Yes it is not right to throw things, I can not stress enough how rude and disrespectful that is.

But it is also not right to send hate and tell this girl to kill herself or to die. It is just plain wrong. That is absolutely horrible. She did something wrong by throwing things, but it was a mistake. She apologized.

I am not telling you to forgive her or believe what she says, I am saying if you made a mistake and got the hate she’s getting and got death threats you would not be happy.

If i were her I would be hating myself right now.

The boys always tell us to love each other and a lot of us are just sending hate and being really mean people.

Death is not a joke. Dont wash it upon anyone. People take it to heart. People could even get so upset that they would kill themselves.

We have to remember Harry will heal and he is strong. He is a great guy and I’m positive he wouldn’t want everyone to say this about her.

Harry might heal but I dont want this girl to get so upset that she would kill herself. There is not healing from that.

Please love one another!

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Just a question. I never talked to you before, not even anon. But I deeply think about you sometimes. I have friends who are trans, both boys and girls. According to what they said, it's always risky to do full transformation, may have an effect on your health, (especially) your sexlife. Have you ever thought hormone therapy is enough? Your health's not really perfect in the first place, I can say. After all you are more than just a boy in my eyes, don't need a penis to be a gorgeous gay guy.

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As I have mentioned before, modern gamers are thin skinned as fuck. 

“I think Let’s Plays are as dumb as watching sports”


It’s an opinion! I am not saying that nobody should watch Let’s Plays, or that anyone who DOES watch Let’s Plays are stupid, or lifeless, or whatever. Go do whatever you want, I just find it a silly thing to do. I find Let’s Plays stupid and a waste of time. I don’t think that gaming requires much skill most of the time. Yes, there IS competitive gaming, but a lot of Let’s Plays I have seen sure as fuck are not those. 

Calm ya tits, you’re literally making the gaming community look bad.

I determine if a game is good or not by watching segments of a walkthrough or clips from the game. If you need a Let’s Play to determine if you should buy a game, go for it. That’s your choice. 

I am not sorry for offending anyone with my opinion. Grow a pair

One day he says, “I am so tired,” and you nod. You say, “I’m sorry.”

This is how it is; how it’s always been. He shakes his head and you apologise for being the cause of his stress. Neither of you are wrong. Neither of you are right.

He says, “I don’t know what to do anymore. Are you happy?” You can’t say yes; and you don’t want to say no, just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean you want him to go.

He asks you, “does love even factor into this anymore?” And you think it must, it must, but all your problems revolve around something else - like arguing about undercooking the eggs; like getting jealous about their ex; like hurting them and not apologising; like always having to be right.

He holds you gently one night, he says, “am I the one?” You think, “I want you to be. Fuck. Don’t you understand?” You say, “of course you are,” and you don’t return the question. You don’t know what you’ll do if he doesn’t say it back.

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #240

It’s a really good thing I don’t live in Thedas or even a modern equivalent because I’m pretty certain I’d say yes to a desire demon in like 2 seconds flat

do u realize we will have a canon story of alec and magnus finding an abandoned warlock baby??? we will read about magnus immediately jumping in to help because a) he’s a precious cinnamon roll b) that’s basically what happened to him 

so magnus calls catarina cause she’s a nurse after all and he wants to make sure the baby gets proper care 

and they’re talking about what they should do with it right and magnus is going on about how maybe catarina could take care of it??? or lily and maia maybe cause they can’t have kids together??? yes??? 

and alec’s just sitting there playing with the warlock baby who’s skin is bright blue and he’s grinning this freaking huge grin and then out of nowhere he says quietly, “or we could adopt him” 

and magnus just turns to him and so does catarina and I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS THANK U CASSIE 

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cr1t is such a sweet soul. he's such a nice dude. he's just sitting in his space making these vids talking about nipples and shit. anyone else who jokes like him would be annoying, but on him it's so endearing.

TRUE tho, because whenever I hear people making similar jokes to his I’m just like “…okay you tried I guess” and then he can come along and say the exact same thing and I’ll be like “yes this is it, this is the pinnacle of comedy”.

anonymous asked:

my boyfriend just told me he wouldn't mind if I cheated on him with a girl and it kind of upset me because it invalidates my sexuality? am i right to feel like this?

YES. That is a completely valid response.

Honestly, it’s such a gross thing for any man to say. What he’s essentially saying there is that he wouldn’t feel threatened by you being in a relationship with a girl, but he would be if it were a guy. Why would he say something like that if he didn’t think female partners were somehow inferior or less preferable to male ones?

In my experience, guys who say things like that also don’t completely believe lesbians are real, they think they’re just kinky straight girls.


Lesbians are definitely real, I’ve seen one in the wild. 

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can advise you to keep an eye on that. If you were straight and he held shady beliefs about other sexualities, you could live with it and just try to educate him on the way if you felt it was tolerable for you in the meantime. But it’s your sexuality he’s ragging on by saying that, you’re his partner, and to me that suggests he doesn’t have the level of respect for you that he should have. 

schwarzerwerwolf asked:

Has the thought of "less SFW" drawings of Blue and Orange ever crossed your mind? Not saying you should do that (underage an all), but i am just wondering, since you had them make-out offscreen just recently.

Ah, always a funny subject. I am no way against NSFW stuff but I plan to keep this blog Somewhat family friendly (immature jokes and all). That said, I don’t think making out and suggestive material qualifies “less SFW”… Anyway, to answer your question, yes I have thought and yes I have done “less SFW” drawings. But I’ve kept those for myself.

I’d never publish anything out right NSFW here but eeeh… “less SFW”? K-15? mayybee? If you guys want. I mean, I love bad jokes as much as anyone else but I am also sucker for romantic tender crap. I dunno. It’s a thought subject for me because I think we all have a different idea what’s appropriate and what’s not.

It doesn’t help that the characters in game are 14-years-old but I did make my characters around 17/18-years-old for a reason.

“straight ppl can be so entitled tbh” more like please don’t lump everyone into your generalizations.

Unpretty Rapstar 2 Lineup RANT! (Hyorin as a “Rapstar” Rant Post to be exact ) Again

Everytime I see the lineup of that show and see Yubin ang Hyorin… especially HYORIN… I just can’t. 

Like, come on. People be saying that “She’s better than Bora” like Bora is Tasha LMAO. THEY BOTH SUCK. YES I’VE LISTENED TO THEM RAP SO DON’T BOTHER. I’m a fan of the girl’s vocals seriously but I am so embarrassed for her and her company that they made her do this and she agreed. UGH.


1.) Because hip hop and underground hiphop in Korea is booming right now, she fucking went with the bandwagon. So disrespectful to the music! It’s so disgusting because she DOES NOT ORIGINALLY rap. NO. I can understand Mino, Jooheon, One, etc because THEY RAP TO BEGIN WITH, but her? Fuck.

2.) And what the fuck is her company doing?? Don’t they have fucking enough money to scout someone from the underground scene? At least YG had the subtle modesty of sending trainees on these “competitions”. They did not fucking send TOP or Taeyang in SMTM. They did not fucking send Minzy. They sent a fucking trainee WHO RAPS in Unpretty Rapstar, they sent someone who hadn’t debuted yet (BI, Bobby) and someone who raps underground with Mino in SMTM. 

3.) And don’t you tell me that SISTAR aint “popular” yet, that they need the damn exposure because they won the best female group against 2ne1 and Girls’ Generation in MAMA. Oh, did SM send Sooyoung? No. Did 2ne1 sent CL? No. WTF.


5.) The sad part is, unlike SMTM, contestants in Unpretty Rapstar does not get “filtered”. They won’t get eliminated until ¾ of the fucking season.

6.) Yes I can blame Hyorin because she agreed. It’s not like she’s a rookie who’s a puppy to her CEO. Her group’s the breadwinner of her company. SHE HAS A SAY TO WHATEVER DECISION THE COMPANY MAKES FOR HER GROUP.

Blow People Away Every Time

I had a teacher who told us “When I come to an improv show, I am hoping to be blown away.”

He meant that he wanted the scenes to go further than he expected, that big amazing things would happen.

We had just done a scene in this class where a couple had gone to a casino and kept winning at roulette. Every time they bet, they won. And each time they went more and more nuts and got more and more specific about what they were going to do with the money. Each time, the roulette operator would wait a little bit longer before saying “23″ (which was their number). Funnier each time. And fun.

I am hoping to be blown away.

A good exercise is to do scenes where you want something amazing to happen. Go further. You can’t force it and just jump right to the crazy thing. It has to be at least kind of plausible. Instead you use yes-anding to go farther than you thought you were going to. To someplace high stakes and brave and emotionally true or emotionally surprising or something. 

It’s good practice to counteract playing things so real they are boring. We need and want things to HAPPEN. 

Fun! Life can be so boring. Improv should be fun.

anonymous asked:

why would you give sympathy to men? they're privileged, and the world tells them they're already rulers of the world. no need to pamper your oppressors


Sit down my friend.

I’m going to tell you something that is going to blow your mind. Are you ready? Maybe you need some water? Okay I’m just going to say it. 

Men are human beings too.

Human beings deserve SYMPATHY, LOVE, RESPECT, and COMPASSION. Acting as if men don’t deserve these things isn’t right. Yes, males are privileged. But they are still people. This means that they can do bad things or good things. They can do bad things with their privilege, or great things!

Treating men with compassion and saying hi, I see your struggle with body image, I feel for your struggle, I am sympathetic with body image issues, I have studied how much these issues can hurt you, etc. That is NOT pamper my “oppressors”.

That is me treating other human beings with the love and sympathy that they deserve.

BTS reaction to them using siri for the first time

Anon said:  bts using siri for the first time?

Jimin: *opens the app* 
“Am I attractive?” *smile*
“Yes” Siri replies
“I knew it!” laughs and gets excited

Originally posted by eyehealyou

Jungkook: *asks something,but there is no reply* *stares at the screen*
“What is this?” 

Originally posted by hugtae

J-Hope: *wants to see if Siri can play music*
“Siri,play me SISTAR’s touch my body please” he said and Siri plays the song
*starts to dance right away and sings along*

Rap Monster: He talks to siri about life and stuff and then Siri says something not funny *face* 

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

Suga: *opens the app* *says something and Siri says something stupid*
“Nooooooo I was just saying..-” *stops talking because Siri said something agan*
*Gets annoyed af*

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

V: *Siri says something funny*
“Ahhhh you’re so funny” *laughs* *Excited af*

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Jin: *clears his throat*
“Do you like food?” 
“Yes of course” 
“Marry me!” *screams* *gets super happy*

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jitsbeginner33 asked:

You are so fucking awesome! Are you drawing the whole comic?

YOU’RE awesome! :D
Well right now, uhhh, yes! Hahaha but I am just going to take it slow and have fun with it. I’ve been chatting back and forth with another budoblr member to give the idea a little solidity, humour and life and make it something everyone can enjoy~ At the moment it is mostly character design and concept jazz. You know, the boring stuff!

Everyone is so excited- I hope I can live up to the hype~! L(・o・)」

I love the deleted scene with Rumple and Regina in 4x11 I thought it was great. But I also loath is very existence. Sadly the line “I own her” spoken by Rumple is being used by the haters way out of context. Its giving them another excuse to call Rumple abusive and not worth the dirt beneath him. And frankly I’m pissed as fuck right now at all this shit. I am a Rumple stan yes, but I do call him out on his shit. So new flash haters just cos I’m a fan does not make me an apologist. It boils my blood to no end when people say I’m one just because I like him.

So I’m sure your wondering exactly what I’m going to be discussing today. Well a number of things really. I am sick and tired of a bunch of shit so I shall address it. 

Before I start I will say, if you like CS are a a huge Emma stan please do not read this for there might be some hate. Also for the record I am a hook fan as well *LE GASP* new flash people I can like hook and not  like CS and I can like hook and be a rumple fan. Kay we good? okay lets get started.

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Cyrus hesitantly opened the door to the classroom, behind him was a campus supervisor. He entered the class, and immediately felt everyone’s eyes on him. “Mrs. Yun, this is a new foreign exchange student, Cyrus.” Everyone began to whisper and Cyrus grew more nervous. The teacher pulled him towards the front of the class, “Oh, Cyrus! We were just wondering where you were at! You understand what I’m saying, right?” Cyrus answered with a thick Italian accent, “Yes.” Mrs. Yun smiled and showed him where his seat was. “Here, you’ll be sitting next to Poppy. She’ll help you if you need anything, okay?” Cyrus sat and still felt everyone’s eyes on him. He smiled at the girl next to him. Cyrus introduced himself to the girl, “Hello, I am Cyrus.” His accent was thick.

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💗 jack johnson bios 💗

• jack johnson is my baby

• when ppl ask what i want i just say: jack johnson, bitch

• fun fact: don’t speak to me if you aren’t jj

• aw, you’re cute. ew, you’re not jack johnson

• i’m a ordinary girl who loves jack johnson so fucking much

• what can i do? jack johnson stole my heart

• yes, i’m jack johnson’s girl

• excuse me but i am johnson’s girl

• i love being jack johnson’s girl

• i am sorry, i can’t listen to you, cause right now i’m kissing jack johnson

• do you love jack johnson? good lucky

• i’m a bad girl but when i listen to jack johnson’s voice, i become a good girl

• i don’t love you, i love jack johnson

• okay? no, it’s not okay, i want johnson

• this is an official johnson’s girl account babe

*like if you save/use © stuckshawn*