okay but pureblood slytherin students during both wars:

  • Having to be careful about every little thing they do or say during school. Unable to even mix with half bloods and muggleborns because of the fear it will get back to Voldemort himself and put their families in danger because they are always watching.
  • Making a pact they they are loyal to themselves and only that. There is no room for mistakes when your family has sided with a homicidal dark wizard who will not hesitate to kill you if he sees fit.
  • Being so conflicted because even though their parents have bred blood purity above all into them, they cannot see how the first year muggleborns are going to bring down the entire wizarding race.
  • Seeing children turn to soldiers too quickly because the mark on their arm and the emptiness in their eyes has taken what’s left of their innocence. 
  • Constantly worrying about whether those they know outside of the protection Hogwarts offers are still alive or not and the fear of bringing attention to them preventing them from sending an owl their way.
  • Nights that were once filled with heated debates in the common room now be consumed by silence because most students are unable to conjure enough energy to speak anymore.
  • Having vile looks sent their way in the corridors, and almost everyone assuming that you are a death eater already or plan on becoming one.
  • Learning the hard way that even the strongest students have their breaking point when it comes to the Cruciatus Curse and wanting to vomit when the Carrows commend them on their “talent”.
  • Desperately wanting to fight among their peers in the Battle of Hogwarts but deciding the label ‘coward’ is much easier to bear than the possibility of killing a family member.
  • Feeling that ball of dread and pure terror in the pit of their stomach when Voldemort comes parading back with the body of The Boy Who Lived who was their only hope.
  • Sitting their children down before they board the train to Hogwarts that if they are sorted into Slytherin that it is not a house filled with evil pureblood supremacists and that yes, they have done bad things but they did them to survive.