Why are many X-Philes a lesbian, like jesus wtf? I’m a guy and i’m obessed with the x files, but i’m not gay lol don’t take it personally lol i’m just saying you know, i feel lonely in a awesome fandom surround by lesbians who are desperately want to make out with scully as mulder watch in horror and try to make baby in some weird way, i’m just saying.
—  a clownish message from anonymous to Katie thexfiles

ok i’m pissed off. no one in this fandom has the authority to say whether or not ryan ross has a drug addiction, the fact you’re all using an extremely old photo, ryan’s dad’s addiction, the opinion that ‘ryan looks a little rough atm’ (which he doesn’t???) and the fact he’s not pumping out new music for you rn as evidence for this addiction is embarrassing to say the least… the fact everyone won’t stop talking about it is just sad- there isn’t any news about ryan so you make up your own!!!! i know this is a sensitive area but spencer smith. a good example of how none of you have a fucking clue what you’re talking about. there was no speculation about spencer’s health even though he was in the public eye (or well the fandom’s eye) struggling with this addiction and no one knew, we were all (including myself) very surprised. so idk maybe shut up and go do your hw or smth

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why are you such a jerk

I don’t think I am? Care to explain why you think that? (curious)

If it’s about that post about Sherlock please realize I’m apart of that fandom and just think it’s a little bit drawn out and overdone for what the show is worth. It’s a great show, one of my favorites, but I have been on this whole “2 year hiatus” three times now and honestly it’s just tiring and I just don’t care about waiting for the show or the characters anymore.

Etsy shop feature~

Every once in awhile we get suggestions or links to different Etsy shops selling cute SU related items. 

Today, we’re featuring Shiny Things by Miyuka

Suggested by WhatJamesDrawws, this shop sells some really unique and cute SU and other fandom related pendants and pins made from laser carved acrylic . I am a personal fan of the Garnet necklace as well as the Rose star

Definitely recommend checking them out. Perhaps we’ll feature some of their items in our next giveaway ;)

Have any shops you want to suggest? Let us know and we’ll check them out! 

June’s Members of the Month are [all true treasures in the Fitzsimmons fandom]:

  • lavendergaia- this wonderful darling writes truly amazing fanfiction that will give you all the feels (don’t read on public transport!) She also makes lovely gifs and writes awesome meta; a must-follow for any FS lover!
  • felicity-smoaking - another truly friendly fanfic writer whose works are absolutely fantastic. Don’t forget to check out her hilarious Parks and Rec/AoS mashups, wonderful gifs, and just overall awesome blog. 
  • blacklolitarose- she makes amazing FS fanvideos (an underappreciated art) and other works! Not only is this user super talented, but she’s great to talk to and is super supportive and friendly!
  • efhenstridge- this sweet adorable user makes some of loveliest gifs ever - you have to follow this blog! She also makes amazing Elizabeth Henstridge edits, and you know we could all do with more of those!
  • engineeringbiochem- this cute and amazing FS blogger is one of my fandom inspirations - she’s makes superb works and also has hosted a lot of fun things for AoS lovers. Definitely go follow!

Disclaimer: There are many amazing members in this network; unfortunately I only pick five a month to promote, and it’s a really complicated picking process (a lot of which involves randomization to be fair). Everyone will definitely get a chance to be promo-ed, so please please do not take it personally if you are not yet. Your time will come.

belindagreeneyes replied to your post: pinkiddo replied to your post: “Hinata…

Oooh, don’t you love how they’re so jealous of everything Sakura has? :D

Some people are even afraid of Naruto and Sakura interacting again, and I am laughing so hard. XD

The moment Sakura wakes up, these haters start to scramble. A few weeks ago they were more quiet about it, but when chapter 5 came out, they went nuts LMFAO Incredible. 

Ahahaha NaruSaku brotp threatens them sooo much. They pretend Naruto and Sakura don’t have a bond at all or that their bond is overrated just so they can feel good about it. Denial is not going to make your problem go away. I’m just saying.


Talking to honestlynatalie about my abnormal level of chill and this happened.  It mostly started out as a joke idea because I am just so chill, but like…would anyone in the fandom actually be interested in something like this?  I’m not sure what it would look like or what exactly I would do, but I’m open to suggestions if this is something people would actually find amusing and like to see.  Thoughts?

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In the comment section of the why youtubers hide relationships video, so many people are commenting tr0yler and im cringing. im really worried about how they'll react if tronnor ever comes out. ahh oh well, it's best to leave them be

Yeah exactly. that’s why i am so okay if tronnor never comes out, especially if they continue to publicly act cutely like they have been. I just don’t want their relationship to be a huge deal, i prefer when just our fandom is in on it and the people with their best interests at heart are the only ones who know whats really going on. idk thats just me, I want to protect our boys too much

I seriously follow lots of fandoms, but my dash is literally BTS and EXO.
Reblog and I will check out any blog that is mainly:
SHINee (can never get enough of them)
Monsta X
VIXX (super late cuz i never had the time to check them out…even though i already chose N as my bias LOL)
Block B

I am really SHINee, BTS, GOT7, EXO, and pretty much all other boy bands focused so if you’re looking for that..;D

“I feel like there needs to be more recognition for claudiaindarkness. I am not exactly in the VC fandom, but I have read IWTV, and Claudia Mun is SO in character, it is incredible. She can play sweet little Claudia, so conniving and cold, then switch to the beautiful and deadly Adult Claudia without making her muse out of character. Flawless headcanons, too. I love rping with her.”

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For real though I need to know if that was really a snake in your bedroom because I am also Australian and this is basically my biggest fear and until now I hadn't considered it a real possibility hahaha ha I wish I was kidding.

Don’t fear. It took a few weeks for me to figure out where the slithering was coming from but I figured out it was just in the walls, next to my bed. It didn’t enter the actual house. And mine is a very old, wooden one full of holes in the middle of the country. So it was special circumstances anyway.

Okay guys! Finally time to open commission! I’m saving up to remodel my room/ visit a good friend of mine at DisneyWorld! Sooo time to put this commission chart out there!!

About terms of payment- I have yet to set up a PayPal account. YET. I am discussing it and thinking it over with family to see if it is a good idea. SO. I will take money orders or checks through the mail! Old fashion. Yeahhh I knowww. I will update my Facebook page when I finally get around to the paypal thing if I do it. So look out for that!

To get your commission just send me a message on Facebook or Tumblr!

my Facebookpage is  this -

So if you know anyone who would like having one of my drawings please share! Thank you for your time!!

also please refrain from liking this! Thank you!

Teen Wolf Stiles - Doppelgänger

This was requested, here is the exact request “Can you do an imagine where you have a doppelgänger who kidnaps you and pretends to be you but you escape and fight. Every one figures out that you’re the real one because the doppelgänger’ eyes turn pitch black. Then you kill the demon and stiles (boyfriend) apologizes that he didn’t figure out that it was you. *extremely long request, sorry but I like explaining*”
Thank you for your request!  I hope you like it!  Don’t worry about sending in long requests the more detail the better!
Word Count: 1376
Requests are open, all requests are appreciated!  I am in multiple fandoms, please send your requests here.

You had been on edge all day, after that stupid dream.  You knew it was just a dream, but you couldn’t help being particularly jumpy.  Shadows seemed to jump out at you and you had the constant feeling somebody was watching you, however when you turned around, nobody was there.  You didn’t tell anyone about your dream.  It was a stupid dream really, the others would just laugh at you for being so paranoid and get on with it.  Except maybe Stiles, he understood you and would see that it really was bothering you.  He also knew just how terrible dreams could really be.  Even if he didn’t ask, he could sense that something was bothering you and stuck close to you, holding your hand more than usual.  It helped, but you couldn’t quite rid the feeling of unease.

You were just beginning to believe it really had been a stupid dream, and that you had worried all day for nothing when you stepped into your bedroom.  There she was.  You.  You didn’t scream when you saw her, you just froze as she grinned maliciously at you, darkness in her eyes.  “Well hello {Y/N}.  It’s so nice to meet you again.”  Her voice sounded so strange, like a recording of yourself.
“Again?”  Your voice came out strong as you clenched the door handle with a white knuckled hand.  She laughed and you flinched.  “Yes, don’t you remember last night?”  So it hadn’t been just a dream.  You wished now that you had told someone about it, your phone was in your pocket but you had a sinking feeling that if you reached for it you would never get it.  “Why are you here?”
“Interesting question, but one I’m afraid I’m not going to answer.  You’re parents will be home soon.  I can’t waste any more time.”  You took a step backwards just as she launched herself forwards, her arms reaching out to grab yours.  You stumbled for the stairs, your hand scrambling in your pocket for your phone and punching in the safety code agonizingly slowly.  You heard her breathing in your ear as you took the first two stairs in the same step.  Then you took them all in one step as she shoved you so that you tumbled head over heels down the stairs, the whole world spinning sickeningly.  You landed in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs and she stood above you, appearing to spin due to your dizziness.  “Night night.”  She sang before she brought her arm down and all went black.

You didn’t know how long it was until you woke up again.  The room was dark, you could barely see anything.  The room was oddly quiet, quiet enough for you to denounce that she wasn’t here.  Your arms were tied behind your back, around some sort of pole or post and your bottom ached from the hard stone floor.  You began to wriggle your arms about, pulling at the rope and tugging to see if you could pull your hands free.  The longer you were awake the more the room came into focus.  You seemed to be in some sort of basement, the only light filtered through from above, barely illuminating the grey, stone floor and tall beams.  There was a fine layer of dust over everything, and the place smelled stale and musty.  You coughed as you inhaled some of the dust and continued pulling at the restraints, your wrists rubbing painfully against the rope.

It took ages for you to finally pull your arms free.  You honestly didn’t know how you did it, you just seemed to manage to pull the rope tighter on one wrist so that it was slightly looser on the other and pull your hand through, from there it was easy.  You avoided looking at what you knew were red raw wrists and ignored the blood you felt both running down your arm and rushing back into your hands.  You set about finding a way out, stairs or a ladder or anything.

Once you got out and back to an area you recognized, you had no idea where to start.  Where would she be?  With your parents?  With your friends?  You decided the best place to go would be Derek’s loft, the pack’s mutually agreed meeting place.  

She was there when you arrived and you hesitated outside the door, fearful of the pack’s reaction before you entered.  The pack froze much like you had when you went in, their eyes darting backwards and forwards between the two of you.  She turned after the pack and let out a small scream when she saw you.  “Don’t scream at me!”  You shouted.  “You’re the one coming in here pretending to be me!”  She pushed herself into Stiles side and he let her, but didn’t wrap his arm around her, unsure what was going on.  “What’s going on?”  Scott was the one to finally ask the question and you turned to him, hands flung up exasperatedly.  “I have no clue.  She was in my bedroom when I got home, knocked me out and tied me up.  I have no clue who, or I suppose I should say what she is.”  
“I’m {Y/N}.  I don’t know what she is.  I’ve never seen her before.”  The pack looked baffled as they looked between the two of you.  She stood up, marching over to you.  “Don’t come into my life and try and steal it, leave me alone.”  She snarled and you raised your eyebrows, pointing at yourself.  “Me?  Come into your life?”  
She nodded and balled her hand into a fist.  “Yeah, you.  Piss off.”  She pulled her arm back to punch and you just managed to dodge, kicking out a foot and catching her in the shin.  “Leave me alone.”  You yelled, lashing out again and then jumping backwards as she readied another hit.  Instead of hitting you like you thought she would she leaped at you, so the two of you went rolling, screaming at each other.  You two were evenly matched in strength, after all you were in the exact same body although she had a little more practice.  Her fighting skills were better than yours, she landed a few good hits and you barely managed any.  “Piss of b*tch.”  She snarled venemously, her eyes flashing to black.  You shook your head and dodged another blow.  Her eyes flashed black more and more often as she got angry, her temper flaring vehemently.  Finally, they stuck black, scaring you as you saw what looked like demon eyes in your own face.  You screamed as she lashed out again, causing a trickle of blood to trail down from your nose.  The pack were watching in stunned silence, waiting to see what would happen and with one final push you shoved her off of you and onto her back, showing them her black eyes.  The pack rushed over to you when they saw them, the werewolves stopping to deal with her as the rest huddled around you, Stiles in particular was worried, shoving the others back to get to you.

“I’m so sorry babe.”  You pulled him in for a hug, ignoring his apology as you breathed him in.  “I’m so sorry I didn’t realise.”  
“Stiles, you couldn’t have possible known.”  
“I should have noticed.  You’ve been off all day.”
“It was me earlier.  I had a nightmare about this happening last night, I couldn’t shake it off.  She told me she caused that nightmare today.”
“I still should have noticed, I should have picked up on something.”
“Stiles, all that matters is that you saw it was me in the end.  I’m okay, you’re okay and she’s gone.  I forgive you, even though I have nothing to forgive you for, now forgive yourself.”  
Stiles shook his head against your shoulder and you pulled away.  “I’m not giving you any kisses till you say it wasn’t your fault and mean it.”  His eyes widened and he went to complain about it being unfair but you shook your head and moved to stand up.  He grabbed your hand and muttered.  “It wasn’t my fault.”  You grinned at him and murmured a ‘good’ as you leaned in to touch your lips to his.

I have like six students and I just want to be like, “Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, but try very hard not to need anything because I was going to try to write some Kristanna feels today for the first time in forever so I don’t get run out of this fandom.” 

Buuuut I am a professional. 

Akayona school AU

yona and shin ah are freshman high scholars. Yoon is senior in the middle school section.
Hak is a second year along with kija.
Jae ha and zeno are teachers. The music sensei jae ha always find trouble with the history sensei zeno who likes to attend as a student and hang out with the happy bunch in classes (being eternal 17).
Soo won is the school principal’s son who runs the school instead of his father who is away in business. The PE teacher han ju do and the physics teacher kye sook are known to be his crew.

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When you’re feeling sad- Drabbles/Headcanons KBTBB

A/N: So I’ve been feeling down lately and stressed out so I have decided to make this shitty writing piece and I hope albeit being shitty, that you like it or something I don’t really know, I’ve never written in this fandom before, AND posted it. XD

Also I didn’t do anything for Soryu because I already felt unsure about writing this in the first place, and also he’s a character I find difficult to write; more difficult than the others, (I am trash) 

(long post is long so yeah keep reading ;p)


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Hey there, so I have a long silly question. So my girlfriend is a furry and I am not, (but it fits in with out lifestyle no problem), and I am so inspired by her character that I am changing a book I have been working on for years to base it around her character. However I don't know a heck of a lot about the furry community so I am sort of doing research. Would you be able to give me a hand?

Sure, I’ll do my best to help! Here is an article I believe to be accurate and has some good sources to follow-up on:

FYI most of us aren’t sex fanatics or anything. Just in case you had heard about that stereotype. Furries who partake in activities such as that are generally younger than furries who don’t contribute to activities such as yiff and cybersex. I’m also sure you’ve heard of us being into zoophilia and whatnot, but in multiple surveys less than (if not) 1% voted they were into that.

I just hate these stereotypes. They’re just so inaccurate and it makes us look bad. But, according to the Wikipedia page I linked, several reporters have gone to our conventions and noted that we aren’t ‘sexual deviants’ at all, but rather people who want to get together and have a good outing. Maybe people will soon learn not to automatically connect us with cybersex and zoophilia. I’ll be happy when that happens.

If you have any other questions, even unrelated, feel free to ask!