Update on My Best Friend

Hi, guys.  So… I’ve kind of stopped using Tumblr, as you probably all know.  But behind the scenes, I was still talking and writing and freaking out about fandom, and that was all with Desi.  @kbvibes was my best friend and, while I miss her terribly, the grieving shouldn’t be just for me around here.  

She passed away on Tuesday night.  I was the last person to talk to her on the phone.  She was in good spirits.  She lived a good life.  We said goodbye.  I didn’t know it would be for good.  

For now, that’s all the information/details we’re willing to give.  

I am in touch with her family, so please let me know if there’s anything you want me to get to them.  But please respect their privacy as well. 

With her family’s permission, I’d like to keep the legacy alive.  We had written so much within the Hedwig Verse and I will continue to post on her behalf.  We’ll start with the one-shot that we were both proudest of.  I hope you like it.  

If any of you are around for White Rabbit on Monday or at Elsie next week, please let me know.  I’d love to meet up with you and talk about my best friend with you.  

I’ll post the one shot soon.

Thank you all for the support during this time.  She was as good as my sister and I don’t know how to continue without her.  

Desi, Shorty.  I love you so much.  You rest well, my friend.

I’d just like to point out Paul referenced hitting a woman, created FT, and called a woman a cunt. He also yelled at everyone.

Corey laughed about a goat being burnt and has said homophobic comments. He said Nat was sleeping her way to the top. He is riding Nicole’s coattails.

Vic made comments at the beginning of the game about the women’s weight and appearance, etc. He was a FuckBoy.

James has said something problematic I am sure.

Yet most of the fandom is stuck on calling Nicole a whore who is playing the same game as BB16, falling Corey around and riding a dick to the end. While in the meantime Corey is actually doing the same thing and riding her coattails but no one says that about him.

The fandom is stuck on Meech who is an over emotional problematic person who said something about Paul’s religion and has body shamed and slut shamed before.

Oh and let’s not even go into how much they hate Natalie for her slut shaming Z, saying some comments toward James about race, and putting Paul on the block/talking about religion/sexual harassment claims. Yall keep saying she is using James when she keeps saying she likes him and has shown no evidence of the contrary. Meanwhile no one questions James’ intentions.

Yall are so obsessed with talking about how problematic the girls are that you idolize the guys (minus Corey and James???? But you’re still more forgiving of them).

I’ll be the first to say they’ve all done problematic and shitty things but don’t be unfair toward the women because you are blinded by funny men running around. Vic won his way back, Paul is funny, and they’re playing good games but they’re not perfect and don’t act like they’re better than the girls KK.

Hello my dear followers, it is I, Sam and I have not abandoned you all. I forgot my password and email, got logged out, and yeah you can say I was gone for a good bit because I had no idea what my information was but BEHOLD, I AM BACK. We shall now go back to constantly being spammed with SuPernatural goodness yess? Good.

SO I recently got to 600 followers which is like WOW you all are amazing. 

And to thank all of you lovely people, I am doing a giveaway!!

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And if this doesn’t get at least 30 notes this never happened.

(Please don’t let this flop guys please)

Can I just say how incredibly proud I am of Resbang participants this year?

I see so many people signing up for the first time, stretching themselves, putting themselves up for a challenge, excited and already making friends on the Discord chat.

I see so many people who have participated in the past but who had to drop out because life got in the way, perhaps really really tough things like losses or depression or crises, who are being so immensely brave and signing up again, who are rising to the occasion and not backing down, who choose to move forward and conquer.

I see so many people who have done one Resbang in the past push themselves to do more than one, to select a lofty goal and set themselves up for success, who are getting ahead and getting organized.

I am just so proud of all you, and I am so thrilled to see such an awesome fandom come together, and I am so excited to see what this year brings. You are all amazing, and thank you guys so much for making this such an incredible event.

Y’know, if I were an adult in fandom who was looking to get close to a bunch of kids and teenagers for grooming/manipulation/power game purposes, I’d totally do it by being a Protective Fandom Mom/Dad in a fandom aimed at young people.

Set up a blog about how against the various problematic ships in that fandom I am, how the other adults in the fandom clearly aren’t taking the concerns of younger fans seriously, while I obviously DO take them seriously because I’m not one of those gross problematic adults.Maybe help the young people lead a witchhunt against other adults to drive them out of the fandom.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did that at all.

there’s a post going around saying to rb if ur a safe DC/batfam blog and I won’t reblog that one for personal reasons but just to make it clear that I am. 

I don’t support any pedophilic, abusive, incestuous ships (including any ships between the batboys) and I do my best to tag everything appropriately and safely. Both in & out of the DC fandom. I don’t want u guys to think I’m avoiding reblogging that post bc I’m hiding something or bc it doesn’t apply bc I know a lot of mutuals have reblogged it.

legendarydragondefender  asked:

u know when a fandom has been around for a while and then the show goes on hiatus for a while and once the fandom runs out of serious stuff it starts to get a bit crazy and make shit like Shrek AUs??? VOLTRON STARTED LIKE THAT (i love this show & its fandom)

i appreciate it,,,,,,,,,but look what we;’re dealing with man,,,,,,,,,,,u gotta draw the line somewhere,,,,,,,,u gotta drwa the fukCing line in the sand dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,u gotta make a statement,,,,,,,,,,,u gotta look inside urself and say, “what am i willing to put up with today?” nOT FUCKING THIS

anonymous asked:

The "Shorter lifespan" Kanou mentioned in this chap is just killing me about Kaneki T_T

Ahhh it really doesn’t apply to Kaneki ;w; please do not be worried. 
I am going to find the time to write about this in details. With all the misconceptions and somewhat out-of-context scientific information that went loose today all over the fandom, it should be sadly extra detailed and this is going to take some time.. so please be patient, but do not worry!

I am thinking about making a masterpost with chapters, because there are plenty of things to explain. Of course I have to write down everything then upload it all at once in respective posts, then make an outline post with links to the specific chapters… I think.

anonymous asked:

I am somewhat new to the Overwatch fandom. I don't actually play the game but I absolutely love the characters and I'm just wondering like ???? Where McHanzo came from??? No hate no hate it's a really cute ship but I feel like I'm missing out on something here?? Is there like a particular reason why it's so popular, other than its just really cute??

I honestly have no idea who started McHanzo. I just remember one day scrolling the Overwatch tag and someone posted some type of art piece of it and it got super popular.

How Far Will It Go?

How Far Will It Go?


Pairings: Crowley x Reader

Warnings:  Angst! Fluff!

A/N: I know this is a short part to The Truth Comes Out, but I am working on the third part. Work has me working 10hr days 5 days straight so it’s a little hard getting my thoughts on paper. Anyways, enjoy and keep in mind, requests are open.

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“All right! Let’s charge out there! Ah, I’m alone? Well, it looks like I’ll call upon some friends!”

Searching for Koei Roleplayers that wouldn’t mind to roleplay with a Ma Dai!

Returning with a new blog (previously known as artisticallyoptimistic) after a couple of years of being inactive! I’ve been writing seriously since 2007 and am searching for some new faces in the fandom. Please make sure you read the rules and about the mun before interacting!

Semi-selective blog! I’ll have a few samples of writing up as soon as I can!

see,  these   past  few  days  I’ve  been  feeling  quite a  bit  down. I  don’t  believe  myself to  be  the  best  person,  quite  considering  I’ve  lost  a  few  friends  here,  and  I  don’t  consider  myself  a  great  writer.  I  have  so  many  low  points  on  tumblr  and  oh  boy  does  it  spike  up  my stress.  but  I’ve  realised  why  I  stay.  yes,  friends.  yes,  meeting  people.  but  the  anchor  that  keeps  me  in  is  my  love  for  spidey.  to  do  right  by  a  character  who  was a  vital  part  of  my  childhood. so  I  might not  be  the  best  writer  out  there. I  am   very  canon  divergent  and  thus  don’t  feel  welcomed  by  fandoms.   I  might  be unfollowed  by  many  mutuals,  but  all  in  all,  I  stay  because  I love  peter  parker.  I  love  this  sassy  dork  with  a hot  body  and  hotter  skills.  with  a strong ass  moral  compass  that  even  inspires   ME  to  do  better.  and   not  one  bad  person  can  take  that  away   from me.

itsrevydutch replied to your post:Considering that certain people are celebrating…

Honestly Silk is one of the worst people in the fandom and im glad she’s gone. Are we going to forget the time she tone policed RM on race issues????  Like she was ignorant af but didn’t apologize for half the shit she did. She was terrible and honestly I am fight anyone who defends such a gross human being.

I’m not forgetting. I was witness to, if not part of, that massive argument (I forget the details, but I do remember reaching out to both of them afterwards.) I agree that she’s ignorant and doesn’t apologize and is very resistant to learning. That doesn’t mean I’m going to sit here and celebrate a real person struggling with mental health issues. I’m not going to say “good riddance” or anything else that sounds like a subtle nudge toward suicidal behavior. You can focus on the “gross” if you want, but I’m gonna focus on the “human being.” 

PxS week: Saturday- Silence or Power

Sansa Stark is one of the most powerfull mutants in the world. Her phoenix powers are getting out of control and she’s affraid that power will be her doom. What if she accidentaly meets politician Petyr Baelish who turns to be a very powerfull mutant-manipulator who offers her his help. He helps her, but why? Because of his blossoming feelings for her or because of the power he can get by doing this? 

Ok, this is my first au art and i am not very good, but i mean, it’s a start :D I just wanted to be usefull for my fandom :D

daisyofgalaxy10  asked:

And here I am asking again. I'm considering writing fanfiction for Carrie x Quinn but don't feel strong enough to post it without anyone beta reading (I'm not a native speaker). Would anyone be so kind and point out where I can look for betas? FF net doesn't look very promising. Yes, I have some experience as a fic writer but for Doctor Who fandom. Thank you in advance.

Hey Daisyofgalaxy10, our resident fan fic queen Crux01 would be more than happy to beta anything you would like to throw at her!