in the movie, but he is not a knight in shining armor. He’s a mental patient with a few pieces of metal taped to his body and a butter-knife as a sword. He tries, unsuccessful most of the time, but if he didn’t love her I don’t think he’d keep her alive this long or give as many shits as we’ve seen.

Honestly, nothing I say is going to matter because everyone has their own thoughts/ships/feelings/etc, and I’m not trying to convert anyone or claim that I’m right. If you ship harley x ivy, wonderful, harley x joker, great–it’s fine. You’re not a bad person for shipping the Joker and Harley. I could go on for like, four hours on this tangent and try to defend the Joker loving Harley, but that’s not the point. Multiple people directly involved with the Joker and Harley have said that he loves her. I think he loves her. Not everyone interprets or feels love in the same way, and in this universe the Joker and Harley are not supposed to be an okay relationship. They’re a fuck-em-up and fuck-eachother-up duo. Bonnie and Clyde in clown makeup. 

There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. Just stop trying to force people to believe your opinion. It’s a fictional universe, and not very much in any fictional universe is applicable to real life. Don’t apply this to the real world because yeah, you’ll get ‘holy shit this is fucked up and wrong who does/likes this??’ . 

Like, has anyone ever seen Twilight? Was that relationship okay? But people love the shit out of that, idolized that, etc.

Harley and the Joker are bad guys, which is why we’re quick to hate their relationship. But it also draws fascination because woah villains can like, love eachother? 

The relationship is a hot mess and I know Harley leaves him in the end, but I do believe he loves her. I know a lot of the abuse scenes were cut out of Suicide Squad but I hope, for the sake of seeing this more human side of the Joker towards Harley, that we see more of the non-abusive side. 

Anyway, that’s my thoughts. I could’ve added alot more/talked forever but it’s a fruitless venture and I just want everyone to respect each other’s opinions. Stop attacking each other. It’s kind of self-defeating, isn’t it?

I hope this was helpful or something. I don’t even know– it’s 7am.

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I love you're all "oh, there's no such a thing as big larries culture, we all know the same!11!" yet you and a bunch of others keep these kind of things to yourselves

When exactly did I say this quote that you clearly just completely made up?

Ahh, that’s right. Half past never.

Yes, there absolutely is big larries culture, but it’s ever shifting with people newly becoming “big” or falling off or due to inactivity or unpopular opinion. Its just another expression of the very human tendency to pack into social groups.

Further, there are LOTS of things I don’t tell the world but discuss with my friends, and for all sorts of reasons including that I am super aware that someone with a lot of followers putting an idea out there (good or bad, reasonable or not) can and HAS caused widespread fandom meltdown and actual emotional grief to some of our fandoms more delicate members.

I discuss things publicly WHEN AND IF
1. I have fucking permission to do so
2. It might actually be productive to conversation and not just dramarama 2001


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Do you think Karlie and Tay are in The Rock Mountain together?

Man, I hope so! I don’t want to say a definitive yes or no because honestly this whole thing is so back and forth that I’m not inclined to believe anything at this point haha. But I do think that it is a possibility, especially with what Karlie captioned her snapchat. It gives of some major vibes.. I don’t see anything that proves that stye AREN’T together there, so right now I am just going to be optimistic and say that it’s possible. I mean it’s been a while since the wives have gone on vacay together so it’s about time!

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I’m trying very hard not to use all caps because it would probably get annoying, but just know that I am still screaming (A LOT… too much probably)

Literally within the first minute it shows Jikook arm wrestling. Jungkook beats him (obviously ♥ lol) and then Jin offers to arm wrestle. Jimin, however, is already too embarrassed and says, “Just one loss per day, please.” BUT THEN 0.00001 SECONDS LATER, Kook puts up his left hand and Jimin reaches for it right away?? This moment turns into a 20 second montage (yes, I counted, lmao) of them wrestling and holding hands/touching excessively

And then… AND THEN the piggy back. Aka the best 2 seconds of the video. Jimin always looks so small around Jungkook, so the fact that we see koala Jimin make a comeback with him is 100x better tbh. A few minutes later, we see that Jimin has lost his phone (srsly someone tape all of his personal belongings to him, he’s a mess), so the boys use this as an excuse to do a hidden camera. Kook seems to be all for it, even giving a cute and dramatic preview of how he’ll react. Jimin walks in and everyone is playing their part, but as soon as Kook hears his name he barely even finishes chewing his food before he whips out Jimin’s phone, FOLLOWED BY THE HASHTAG #WEAKHEARTEDJUNGKOOK…. I MEAN?! Like I said in my response to ep 5, no matter how much Kook thrives off of teasing Jimin, it’s more than evident that he has a soft spot for him and knows his limits? In the end, he most likely felt bad because he’s lost his things so many times already and each time he either has to suffer through it, be pranked for it, or do something (i.e. dance in public) to win it back. Which is why I get so confused when people actually believe Kook “hates” Jimin lmao

Also, just going to conclude this long ass ramble to mention the Jikook twitter vid Jimin so kindly decided to upload (apparently he called Kook his PET? BYE), which also made my heart explode. They always make sure they stay at #1 on my list, rip.

yes, i am afraid.

As a (fairly) open bisexual, I would just like to say something. I am scared literally all the time. I’m scared at school, I’m scared at work, I’m scared at the grocery store, I’m scared at the library, I’m scared at my friend’s houses, I’m scared at Church, and I am scared on all of the commutes to all of those places. The only time I am not scared is when I’m either asleep, or in an LGBTQ centric space, and both of those are iffy because both nightmares and hate crimes happen.

I am always scared because even though I live in a fairly accepting community, there will always be someone who is homophobic. There will always be someone who is against “people like me”. There will always be someone who shouts the bad names and holds posters about marriage equaling one man and one woman. There will always be someone who would hold a sign saying that they want everyone like me dead. Straight, cisgender people don’t get that.

“Oh but I’m scared at the gym because there’s strong people there that could beat me up, I understand!”

No. No you don’t. You’re scared at one place, that you aren’t at 24/7, I am. I am scared all day and every day, 24/7. I am scare that someone will scream rude things at me, hurt me, or even kill me. I am scared because there are people that hate me because of something I am being who I can’t help but be, I’m literally just being me. The way I was born.

Ultimately, you have a choice on whether or not you want to go to the gym. I don’t have a choice on whether I want to wake up and be gay for the day. Stop acting like a moment of your fear can possibly equal what I go through all day every day, and if I have to hear one more time that my fear isn’t necessary and I’m just being paranoid, I will explode because honestly, I thought Orlando proved that it wasn’t just paranoia. This is a real and valid fear, if everyone could stop acting like it isn’t, that would be great.

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Rachael (dont know if I spelled it right sorry) IM FREAKING OUT so I was watching random vids on youtube and came across Sab and Rows Ustream on 6/29/13 and if u watch around 4:45 Sab says the quote tht Peyton has in every one of his social media bio's which is "don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" as an advice to aspiring singers and like AHHHH PEYBRINA was alive since they were young without them even knowing it!!! haha just sharing

OH MY GOD I remember that vine!!!! I loved it!!!! and wowowowowoowowoow FETUS PEYBRINA I am alive !!!!!!

ps yes you spelled my name right, ya cutie pahtootie xox

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have you seen the hallow on netflix? it's a beautiful piece of folk/fae horror set in ireland with some great squishy fungal elements as well!

Hey! Thanks for being so patient. I’ve been out of commission for a bit but think I’m 100(ish) percent now…and am finally catching up on neglected emails, asks, and all that jazz. Yes—I have seen it. I love the first half or so and think you’re absolutely right about its atmosphere and anchoring in location, as well as its use of the folklore and fungus (!! always a fan. ugh). I had to check whether I actually talked about it when I posted some poster art for it a while back or only grumbled in tags/deleted those shortly after, as I usually do. It was the latter, so I’ll just say here that I think it’s wonderful in its spirit and approach to the concept of the changeling (that’s some creepy stuff, regardless). It features some excellent concepts/takes on traditional ideas; however, I don’t like that it seems to have a sort of “split” approach and shifts suddenly from (some excellent) Folk Horror to an attempt at more ‘mainstream’ appeal. What I’m thinking of here is how it, at a certain point in the story, morphs into the typical ‘siege/chase’ and essentially drops any and all further character/story development and/or (more) thoughtful resolution. You know the trope: scared person runs frantically room to room, fighting *insert monster, creature, person or people with weapons,* overcoming unlikely odds, etc…and that would have been fine, I suppose, if it hadn’t felt like such a loss after the earlier focus on the lore and all of that atmospheric/location-anchored creepiness. That’s just my take on it, for whatever that’s worth, and I think it’s still a nice flick and well worth a viewing. Hey, I’ll give any turn towards Folk Horror, be it partial or full, a huge amount of critical wiggle-room—along with any film that’s non-reliant upon human-driven violence/crime, serial killers, “crazy” killers, and on and on for its Horror, for that matter. I won’t get going on that again here, though, since I’m sure I’m beating a horror horse or two at this point.  :D
Anyway, thank you for mentioning it, my friend. It is on Netflix, again, if anyone reading would like to check it out. It’s certainly worth a viewing. 
Nice rest of your week.

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GNR thoughts before the propose:
  • Steven:"This is the right thing to do. I want to be with her and only her."
  • Duff:"okay. I hope she says yes. Please say yes. I hate heartbreak. I couldnt stand loosing her"
  • Izzy:"am i gonna back out of this? No"
  • Slash:"I cant imagine life without her. Cmon, Slash. You can do it. I love her so much"
  • Axl:"Life without her is hell. How am I going to survive if she says no? I wont. Am I making the right choice? Everything is going to be fine. I need to stop over thinking things. Should I do this? What if she says no? Will she leave me? I couldnt stand that. She love of my life. She will say yes. We have talked about marriage..and she is for it. Alright, Ax. You can do this. Just pour your heart out to her. 1,2,3, GO"

Hey, you. Yes, you. You told me to write to you. And here I am, writing this letter to you.

I just wanna say thank you, for showing up and talked to me. You know how much I missed you, right? It’s been 3 years since I last saw you. And it wasn’t a time I like to remember. Since it was your funeral. You told me that you’re visiting me was kinda tricky. So can you do me a favor? Please don’t do it again. It’s not that I don’t wanna see you, I just don’t want you get into any trouble. You know me, you know I don’t like it when someone gets into trouble because of me. So please, don’t visit me like this again. You could visit me in my dreams, if that’s less tricky.

I really glad to know that you’re always watching over me. That you tried your best to protect me. And somehow, I kinda knew that you’re my guardian angel. It’s like I could hear your nags whenever I did something stupid. And if I can turn back to the time when you’re still here… I would cherished you more, I would listened to you more, I wish I could show you how much you’re meant to me, and show you how much I love you from the first time I got to know you.

You didn’t have to apologize for anything. I mean, I know you don’t want to left me like this. It took me some time to finally realized that you left. But hey, as you said, you’re not really gone, are you? Thank you. Thank you so much for still having that faith in me. I’ll keep that in mind when things get rough. I’ll always remember that you’re always there, watching over me. And I want you to remember that I love you. Always had and always will. Good night, my tiger.

Well, this is my reply, sort of. Someone I love left three years ago and it wasn’t easy to let him go. Thank you @cardlinaudio for made this video. I was actually wrote one for you, but this is way better, and neutral –mine was way too personal now I think again. Thank you and never stop creating, believing, and inspiring people.

With bunch of love, D.

so i just got back from a meeting with this woman who knows a lot about writing and stuff. 

so she knew i wrote fanfiction and she asked me if i wrote about anyone she knew and then she’s like “1D?” and i said yes and then the original woman i meet with at this place was confused so Sonny (the woman that mentioned 1D) explained who/what 1D is and she said “one member, zayn, went off to do his own thing” and first, i would just like to say i am so happy she worded it that way instead of “he left the band”

so after Sonny explained that to Liz, she turned back to me and said “then theres that one guy, Liam, who is dating Cheryl now, right?” and i straight up said “thats a publicity stunt” and she said “thats EXACTLY what i was thinking because it seems so weird”

then when the meeting was over she said “OH, i just remembered what i wanted to ask you. so you know how taylor swift and tom hiddleston are apparently going out? did you hear about the fanfic that was written about them years ago?” and i told her i had and then i said how i am pretty sure its a publicity stunt, she said she was thinking the exact same thing

like.. guys.. this woman is maybe in her 30s and she keeps up with all this stuff? i cant wait to meet with her again and to talk shit about one direction, babygate, the pr stunts, etc

I might not come back

Hello! Well -what the hell . Why the hell do I sound so happy when the damn title of this is “I might not come back” . So you know what ? Fuck it !

For the first time I won’t care about been happy because let’s be honest here . I am going through a lot of shit and I am scared . I won’t say what it is because I just don’t feel comfortable doing so . And yes right now I am having a brake down . Now I did not go to the doctor yet about my whole sleeping problem but when I think about it . I think my problem has something to do with my mental state of fear . Because I have done something so bad that I am scared .

I did something a mother would not approve of . And it’s not the fear of getting my things taken , it’s the fear of having to deal with a mother who would maybe feel shame , hate , anger and probably Wounder to herself what did she ever do to get a child like this .

And because of this thoughts because of this feeling and because of this shit I am in . I feel like I need to go for a while . Depending if she does ever find out and takes everything away from me . And I of course also thought about you guys . I don’t wanna delete this blog . I love this blog so much because I have met a lot of cool people and friends . So when I do leave it want this blog to keep running .

So this is where I am asking someone that I know I can trust fully , be able to take over the blog for a while . But I well still post . Until I leave .

Of course I would like to still be kept in mention in this blog . Because the fear of people not knowing who the real founder and people forgetting me is also one of those fears .

So if you are interested these are the rules you need to follow;

1 ) (MOST IMPORTANT) Be a sweetheart and try to make people laugh . Because I always loved when I know I was making someone’s day .

2) Don’t take shit from anyone . If they are hating , just sass them out .

3) Please do not be rude to one of my lovely followers if they ask something and try not to Akers much offence .

4 ) Try to be cheerful as much as you can and just have fun with it . You well end up loving everyone more and more .

5) Just be you , and people well still end up loving you .

6 ) please please , just please do not change the name of the blog . I would love to just one day come back and see that this blog is been just as it is and is still bring people joy

Well those are my rules . And I am thinking about picking 2 or 1 to run the blog .

And also make sure to have a name for yourself so people can call you because Dream-chan is taken gurl~.

God this is so hard to wright . I am literally crying because I don’t wanna leave . But I still wanna please you all .please say lovely . Beautiful , and keep been yourself . Because screw what other people think about you . You love yourself no matter what and if people don’t like that then they are just not worth for your shine . I am so glad to be friends with you all . I love you all so deeply because you guys are not just my followers and friends but you all are my family . And it does make me sad to know that a lot of you be hating on eachother . Because we aren’t different from eachother . Even if some of us are different Gender , have a mental or physical problem , are gay /lesbian / Bisexual / transgender /etc. We are all the same with just different appearances . But on the inside we are all people either feelings with the power to love . So please do know how much you all mean to me .

I love you all so much and I won’t forget you all at all . And please if there are new people to the blog , spread the word and love .

♡Dream-chan ♡

Ps . Please message me if you are interested in this role while I am gone .

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I have no clue as to why that anon did that I mean I bet demons can change their color completely if they so please am I right

(B): I- I mean.. 

(B): N-Not exactly..?? L-Let me e-explain..

(B): O-Over all, there’s a-a few colors that m-me and Bill c-can both be.. B-But colors are p-primarily b-based on mood.. s-so in Theory.. Y-Yes? 

(B): T-Though, that’s n-not to say I-I can just c-change my mood t-to look like Bill! I-If other ciphers c-could, it would c-cause a lot more issues…

(B): I-I would normally have t-to stick to my color, B-Basing mood on that.. D-Does that make s-sense? 

[[Swapped: 1/5

Something is driving me nuts

Soo that would be the most unbelievable thing you could never read but anyway… maybe I’m right and not just crazy. This is one of my first theory so sorry if I go too far.

I was watching Dynamite ( cuz at 2 am I can’t sleep ) and the teaser too. And ta-dah. I saw something pretty strange. I first watched the MV. In the Hyuk’s part, there’s an open door behind him ? Don’t you think about something ? Because I do.

Yeah, Hades teaser.

You can say « yes but HakYeon is going behind the door and Hyuk stay where he is ! » Ah ah little child, I’ve something in plus. First, HakYeon is going closer to the door, open it and enter before close it ( while looking at the camera in a creepy way ). Let’s look at the Dynamite teaser again. And then, you will see

Hyuk heading to the door ! We can’t see if go behind but anyway. We can doubt is not going to go back like « oh nope, after all I prefer stay here ». No way. So is it a coincidence ? Really don’t know.

And there’s an other thing in Hades teaser that hit me. But you don’t need to be really search a lot to reconcile. In the beginning, you can see some members in the wood. You don’t need picture to see which moment I’m talking about. And in Chained up… where did they just search the girl ? Oh ! In a wood. Wow, so strange. Maybe they were looking for the girls, after that they just lost in the way in a home for Dynamite and they go back in the wood at night ! Kiddin’ but I really think there’s a link beteween these two green aera.

Just to say, 90x93 noticed there where no candles in the candlestick of TaekWon’s scene in the Zelo’s teaser.I’m not really sure if it’s TaekWon ( I’m feeling guilty because of it. Not able to reconize TaekWon buhuh ) but then wow, there’s candle in the candlestick ! What does it mean ? I don’t know. Something happened ? Does the girl go back to him and so he prepare a dinner and but candle in the candlestick for her ?

Oh and did you noticed this little… plateform in marble is the same that Ravi is going too ? There’s this kind of sheet under and we can clearly see same material in the Ravi’s part.

And the last think is the wood. Yes, there’s almost everyone in the wood in the Hades teaser. And I thought about that :

Conception teaser

External image

Hades teaser

The brambles on the right of the Conception pic and in the left in the Hades pic looks similar. So what is that was the Chained up wood and the same in all this video ? I’ve watched again the conception art video. I saw some hints refering to Zelos sure. But this one is for Hades, I’m sure of it.

Something other is pretty strange to me. In the Hades conception teaser, you can see every members in the wood. Every ? Nope. Ken always still inside. He looks at chair, pointed the door but that’s all. We don’t see him in the end where all the members are. And if the people running with the girl was Ken ? There’s no way to be sure… Why don’t we see Ken outside ? Is he like an exception as HongBin in Error that is the only one really alive ( until he detruct himself sure )? I really don’t know what to think about it…

Sorry… now this is really really woobly ( more than before is possible yeah ).

If you watched the VIXX teaser conception, you may have seen some neon in the Ken’s part. And I’ve watched Dynamite and Chained Up again and again and I’ve noticed that neons are everywhere in these MV. Just decor ? Probably. But I mean, why there’s neon in the Ravi’s individual part o  Dynamite, under the big scene with glass flor on dance scene of Dynamite ? Yep I’m overanalyzing the things but we probably never know if this is truly done on purpose or not.

In the end, an other think caught my attention. I’ve ever think HongBin’s individual part of Dynamite seems pretty familar to me. And when I watched again the Dynamite MV, I finaly put my finger on it.

This pillars. Yes yes, in the grec mythology there where so much pillar I know. Just like in the Pantheon. But the material of the wall and the pillar makes me think about it.

Yes the Chained up pillar. ( And like coincidentally, after that, HongBin is the only one to turn is head from where the camera is filiming. ) They seemed long but not really large, like in Dynamite and if you look at the stone ledge, the material is rather like the Dynamite’s one. Oh and yes, this is not the same view because pillar are not next to HongBin. But let’s watch again Chained up teaser.

( This is the most shown I have ) Yes, this is not really the same structure because in the end of the alley, there’s the wood (?) But there’s pillar, you can clearly see it. And we don’t know, maybe the scene is take in the other side of this kind of corridor. Anyway, that’s really confused, I’ve prevent you.

So yeah. I think there’s more link that we can think. Sorry if I made mistake, english is not my first language and sorry for all these crazy theorie that probably don’t mean nothing. Hope you don’t bored too much with me… This is my first real post on tumblr so sorry if it’s bad…

Ok let’s stop this carnage.. poor VIXX what I’ve with all of it… Bye ~

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I'm sorry but i love this blog and i don't know who to ask about this, I recently hanged out with my two best friends, they are dating and i had seen the poly flag on my friends wall and asked just to make sure it was, I'm demi romantic and i really like them both and just want to be with them but I'm scared bringing this up will mess it all up and I'm just so scared they'll hate me and i just so upset about it am i just being crazy? I'm sorry to ask this but i have nobody else to go too.

Wow, love, that’s a toughie. I would say to probably ask them if they would want to be with a third person right now. If they said yes, then like to hint at yourself. Like say stuff how, you’d love to be like them and how you’re looking for a relationship. If they don’t work, just try to talk to them and ease through the awkwardness.

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Am I right in understanding you have to "learn" and teach yourself how to use your intercepted planets/signs?

Yes, that’s the gist of it…but it doesn’t become natural to the person until around middle age. I do recall @transcendicalprosperity saying something like sometimes a transit is needed to help activate things in the chart, like the north node or a house…I assume interceptions count

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Sorry but Orlando's interactions with fans are disrespectful to Gillian and David. It isn't right when he is asked if gillovny is really and he says yes. Sorry. I want confirmation too but I'd rather hear it from D or G. And if you look at his Twitter, he seeks attention with every fandom. His tweets are embarrassing and seem like they're mocking fans while ppl just freak out. He is a total attention seeker. I am not sure if D or G know what OJ is doing but I cannot imagine they would like it.

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, because I want to think he’s just a funny troll and not a mean attention seeker. He didn’t confirm Gillovny, I didn’t take it that way, actually, but at this point I’m not even sure we would recognize a true confirmation if we’d see one. Gillian was aware of Kimmel’s tweet, she was tagged in a few retweets, and I don’t doubt she was also on OJ’s tweet. And if not, I’m sure she and David have a good team of PR people who can report that to them, just like they do with us. So yes, I’m sure they know. If it bothers them, they’ll tell him and he’ll stop, but it’s certainly not up to us to judge his friendship with David or Gillian.
He’s a troll, he’d never hid it, so I just wouldn’t see too much in what he’s saying anyway.