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Hello Sian, first I want to thank you for the time you take to answer all these questions. None of the answers seem thoughtless and done out of boredom. And second, why do you think was Carl the calmest person of all TF when faced with Negan?

Hi there! Thank you. I really don’t mind answering Asks at all (I’m just slow sometimes lol). I do put a great deal of thought into my responses. It’s only fair since people have been lovely enough to take time to ask and value my opinion on things.

Now, I am going to say right away that Carl ‘My Sweet Summer Child’ Grimes was the most calm of them all in the aftermath of what happened. Yes, I am certain he was as worried and upset as everyone else, but he demonstrated an amazing amount of restraint! Wow. Just thinking about it, I am still stunned by that boy. He actually has this frightening type of understanding of how the world is because he was raised in it. It’s like how Judith was quiet (for the most part) when they were out on the road. Children are just better at adapting to change in the world.

Carl knew what needed to be done in the moment and was ready to accept it. He kept his emotions in check. He did what was demanded of him and he was willing to sacrifice another part of himself to ensure that the people he cared about got to live.

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After Abraham, it was clear that that godawful sadistic prick (whose name I just can’t bring myself to mention) was serious. Then after Glenn, it was evident that he was a sadistic fuck and that none of them were actually safe.

I think Carl was thinking of revenge, but he was biding his time. He knew they had to survive the immediate situation and not let their emotions cause any more damage. Carl was very calculating in that scene and I was amazed as well as a little scared by it. He really is a product of the ZA and I am keen to see more of his story unfold this season.


Phan fluff: spooky week

It was the Thursday before Halloween, about half way through spooky week. Dan was sat in the office doing a liveshow, he had been getting a little scared since Phil had left to see his family for a few days and was glad to have the company of his fans. His hair was wild and curly and he was sat with Phil’s duvet over him keeping him warm, the younow questions came flooding in. ‘Do you miss Phil?’ someone asked.
‘yes! You don’t even understand how much I miss him right now, I am convinced that there is a demon in the flat and I need someone to hug’
The comments filled with people saying ‘aw’ and 'cute’ Dan giggled to himself. 'well anyway I have to go now, I just hope Phil comes back before I get murdered by a demon’ Dan laughed nervously and sighed 'bye everyone’ he shut his laptop and went downstairs.

As he climbed into Phil’s bed he realised how big it was without Phil sleeping there next to Him. There was a loud bang that came from the kitchen making dan jump out of his skin, there was no way he was getting up to investigate it on his own. He missed Phil a lot, although he tried not to show it in front of him he was hopeless without him (and also slightly terrified at this point). He looked back at the replies from his tweet yesterday, it read:

'I am convinced that there is some kind of monster In my closet and it isn’t Phil, @amazingphil please come home #PrayForDan’

Most of the replies were things like 'Dont die dan!’ and 'I’m coming to save you’ which weren’t really helpful.

Suddenly footsteps sounded from downstairs, Dan hugged his pillow hoping it would stop. They got louder. Dan got up and peeked out the door, there was a tall dark figure. Dan shreiked fumbling to find the torch on his phone and shone it at the figure 'Ah! Blind me why don’t you’ squinting and giggling, the torch lit up the face of Phil. Dan instantly dropped his phone and threw his arms around his now slightly blind boyfriend. 'What are you trying to do you scared the shit out of me!’
'Oh I’m sorry did you think I was the monster from your closet?’
'You read my tweet?’
'yes, why do you think I’m back so early? I couldn’t have you alone with a monster in the house now could I?’
'You’re so sweet’ Phil blushed slightly as dan kissed him on the cheek.
'now come on scaredy cat lets go to bed, unless you wanna sleep in the closet with the demon?’ They both Laughed.
'No thanks’

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Are you sure they're great parents? Have you seen the way they treat Riley?? "I want so badly to be proud of you."

Yes, I am completely sure they are great parents.

Let me expand on this. 

When we’re younger, we think that our parents have the Word of God (and in some contexts, they do). What I mean is, whatever they say goes, so we think that whatever they say, has to be the right thing. But as we get older, we realize that our parents are just human beings, like us. They make mistakes. Sometimes things they say to us are mean, sometimes they are uncalled for. Sometimes punishments are unfair and sometimes the way they treat us is selfish, or rude or possibly neglectful. They are humans, they have emotions, they don’t always make the right decisions and their words aren’t those of God, but really just their own personal opinions and beliefs about the world. 

With that said, are Cory and Topanga perfect parents? No, it would be asinine to write them that way. But they are good parents, and good people. They try their best, they are always there for Riley, always trying to teach her to become a better version of herself, always wanting her to believe in herself and always wanting to protect her. Do they  make mistakes? Sure. Do they sometimes say things they shouldn’t? Maybe. But all parent’s do that, and some do it a lot worse than Cory and Topanga. 

They are loving, and they are gentle and for the most part they are very fair. And for every questionable thing they have said to Riley, each of them has said or done 5 great parental things for her. And I think Rileys character is a testament to that. Is she perfect? No, shes a flawed protagonist for sure, but she’s kind, and understanding, and strong, and determined, and smart and unique and has a huge heart. People jump down Corpangas throats and say “Rileys flaws are all due to Cory and Topangas parenting!!” but what about all of Riley’s attributes? She has a TON of them. 

Not to mention, Riley is one “odd little bird” (as Shawn would say). And do you ever, even once, see her parents judging her for that, or telling her NOT to embrace exactly who she is? Or wanting to instill in her the courage and strength to be different and be successful and be her own person no matter what the rest of the world might have to say? Because I haven’t. I really haven’t. 

Cory and Topanga LOVE their children and quite literally dedicate their lives to making sure they can provide for them- both fiscally and emotionally. To see them written as any other way (like MJ EVER WOULD as far as authors intent goes), is just pretty narrow-minded to me and very selective memory based.  

There’s a new guy on our team at work. He’s pretty outspoken with his thoughts, and every time we’re trying to have a conversation, the second he has a thought he wants to share he talks right over me to say it.

At first I was trying to be tolerant because yes, he is slightly more technically savvy than I am, but he keeps doing it even after I’ve demonstrated that I at least have working knowledge of our system at work. Worse, because he’s so vocal, people keep turning to him for answers despite not having working knowledge of the system.

So now I’m just really irked at this, yet another example of how the world is socially biased towards extroverts who can be vocal over introverts. I feel punished simply because I choose to think first and speak second. It feels so unfair.

As a Caryler.....

I need to say that I am utterly dismayed at the state of the show right now. It disgusted me how Glenn’s character was treated before and yes during his death - it was just sensationalist torture porn. And I was never even that much of a Glenn fan! I just imagine how those who had him as a favourite must feel - not fair - not cool and not even remotely necessary. If Gimple ‘needed’ his character to die - seriously could there have at least been more of a backstory or attention? Yes I got that he was a kind soul and cared about his family (again even though I was never really enraptured with the character) - but could we and especially his fans be given more than this disgusting, offhanded afterthought? 

I almost feel that it’s not my place to hope for Caryl anymore (maybe because I am either worried that now it would just be a tacked on plot device for fan service or that they will just fuck this moment up anyhow - and to me it deserves to be so much more!)

Hopefully I will change back to being optimistic for Caryl - but it just seems the wrong time and place - So to the Glenn Rhee fans and Gleggie Fans I am so so sorry - for the immature sensationalist writing and the mess that this show has become…

The signs as letters between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West
  • Aries:"Do you really love me? Much? Passionately not reasonably?"
  • Taurus:"But I do adore you — every part of you from heel to hair. Never will you shake me off, try as you may."
  • Gemini:"I always have such need to merely talk to you. Even when I have nothing to talk about — with you I just seem to go right ahead and sort of invent it."
  • Cancer:"I wish I didn’t love you so much. No I don’t though; that’s not true. I am glad I do. I don’t know what to say to you except that it tore the heart out of my body saying goodbye to you."
  • Leo:"Yes, I am glad you miss me, even if it is ‘damned unpleasant.'"
  • Virgo:"You have no idea how stand-offish I can be with people I don’t love. I have brought it to a fine art. But you have broken down my defenses. And I really don’t resent it."
  • Libra:"The flowers have come and are adorable, dusky, tortured, passionate like you—"
  • Scorpio:"I wish you could live in my brain for a week. It is washed with the most violent waves of emotion."
  • Sagittarius:"You may have discovered entire new countries in your own soul."
  • Capricorn:"I find I get more and more disagreeably solitary; In fact I foresee the day when I shall have gone too far into myself that there will no longer be anything to be seen of me at all. Will you, please, remember to pull away the coverings from time to time?"
  • Aquarius:"I like the unreality of your mind; the whole thing is very splendid and voluptuous and absurd."
  • Pisces:"I suppose it is good for the soul to be hurt and perplexed perpetually. I know at least that I miss you damnably: that is a good fixed star."
Dialogue in Something Wicked.

Some people would have pushed the matter further, insisting. But Sam knows his brother, and he respects him. So when Dean says ‘Don’t’ Sam nods and keeps listening. Of course he doesn’t think it’s Dean’s fault. But he knows that this isn’t the right time to talk about this with Dean. 


This is me. From last year to now I have changed a lot. I’m starting to better understand myself and my gender. I used to have many friends who didn’t understand my gender. They’d say I was “making it up” or “is that even real?”. I remember sitting alone and crying because they couldn’t accept me or they couldn’t respect me for who I am. I’ve lost friends because they didn’t talk to trans people or didn’t make effort to respect me. It really affected me because I sometimes can’t look at myself in a mirror because of my chest. I still feel uncomfortable at times looking at it. Other times I see just me. A masculine Agender. Yes, that’s right masculine. Though I may wear makeup at times, it still doesn’t change my gender. I will not give it up because it’s “girly”. As I got to college I met people who really respected me and they’re so kind. I’ve made friend with people who are also nonbinary and can relate to me. I’m happy to have them in my life. They’ve made me more confident in who I am and I want to thank them. This summer I want to improve myself bodily wise and get the body that I want to feel even more confident in myself. To the people on here I have become friends with and also understand, I love you. You guys are awesome and I always enjoy chatting with you all from time to time. Hope you all have a great day.

Happy TDOV loves! ❤️💪🏽

~They/Them or He/Him


drake: hey sufy!

sufjan: Oh Hello Aubrey What Brings You To The Library This Luncheon Hour

drake: well, i just thought i’d check up on my best buddy! see how you’re doing! i know you’re busy with the spring recital coming up and all!

sufjan: Indeed I Am Busy… Serving As The First Chair Oboist Is Quite The Burden To Shoulder And I Would Of Course Rather Play The Cornet Than This Accursed Double Reed Instrument

drake: hey, i like the oboe! it’s… unique! just like you!

sufjan: How Very Kind Of You To Say So Aubrey

drake: yeah… haha so, um, you’ll never guess what just happened. i was in the cafeteria, and i saw rihanna waiting in the lunch line - you know rihanna, right?

sufjan: Yes Of Course Robyn Rihanna Fenty The Beautiful Charming And Talented Chamber Choir Soloist With Whom You Are Quite Enamoured

drake: yeah! well, i walked up next to her and… i asked her to junior prom!

sufjan: Oh… Congratulations Aubrey

drake: haha, well, there’s nothing to congratulate me about… she ended up saying no to me

sufjan: Oh Dear Me What A Dreadful And Unfortunate Turn Of Events You Poor Soul You Must Be Absolutely Devastated

drake: yeah… it’s a bummer all right

sufjan: If Only There Were Some Way I Could Ameliorate Your Suffering By Even The Slightest Degree

drake: well… there might be a way, actually… 

sufjan: Well Then Inform Me Of It

drake: i was just thinking, um… uh… well, i was kind of thinking that maybe me and you could go to the dance together?

sufjan: Oh… Oh My… Oh Aubrey I…

drake: like, only as bros though!!! just a guys’ night out kind of thing!!!!!!!! haha

sufjan: …Ha Ha Ha

drake: i don’t know, it was a stupid idea, sorry… you’re probably going with annie anyway, i shouldn’t have even-

sufjan: Oh No I Would Be Delighted To Attend The Dance With You… As Your Bro… What Are Best Friends For Anyway

drake: …oh! cool! well i guess i’ll… pick you up at six, then? we can stop at fran’s and get some burgers before the dance starts. this is gonna be so fun!

sufjan: Yes… Fun

So just Sirius who was raised in a painfully aristocratic household with the posh accent that entails, beyond being RP— actual pretentious posh— who learned very quickly at Hogwarts to tone it the fuck down because he doesn’t like the associations that come with that accent. 

But Sirius who gets upset or drunk or most particularly angry and suddenly his voice snaps right back to the accent he was raised with and the Marauders find it hilarious but everyone else thinks it’s terrifying because it’s like an audible slap in the face saying ‘Don’t you dare forget that I am better than you.’

And he doesn’t even mean to do it: he just can not concentrate on moderating his accent while he’s too emotionally consumed in something else/ pissed, but it is the slayer in arguments, his secret accidental weapon, and people in lower years have actually been known to whimper, bow, back away and say ‘Yes Sir’ when faced with it.

What do you want me to say? Yes! You’re right! We’re just one big walking disaster. And yeah, my life would probably be a whole hell of a lot easier if I just walked out that door right now. I know that. But the thing is, I already know that there’s not one fucking thing on the other side of that door could ever come close to making me as happy as I am when I’m with you. That’s why I’m here, because I love you. No matter how hard things get, no matter what shit life throws at us, there’s no where else I’d rather be. I want to spend the rest of my life right here, right next to you.

hello, im here to explain u a thing.

i am the creator of these

now i have seen my gifs used a lot while yall try and say baekhyun is hurting baby sehun here BUT fear not ive come to dispell these rumors. because thats what they are. rumors because everyone loves to hate baekhyun WOO!!!!

everyone thinks theyre quarreling friends fightin over a lover or somethin smh. YES baekhyun playfully smacked sehun on the side of the head, lightly, but theyre only playing. they do that on stage. frequently i might add, for our entertainment, and even in the mv

u see that?? yes that is a smile. but please sit down im only getting started

what yall are getting ur panties in a twist over: baekhyun “pinching” sehuns neck. do u see what i see? he had his hand fisted in sehuns hoodie, but he also accidentally grabbed a hold of his mic wire as well

now i slowed that gif down a little so u could see what is happening, this contact lasted for LESS than a second i know this for a fact i made these gifs and i watched every single frame


sehun adjusting his hoodie from where baekhyun had grabbed it

sehun adjusting his mic wire, yep thats what he was doing, not “rubbing his neck in pain”

couldnt see it? thats ok!!! im here to help and inform u guys so here ill close up and slow it down some


now stop accusing baekhyun of being abusive to sehun, im not rolling with it. im out

Anomaly #12: The Dipper

Anomaly #12, the Dipper.

I’ve been working on this little guy for a straight week now in my little scraps of spare time and he is finally completed! Finally I have something to take my frustrations out on when Dipper makes poor life choices in Season 2.
Yes! I have added several fun features to this little dipshit! Behold!


Did you think that one expression would be enough? How am I supposed to show the sweaty awkwardness that is Dipper with just ONE expression? So I made his eyes and mouth interchangeable with state of the art VELCRO technology! Mixing and matching pieces makes for all sorts of fun!


Well Alex Hirsch did say we do terrible things to the Pine’s twins up here…I guess he does have a right to be worried about us. Dipper is MUTILATE-ABLE. Judging by the events that have transpired thus far in Season 2, it looks like Dipper will be getting himself in a looooot of trouble this season. Dippers limbs are detachable using snaps. His clothing is also removable so that he can be dressed in other outfits if needed or wanted. His limbs also have wire in them so they can be moved and posed however you need.

Feature #3

Also have I mentioned that you can DISEMBOWEL this Dipper? Not only can you rip out his entrails but his huge torso wound is also good for holding stuff such as money, your cellphone, snacks…heck I was able to fit like 3 rice crispy treats in him.
However he cant hold Vodka too well.

Umm *cough* moving on…

Feature #4

Well I don’t know if this counts as a “feature” but I tried to make this Dipper as accurate as possible, so his birthmark hides under his hair, 

Feature #5

Hes really soft and makes an awesome pillow. 

Here’s some more example pictures as if this post was not long enough.

(one of my favorite expressions from Into the Bunker)

“Oh, what? Are you saying I’m not a male man? Is that what you’re trying tosay? I’m not male, I’m- I’m not a man? Is that- is that what you’re getting at?”

"Dude…you’re laying on my bra.”

Enjoy, expect more pictures of Dipper doing things I suppose.

What do you want me to say? Yes! You’re right! We’re just one big walking disaster. And yeah, my life would probably be a whole hell of a lot easier if I just walked out that door right now. I know that. But the thing is, I already know that there’s not one fucking thing on the other side of that door could ever come close to making me as happy as I am when I’m with you. That’s why I’m here, because I love you. No matter how hard things get, no matter what shit life throws at us, there’s no where else I’d rather be. I want to spend the rest of my life right here, right next to you.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes

Always #LikeAGirl advertisement. What advice do you have for young girls who are told they run like a girl, shoot like a girl, swim like a girl?

“Keep doing it, because it’s working. If somebody else says that running like a girl or kicking like a girl or shooting like a girl is something that you shouldn’t be doing, that’s their problem. Because if you’re still scoring, if you’re still getting to the ball on time and you’re still being first, you’re doing it right and it doesn’t matter what they say. Yes, I kick like a girl, I swim like a girl, I walk like a girl and I wake up in the morning like a girl because I AM a girl. And that is not something I should be ashamed of.”

I know people say these adverts are still trying to sell you something and are just using new tactics to do so, but I still feel that they make an impact.

Why can run like a girl also mean win the race?

The problem with shipping on The 100: the story that is being told vs the story that you would *like* to see

So, I have something to say. I know that it will likely get me into a good deal of trouble, because shipping is such a big part of fandom on Tumblr, and this is inevitably going to be controversial. All the same, I feel that there is a serious issue here that needs to be addressed, so I’m going to bite the bullet and do it for this particular topic.

In essence, what I’m going to say can be boiled down (for those who might get angry and not bother to finish reading) to the fact that simply shipping a couple - established or not - has absolutely no bearing on what the writers plan to do with those characters in the story. Your desire to see a ship become canon has no relevance to whether or not it actually will. The only thing that determines the fate of your ship is the choices that the writers and creators make for the story, so all this talk of how a ship definitively is “meant to be” or will be “endgame” based purely on the desire for it to be so is not only wildly incorrect but, to be brutally honest, it is actually deluded. 

Why am I saying this? Well, it isn’t to antagonize anyone, because I’m a firm believer that people can ship whatever they want. I can’t police - and would never try to - what it is that people enjoy about the show, but at the same time, it irks me as a storyteller to see people misunderstanding and misinterpreting characters’ behaviour and feelings based solely on their own biases and then stating it as fact. That those misunderstandings are then used as the basis for arguments that a particular couple will be the “endgame” for the show, even when there is a significant amount of canon, maintext development to suggest otherwise, is highly irritating and should not be tolerated or indulged in any way. 

What I’m saying here, essentially, is that as a fan of something, you have every right to ship whatever you want and to enjoy “subtext” that you interpret for that ship. What you don’t have the right to do, however, is to shrug off a ship that is canon and say that your presently non-existent ship is going to override the one that is being given significant focus simply because you don’t want it to be given that screen time or because you feel that yours deserves to exist. That level of entitlement is unacceptable and needs to be shut down right now. I’m sorry. 

Let me say this and be perfectly clear: you are not entitled to anything as a fan, and especially not just because you think that your ship is “meant to be.” Something like that - what is “meant to be” - is entirely subjective, and at the end of the day, the only one who gets to make that call is the creative team. If you don’t agree with or accept their decisions, that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to hate them, the actors, or the other fans. They owe you literally nothing. The level of vitriol that I’ve seen people throwing around is just inexcusable, and I think that people really need to take a step back and reconsider their actions, here, before they ruin something amazing with their misguided anger. 

I am tired of the immature, entitled whining that I see everywhere, because frankly, that kind of behaviour is not only embarrassing (for those of us who are mature enough to realize that this is someone else’s story and creative vision), but it’s incredibly harmful for those who want to make legitimate arguments for better representation. If you are pushing so vehemently for a heterosexual ship when the show is currently supporting an LGBT one with its main characters, please stop to consider the greater implications of that. Stealing representation away from people who desperately need it over a fictional romance (that literally has NEVER been established as a romance in the show and has been clearly stated to be purely PLATONIC by everyone involved) is so petty, childish, and downright ignorant that I really don’t know what to say to you. 

Stories and shows aren’t always about what you personally want to see (and in a lot of ways, shouldn’t be about that). Every now and then, something groundbreaking comes along and dares to push for change in ways that most don’t ever have the courage to. The 100 is doing that now, by giving us a female bisexual lead and a (we assume) lesbian partner of equal importance in the story as her counterpart. This is huge on so many fronts, from having two women in not just positions of power but of incredible responsibility to shape the world they live in and the lives of all those around them, to the fact that these women have a complex, dynamic, layered, organic, healthy, and yes romantic relationship with each other. When has that ever happened before? When has that relationship ever been so wholly and fundamentally tied into the main narrative focus of a show, beyond the romantic/sexual aspect? 

Clexa is groundbreaking not because they are an f/f ship, but because they are about so much more than just romance. Here are characters who stand entirely independent of each other, fully-rounded, with realistic and compelling character traits and flaws, who have so much to do in the main narrative of the show. Consider who they are: the leader of the Sky People and the leader of the Grounders - at odds and yet also having to work together to come to a point of having a shared goal and vision for their people. This season is a lot about the importance of unity, and they are the embodiment of that - both in the context of their personal relationship and in their political relationship. The reason why having them be romantically involved is such a brilliant move is that it adds such incredible depth to an already rich relationship and allows that romance to be shown in great detail, without detracting from the focus of the overall storytelling. (I have seen the claim that Clexa scenes are just fanservice, and for a response to that I must simply give a hearty laugh. Nothing could be more ridiculous than that utterly baseless claim.)

I’m going to say it again - because, perhaps, those who are used to seeing themselves represented in this way probably just don’t understand the significance of this specific relationship in this specific show for us - but we have LITERALLY NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE. Certainly not in a mainstream, popular, young adult show. 

I’m truly sorry that Clexa “gets in the way” of what you want, but The 100 has never been and will never be about what people want. It is about the story that Jason and his incredibly intelligent, daring, and revolutionary team of storytellers are committed to telling. If you don’t like that, do yourself a huge favour and just stop watching the show. Or, at the very least, be considerate enough to stop spreading your unfounded hate and bombarding Jason with your entitlement. He doesn’t have to give the LGBT this amazing representation either, but still he chooses to, and it would crush me and a lot of people for whom this matters so much, if you lead him to giving up on breaking this ground for us. 

This is literally not about mere ships anymore, and I’m tired of fucking stupid ship wars. (And for the sake of clarity, I mean both sides who engage in it are behaving stupidly, not just the one fighting for a non-canon ship.) Get. Over. It. Move on. Find a better use for your time. Go read the books, where Bellamy and Clarke live happily ever after. Read that special short story that Kass Morgan wrote for you, and flail happily about that. Even Kass herself is fully behind the Clexa storyline on the show (and said that she could not write a short story for Clexa for this reason as well), because the show’s universe is entirely separate from the books. The one does not dictate the other and they do not intersect beyond the initial adaptation of the premise and the characters. Stop acting like they do. I have read the books, and they are virtually nothing alike. 

Everything within the show’s story points toward Clexa being the main, central romance of the show, and there’s no reason to think that they would throw that relationship out in favour of something literally none of the people involved in making the show have ever wanted. Sorry. You are allowed to be upset that it’s not going to happen, but don’t you dare sit there and belittle Clexa or their likelihood of lasting on the show because of something you want to see happen. The whole point, since the moment they first met, has been to set up this huge, well-developed arc of going from a place of misunderstanding to a place of finding love in spite of all the obstacles and allowing that love to give them strength, and if you don’t see that, I seriously wonder what show it is that you’re watching. Because it sure as hell isn’t The 100. 

Finally, with this whole issue over Bellamy’s character development, too, I have seriously begun to wonder if Bellamy’s fans even like him, or if they actually just like this fictitious version of his character that they have put up on a pedestal. There is nothing rushed or forced about Bellamy allowing himself, in a position of vulnerability, to be persuaded into doing something terrible. He has always done this, and the only times he didn’t were not due to some magical maturity or ~character growth on his part but due to the fact that his respect and PLATONIC love for Clarke led him to defer to her choices instead. He recognized that she was the one leading them and allowed her to dictate what was right to do. His heart is in the right place, but his head never is. Without Clarke there to call out his bullshit, while he is suffering, hurt, and feeling betrayed and lost, yes, he can go along with a massively stupid plan. That is not ruining him as a character; that is staying true to who he is and how he conducts himself without someone to keep his worse instincts in check. Go ahead and write that off as bad writing if you want to, but I’m here to say that it’s bad criticism on your part that you think so. You haven’t actually stopped to think about who Bellamy is; you’re making this claim based on who you think he is. This is a pattern I see all too often with this show, and I’m here to say… stop it. You’re not doing anyone any good with this, at all. 

Basically this is me whenever these issues come up: 

(gif credit to ccomanderlexa - I hope you don’t mind, but I didn’t have time to make one myself.) 

Now, can we just all enjoy the show however we want and trust the writers to do what they think is good for The 100? Please? (For the sake of my sanity.)

What do you want me to say? Yes! You’re right! We’re just one big walking disaster. And yeah, my life would probably be a whole hell of a lot easier if I just walked out that door right now. I know that. But the thing is, I already know that there’s not one fucking thing on the other side of that door could ever come close to making me as happy as I am when I’m with you. That’s why I’m here, because I love you. No matter how hard things get, no matter what shit life throws at us, there’s no where else I’d rather be. I want to spend the rest of my life right here, right next to you.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes

“Grandfather, if love is an abstract concept, how could this sweater conceivably contain love ‘in every stitch’?”

“Sweet little Oddball, are you questioning my knitting ability?”

“…Yes?” Oddball blinked up at his grandfather. “Well, just your claim. 'Love in every stitch’…that just doesn’t make sense.”

“I am Discord, dear boy. Not making sense is what I do.” Discord ruffled Odd’s hair fondly.

“Grandmother Twilight says all things make sense, with enough research. She says that there isn’t anything in the universe that can’t be explained, eventually.”

“That’s why she’s no fun at parties.” Discord pouted, sticking out his tongue. “…Bleh. You’re definitely her grandson, all right.”

“You don’t have to be jealous of Grandmother.”

“Jealous?” Discord bristled. “Jealous of what? The way she…insists on completely, unfairly hogging you from me? Honestly, I don’t know why you enjoy spending so much time with her, Oddy. Is it the story time? The hugs? The fresh baked cookies and milk? The…the math lessons?” Discord demanded, with growing horror. “Don’t be manipulated, my boy! Your grandma Twilight might be sweet and snuggly and pretty, but I’m…I’m fun. Right?” Discord seemed to be talking more to himself than his grandson. “…Hence the sweater.”

Discord was shaken from his manic thoughts by tiny arms coming around him, and Oddball resting his cheek against Discord’s chest. “The sweater was unnecessary, Grandfather.” Oddball gave Discord a single comforting pat. “I love you already.”

Discord made a surprised noise that he quickly masked as a cough. “Er, ahem…yes.” After a moment, he returned the hug, sweeping his little grandchild up into his robed arms. “…Heh. My sweet boy.”

“Grandfather, your eyes are shiny.”

“…Nothing gets past you, does it, Smarty Pants?”


i get lots of requests for Oddball and Discord shenanigans so I promise I’ll draw more of that
discord wuvs his nerd grandbabbu even if he is a nerd
collab kinda with kilala97, who fixed a ton of stuff wrong in my initial crummy sketch
in my headcanon, Discord is an accomplished knitter, he learned how from lessons with fluttershy

pretty inspired by these suggestions from my friend RoboHeather:
-Oddball became the official target of Discord’s knitted gifts after he was born. Seeing his daughter’s precious, chubby, soft widdle ball of baby triggered something in Discord, and he grabbed his knitting needles like a man possessed. The next week Cupcake was horrified to find an overflowing box of sweaters, onesies, hats, mismatched baby booties, and…well, Cupcake can’t really figure out what the rest is. Still, it gives the old man great joy to see his grandson with his knitted monstrosities upon his person, and countless photos are gleefully snapped

-Discord was hit quite hard with a heavy dose of baby love when he first got to hold his precious grandson for the first time, and for once in his life seemed content to just hold the tiny infant quietly on visits. Though he’d tend to get a bit possessive of his time with baby and often entered in magical battles with his wife Twilight for first dibs on Oddball. And then would pout and sulk horribly when he lost

What do you want me to say? Yes! You’re right! We’re just one big walking disaster. And yeah, my life would probably be a whole hell of a lot easier if I just walked out that door right now. I know that. But the thing is, I already know that there’s not one fucking thing on the other side of that door could ever come close to making me as happy as I am when I’m with you. That’s why I’m here, because I love you. No matter how hard things get, no matter what shit life throws at us, there’s no where else I’d rather be. I want to spend the rest of my life right here, right next to you.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes