this is going to be mushy as hell but I just wanted to say that I am so utterly in love with Aaron and Robert, I am in love with their relationship, I am in love with their love, I am in love with the way Emmerdale love them, and I am in love with the way ED give them so much screen time. I am in love with their devotion to them as a couple and I’m in love with the way the show loves and appreciates us fans.

us fans

I am in love with this fandom, the Robron fandom, I am in love with the talent and the writing and the art and the meta and the way we can all freak out together and celebrate this story and this ship and this wedding.

I am in love with the journey we have been on over the last two years, whether you have been here from the start or before the start or after the start, I am in love with the fact that you’re here, that we’re all here, and that we’re all doing this together.

I am in love the fact that somehow we have made it. we are getting a wedding. Robron are getting a wedding. tomorrow. 

I am in love with how blessed we are that we’re not only getting a wedding, but we are getting so much promo, interviews, spoilers, articles, so much airtime, so that this feels like a huge event on a level that is huge not just for us fans

and I am in love with the future we have ahead - that Robron have ahead - because even though it’s going to be dark and heartbreaking at times, the show has such a devotion to this couple, which is why they are giving them these storylines.

and I am in love with that. because so many people have their faves get pushed to the wayside with nothing to do for months, and we don’t have that.

I am in love with how lucky we are, even if sometimes we don’t feel like it, we truly, truly are.

we have been given a real, genuine gift. this….what we have, it is rare, it doesn’t happen all the time, and we are very very lucky to be a part of it.

and I am just in love with all of it. even the shitty parts. because nothing is perfect, and nothing ever will be.

but I am in love with the fact that this is as perfect as anything possibly can be, and that our ship….our boys…..they’re going to be a messed up, imperfect little family in just a few days.

and they’re going to have a messed-up, imperfect little wedding.

and it is going to be beautiful.

and I know this is cheesy, but I am in love with that. I am in love with them. and while I know it’s not always going to be easy, I don’t think any of us really want easy.

I think we want messed up. with them. forever.

Is it just me or do many (and with many I mean, like 90% of content I see) new hetalia askblogs not care about nationality/culture at all and just use the character for whatever fantasy AU they have in mind? I mean that’s still cool, but I just noticed how the sheer amount of dragon/alien/mlp AUs just drowns out the cultural/historical part of the fandom. Even looking at hetalia blogs that try to capture the whole fandom’s creative community they reblog mostly random AUs.

I am not saying this is bad! It’s great to see new people trying out new things. I dont wanna sound like a bitter old hag here and I am glad there’s so much new content out there.
However, it would be great to see askblogs where the character’s nationality still matters. Just little hints of cultural identity. I think it would give the fandom back some purpose and have less people become disenchanted by the concept of hetalia as soon as their AU’s popularity decreases.


This has been a ride to remember. Disappointed SC aren’t together, but more disappointed that this reveal was done in such a low manner. I blame myself because after WS came to this fandom and Jess was treated so badly, i really thought that Sam was a victim as well. Stuck with another fandom troll, but one of high profile. Even after Jess and others left, still nothing from Sam. He did a great job ignoring. Love him as an actor, but as anything else he just seems to have fallen short.

This reveal was like teenagers dealing with responsibility. How hard is it to say something to your fans, besides vote or donate. Check out my IG and guess who I am with now.?

Some will stick this out. For myself I will not ship Sam and MM. I admit I dont like her actions, especially to her ex boyfriend Billy. No matter what happened between them, he did not need to be humiliated by MM on her IG during NYE. His nose was rubbed into their relationship and even taken to his IG. It was wrong in every way. You dont have to know someone to see how they treat others.

After three years of waiting this out as a fan, this is the best Sam could do? No he owes us nothing with his real life and how he lives it, but the innuendo and the constant GASLIGHTING of fans was really wrong. No matter what anyone says or thinks, it was what it was and manipulation was all over this fandom even during times MM was not around.

We don’t know the complete situation with Cait, but we do know she wasn’t innocent in this. She did say during the IFH that it was all for show. Whatever it was really fooled a lot of us.

WS is still trolling through this fandom and treating fans like shit. Sam has let him take over his fandom and I doubt he will ever get it back.

I need to remove myself from all this negativity and constant misdirection. I will come back once in a while. I know i will miss everyone so much, but this has been a sad place this last year.

i wish Sam and Cait the best of luck. I think this long wait till September is not going to be good. Now with this reveal some will leave, others will join in. I think the joy and enthusiasm that was here during the first Season and even the Second will not be as great. I will watch the show, but I know it will have lost that wonderful spark it used to have. The books will always be there for us to remember what it should of stayed as.

RDM and Maril are moving into new projects. I don’t think the show will get the TLC it deserves.

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I haven't seen anything on SM calling Sam out or anything. I don't see how it's a big deal right now. I know some that I follow are upset and so am I rightfully so but I don't see anyone taking him to the wood shed anywhere. Maybe I'm missing something but he might not even know that we all know and are upset. That's the beauty of Sam right? Acts like he knows everything but really knows nothing.

The beauty of Sam is actually the opposite - he acts like he knows nothing, when really he knows everything that goes on in this fandom. Does he know every single blogger or twitter handle? Of course not, but he knows who the main players are. He knows what is said and he knows when people are upset. He’s a lurker and he’s a people pleaser. That is not a combination that always works to his benefit.
Homespun by ModernOldShop
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If I see one more cla*ec post I am gonna end up cussing out this whole fandom

Alec lightwood did not stop his wedding to be told he was bi.Alec lightwood did not kiss magnus bane to be told he had a attraction to Lydia.The ONLY canon alec have is HIS GAYNESS AND MALEC.I repeat MAGNUS AND ALEC IS ENDGAME.ALEC’S SEXUALITY IS GAY AND ONLY GAY.Us Malec fans have worked way too hard to spread shadowhunters only using a canon gay ship.DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS.Let me break it down for you.Imagine plain cheese and pepperoni pizza.Mostly all shows have plain cheese pizza.But there Is the exception of those shows that do have pepperoni pizza.Okay now imagine cookies.Let’s imagine having a 9 mountains of Oreo cookies symbolizing straight characters.Gay people has about twenty sucessful chocolate chip cookies (and we are happy about it).If you take one of our chocolate chip.You leave us with 19 while you add to your mountains.In conclusion just leave Alec alone he IS GAY

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I'm so happy with the figures released/shown off this time around (even if I'll never be able to afford them ;-;). That Japan figure looks amazing even without color (and Pochi is adorable <3), and Germany looks really good. I'm also pleased that one of my other fandoms (Utapri) is getting new figures. I believe the last time they did figures for that series was for the original six guys, so it's nice to see some others get some love.

It’s a great time to be a bishounen fan, that’s for sure.

I don’t even play Touken Ranbu but I ended up buying MIkazuki’s Nendo, and am really tempted to get his scale because he’s gorgeous. I’m glad that not only are companies chugging out these characters fast, but their quality has been great for the most part.

10 Day Robron Challenge: Day Ten

I can’t believe we’ve made it guys. Happy Wedding Eve! Honestly I am so excited for tomorrow I can barely contain myself. I have given up all hope of sleeping tonight! Anyway…

Day 10: Moment you fell in love with Robron

So, this is the precise moment I fell in love with Robron:

I fell pretty hard, pretty fast. Just like Aaron, let’s be honest! 

Despite living in the UK I’d never seen much of Emmerdale. I was vaguely aware of Aaron’s coming out story and the Jackson death, and I definitely fancied Danny Miller way before becoming Robron obsessed, but I’d never really given Emmerdale a chance. My nan lived on a farm and the farming community seemed like a pretty boring premise for a TV show. I know, I know - how wrong I was!!

And then the video of this kiss came up on my suggested videos on YouTube.

And I think I watched it roughly 7,000 times in a row. I was just captivated - the passion, the angst, the aggression, the jealousy, the way that they looked at each other. Jesus. Considering Danny and Ryan barely knew each other at this point, their on screen chemistry was just amazing. This kiss is so hot, as is the way Aaron just follows Robert upstairs with no questions asked.

When I saw it, it was somewhere around the time of the Robert shooting, and I immediately rewatched their whole story and fell in love. It was a pretty difficult time for them in the show, so I kind of watched the live eps as a casual viewer for a while. Then the bench-in-the-park scene happened, and the reunion happened, and I became full on obsessed with them all over again. I lurked all over tumblr for a good while before finally deciding I needed to get myself a blog and join in with the flailing! And can I just say, it was the best thing I’ve ever done - I’ve genuinely loved getting to know all of you on here and I’m not sure there’s a bunch of people in the world more lovely than you lot. 

And it all started with two horny lads fighting on a staircase!

Can I just say a massive thank you to everyone who’s joined in with this 10 Day Robron Challenge - I’ve loved seeing all of your posts and hopefully it has helped to keep you a little bit less on edge whilst counting down the hours until tomorrow! Thank you!

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Am I a bad person if I really hate transgirl pidge? I'd 100% be behind it if I didn't internalize super hard that pidge was dfab nonbinary (like me) and all trans girl pidge posts feel like misgendering... I love that everyone in the fandom widely loves and accepts a trans hc but feel horrible every time I see she/her for pidge and then feel even WORSE bc I'm disagreeing with a widely held headcannon for basically no reason...

I don’t think you’re a bad person for wanting nonbinary representation/ wanting characters that you identify with, though I feel like saying you //hate// trans girl Pidge is extreme and… not great. I understand that nonbinary Pidge is important to you, but Pidge is canonly a girl. And while she hasn’t been confirmed as a trans girl in canon, it’s been heavily hinted at. Just as nonbinary Pidge is important to you, trans girl Pidge is important to a lot of people as well. Headcanoning Pidge as nonbinary, even if it’s because you want representation, still erases her identity. 

A bit of experienced words for us who felt like giving up their ask blogs:

Starting out is difficult. Persistence is even harder. Heck, if I legitimately kept up with my blog before the reboot, I’d have celebrated my 1 year anniversary a while back. But I didn’t count it. Hear I am, a year later, grateful for the little I have. So here’s my advice.
There’s no hiding behind it; you have to interact with others, if you desperately want to meet new people. Everyone is just as scared as you are, and hardly any of us would approach each other, so take the initiative. ANYONE would love to be approached. Have courage to talk to someone, it’ll mostly always end positively, and if not try again.
If you really like the fandom you’re in and LOVE your characters, stick with them! You’ve got to perservere through the lack of asks, and if you feel as though your story is going nowhere, pick it up yourself and let people see the potential of greatness you hold. You’ve got to be patient with people sometimes, and let them see why they should follow your story or why they followed in the first place. Allow your characters to shine, and try not to place your dependency just on asks.
Last of all, just don’t give up. If you’re experiencing personal problems, and it interferes with you updating, then by all means take that break! We’ll all be waiting for your return, cheering you on, because you matter. If you feel that the problem is the blog itself, it in no way labels you a failure. You’re growing, you’re changing, you’re getting better! No one stays the same forever, so it’s certain your style and tastes will change. Again, if having the blog is something you loved, give it some time to come back a refreshed person. Doesn’t matter how long you need, you’ve got all the time to wait, and so will we.

Take care ❤

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oh god this fanfic trope meme is a dangerous one I feel. But I'll go for it. "OH NO THERE'S ONLY ~~~ONE BED~~~~ WHATEVER WILL WE DO."

You’ve got to love classic old fandom tropes, right?

I would absolutely write ‘oh noes only one bed I suppose we must share it’ because it’s an oldie but a goodie. CONTRIVED REASONS FOR SNUGGLING, my one true weakness.

And yes, I am indulging you on this, but I would write it for Miles/Nick because come on, imagine it: they have to travel for a court case that’s a little ways out of town. It’s late, there’s only one motel that doesn’t look like they’ll be murdered in it, and while it’s probably not appropriate to share a room with your opposing prosecutor, whatever, they’re tired and desperate to go to fucking sleep already.

Nick insists on Miles having the bed since he drove. Miles rolls his eyes and tells Nick to get in the damn bed already, he doesn’t want to face a tired and inadequate opposition in court tomorrow, he needs Nick to be awake and at his best.

They’re at an impasse. They sigh, and share the bed.

Miles is screwing his face up at the cheap blankets, which Nick’s trying not to laugh at.

Nick shrieks because jesus christ, Miles, your feet are cold.

Are you seriously trying to hog the blankets, Wright.

It’s only fair because you took the one non-lumpy pillow, Edgeworth.

They fall asleep bickering, they wake up cuddling, Maya takes twenty different photos when she bounces in to wake them up.

They speak of nothing at breakfast that morning.

(reupload cus i noticed a few mistakes)
alright so still shy about uploading this here and idk why but seriously i put 4 days of work into it dammit
this is my offering to the ghost fandom: a ‘night on bald mountain’ inspired drawing of papa emeritus III. i used chernabog as a reference for almost everything (shading, wings, background, even the rock lmao), though i made the wings too short but i was running out of room on the paper ): lol
idk what else to write here djshdf i hope you people enjoy this either way

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Thanks for the drama and the discourse. This fandom was getting boring with no new material.

hahahahahahahahahahah what drama? hahahahahahahahahah 

Seriously, there is nothing to worry about, there is no drama and I don’t start any discourse hahahahaha. I swear, I’m having fun here, I thought it would be more tragic? It’s true, but I am eliminanting the most of the inbox because I realize that human ignorance is infinite hahahahaha.

I do not want to look like a drama queen, okay, yes I am, but not today.

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Top Ten Movies

I was tagged by @goingtothetardis and @lizann5869 to list my ten favorite movies. Thank you for tagging me! This is in no particular order…. basically because I have no idea what I’m about to say….

1) Avengers (the entirety of the MCU, actually)

Originally posted by marveldcuniv3rse

Because I love them all and can’t pick just one, that’s why. MCU got me started on being involved in fandom, not just holding it to myself like some kind of secret. 

2) Harry Potter

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

I was about 5-10 years out of the target audience when these books came out, but that didn’t matter. They sucked me in anyway.

3) Deadpool

Originally posted by ivanv

Because Deadpool, that’s why. 

4) Dirty Dancing

Originally posted by amo-vintage

Yes ma’am.

5) This Is Spinal Tap

Originally posted by taliajaeartwork

This movie is BOTH. Endlessly quotable (I do it all the time)…love this movie with my whole heart.

6) Coming to America

Originally posted by krazeamaze-blog

This movie is a masterpiece. Glorious. 

7) Music and Lyrics

Originally posted by kingdomofanicequeen

It’s a cute, predictable movie but its one of my favorites. 

Speaking of Hugh Grant….

8) Love Actually

Originally posted by ellajames213

This needs no justification. 

9) Overboard!

Originally posted by yurishark

I feel no shame. 

and finally - 

10) All the Christopher Guest movies

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If you haven’t seen any of these, you need to do so now. 

So there you go. Insight into my dark and twisted mind. 

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


oh. oh.