This whole hating Taylor thing is so dumb.

so I’m not a full on Swiftie but I’ve gotten up to speed with this whole drama thing and ya’ll need to chill. People are getting mad over Taylor yet what did she do? I’m not picking a side but while you all are arguing over who you think is the victim and telling PEOPLE (not accounts they are actual people) INCLUDING TAYLOR (aka the reason you’re all here) to die, YOU’RE BEING A BULLY. You’re bullying Taylor and everyone is screaming at each other, but I bet if all the swifties who posted #swiftieswanttaylordead were to meet Taylor, would that say that to her face? Yeah I’m guessing not. If you were in the same room as all these people that you’re telling to kill themselves, would you say it to their face? Don’t you dare fucking lie because you know you wouldn’t. And if you would then have fun burning in hell because thats where you belong.
This next paragraph may not make sense but I kind of have an outside perspective I guess? Since I’m a hayniac a lot of people I follow are also swifties so I see what’s going on without being actually a part of it, and from the outside ya’ll look fucking ridiculous. I’ve had a tumblr for almost two years and this fandom was so sweet and uplifting and just the nicest people ever. There was occasional drama but it was like minor low key stuff. Then when Taylor first joined it was so cool, then people started getting jealous. People got nasty and people from outside of tumblr came on here for attention which I can understand to a certain extent, but come on people. Don’t make her AFRIAD to interact and be with her fans.
Taylor is not a perfect person, no matter how much you want to think so shes not. I think sometimes people forget that in any fandom and they expect their idol to make every right decision but sometimes it’s just impossible.
I understand people have been deceived and lied to, but theres two sides to the story and I feel like some people aren’t even looking at the other side since Taylor isn’t “supporting” that side I guess you could say.
Like I said before, this fandom has changed SO drastically in the past couple months and it’s like no one is happy anymore. Taylor coming on here has been one of the best and worst things thats happened. And did you ever think that her management made her stop? Maybe they had to literally force her off the computer because people were making death threats and it was getting popular. One thing she saw could’ve been the straw that broke the camels back and it was unfortunate timing. Don’t put any pressure on yourself.

I don’t know if any swifites will see this and it’s kinda weird ranting about another fandom but I just thought I would put in an opinion from the “outside”. I would also like to apologize for anything I said wrong/misinformation that I gave.

aka i found this gif in my undertale folder and i’m gonna see how many times i can say ‘cool’ in a post

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≫ so this entire blog was a 3 am decision and golly gosh, it’s one that i didn’t regret for once. here’s something i thought i’d never say: “I’m having a lot of fun being an old guy.

≫ blah blah sentimental stuff aside, you’re all cool, so i’m gonna type out your urls while sleep-deprived and hungry to show you how much i care. ❤

[ But honestly, thanks everyone. This is the most love I’ve gotten out of all my blogs, and I’m havin’ a blast. ]

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I’m sorry, I’m lost in the worst part of Youtube. This song is called “Nei, så tjukk du har blitt” (”well, haven’t you gotten fat”) and is sung by Ole Ivars. This should replace the Norwegian national anthem tbh

Lyrics in English so that everyone can join in on this gold:

You will have candy, you will have chocolate

Well, haven’t you gotten fat?
Yes, you’ve really gained weight
And you who used to be thin as a splinter
Now, you’re as fat as a christmas pig
Well, haven’t you gotten fat?
You really should lose some weigth
Are you okay? How are you, haven’t seen you in a while

I love the good stuff in life and I’m a bit to fond of food
I guess I should work out, but I guess I’m to lazy
And with a few pounds to much I get tired of
whowever I meet, they always will tell me

One night I met an old friend
He patted me on my belly and chuckled quite rough
Is it a boy or a girl? When is it time to give birth?
Yes whoever I meet, they all gotta tell me

One thing gives me comfort, I can lose weigth
I pity them whom are born with too little common sense
So to you who teases, it would be nice to find another topic
when you’re about to tell me

 No more candies, no more chocolate
Throw me a carrot