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I went through my camera and I’m going to go ahead and say I have some great selfies from the past year. And I had like 10 to choose to show that might have gotten notes or whatever. But I deleted every single one of those just so I could show this to the Internet. Behold.
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Love your ARTIST week.

Well… I am not sure where to start because there are so many talented writers and doodlers out there, like where do I start? Now I don’t want anyone mad but my list is long and I for sure can’t get everyone down, so I am going to tag the people that have really made my Tumblr life FUCKING AWESOME( pardon my english) but Maker ya’ll are awesome. And to every other artist I did not tag know that I like your work too and you have made my Tumblr life as AWESOME as these people but I got to show my peeps some love. 

ladyyennifer: Bro we are bro-married and your work is awesome, I love your style and like to see how your drawings have gotten better and better since middle school….. oh god bro we have know each other since middle school. 

kinkokitty: DUDE. For once I am not too busy with calibrations, haha. Any way I love your doodles and I like how you except me as the mermaid I am. Plus your doodles are beautiful and your mermaid doodles are on my wall of awesome with so many other artists. I Should Go.

mynoodlesdoodles: We really only met like a week ago in class but we a buds and now you are stuck with me. Your doodles are the shit like words do not do your work any good, your drawings are just awesome and I am jelly….. even if they are doodles that have Garrus in them and you let Kaidan die…… your art is amazing…. now we just need a copy of Mass Effect 4 and we can use it to smack Nick. haha. 

noodle-noggin: Maker where do I start here? Like I love your work so much, but I think you know that. haha.. We have not met and I am happy to call you my friend, like my first Tumblr friend for real haha. If people have read this far into this post and DO NOT KNOW WHO NOODLE-NOGGIN IS……. WELL GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER AND FOLLOW THIS NOODLE! *computer HUGS noodle-noggin*

cerulione: PLEASE KEEP DOODLING MORE hahaha I love your work, everyone starts somewhere and your off to an amazing start! I like seeing how people evolve with their art and your work gets better and better! Please please please keep it up haha you are too awesome to stop. :D

thesecondsealwrites:AWWW YAAAAA! I am like tooo happy you found my blog again haha, anyway like I love your work. I wish I had more time to read your stuff BECAUSE IT IS SOOO FREAKING AWESOME! EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOU! haha PS: I will be having a break at school soon and I will be going through ALL my fave writing blogs and be reading fics, yours is at the top of my list.


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 Well, what you have to do is screenshot your home and lock screen to show them off~ big surprise, mine are Kai ^^; I actually need to update it, I don’t change them often like every thousand years or so~ haha so here it is~~

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I am so not looking forward to the official photos. The only pics of them together will probably be from their talk and the rest will be of them not even in each other's vicinity. Remember when Alma said in the stupid show that she thinks they'll realize how close they are when they're not so together every day? Well, I guess she thought wrong. :(

I was actually thinking how, at this point, if they actually post photos/social media stuff with each other tagged or in it, I’m going to believe it as a response to what’s going on in the fandom (because apparently T/S/Kurlawes are actually keeping up with what’s being said?) and not as an actual, free-willed post. 

I personally do not believe that Tessa and Scott are ‘falling out’ or ‘growing apart’; I just think that this trip happened at a peculiar time when something was (is) clearly going on that we don’t know about. I’m just curious as to what that exactly could be (and honestly, until further notice, I’m just going to assume that they finally hooked up and now it’s awkward) (step aside, dubemoir; I’m taking your place. :-)) x

I really don’t know what the hell all ya’ll doing to keep getting penises across your pages. 

As someone who’s thinking about dicks literally every other thought of the day, and looks up porn on a pretty regular basis, I very rarely run into porn unless I am SPECIFICALLY looking for it. This is without any blocked posts, no blocked sites, no blocked tags or words or keywords or any sort of censorship. 

And yet I only run into it when I specifically go digging for the sites that I know show that content and prominently are involved in it.

The hell are ya’ll doing.


Thanks for the tag babe, I’m finally doing it, look!

1 SONG; Ophelia by Zella Day keeps getting stuck in my head so let’s go with that. 

2 MOVIES; I’m still so high key about Mad Max that it’s getting kinda ridiculous now so I’d be lying if I didn’t put that in and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t also include Taken 2 seeing as it was Emily who tagged me in this :P

3 SHOWS;  Empire is bringing the shit I do like every single week so yes. My love/hate relationship with PLL rages on unabated and I’m still not over last week’s episode of MMFD. Enough said.

4 PEOPLE;  Keef for always. He’s the ultimate life ruiner but Zoe Kravitz continues to emotionally compromise me almost daily. I gotta say Trevor Noah because I’m so excited that me and the wifey have tickets for his stand up and Drake because I finally heard a song of his the other night (and because I’m basically his emo sister aesthetically let’s be real.)

5 FOODS;I don’t wanna write an essay but I had this bubblegum flavoured Calippo at Legoland and it was honestly one of the nicest things I’ve ever put in my mouth. ALSO DRUMSTICK SQUASHIES! (I would sell my soul tbh and yes I’m aware of how much of an adult I sound rn) Um…what else? I’m living a Peanut Butter M &M appreciation life not just currently but always ngl and just because I need some actual food on here, let’s take a moment to talk about how I’m literally just this moment remembering how good garlic stuffed olives are and how much I miss having anchovies on pizza to the extent that I’m considering reconciling with a friend who wounded me just because we could split that shit.  

6 people to tag;  I better actually do this and not be lazy since I’m back from the dead so um maryawrites, styrofoamsouls, bumblemumblejimjamz, allthesedamnbees, pettyimperfxctions and baeyleywilliams if you haven’t done this yet and actually wanna then please do. 

Umm does anyone know how to fix this

Every time I have a pro life post I tag it as planned parenthood, pro life, and pro choice, but when I go to search for it in the tags it doesn’t show up. The same goes for some of the other blogs I am running. Is there a reason for this? And if so how do I fix it?

things i’m currently into

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One Song: Hold Me Down - Halsey

Two Films: hmmmmmm Jurassic World & Pitch Perfect 2.

Three Shows: everything on regular tv is on hiatus rn and since i am also literary webseries trash… CLASSIC ALICE, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, and Lovely Little Losers (does this count even if it hasn’t aired yet? i’m SUPER EXCITED for it though i might actually start crying when it’s finally July 16) if it doesn’t count then let’s go with Nothing Much To Do

Four People: Iain De Caestecker every day for the rest of my life (+the whole cast of AoS), Reuben Hudson (+the whole NMTD/LLL cast), Taylor Swift, Emma Stone.

Five Foods: cookie dough ice cream, brownies, croissants, pancit malabon, strawberry shakes

Six People to tag: (3 people i normally tag:) marvelinghope, ohfiitz, elizabaethhenstridge, (+ 3 people i don’t usually tag:) theradiointukyshead, theperksofbeingabooknerd, hailargent

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How do you feel about people tagging you in stuff? I ask because I am, slowly, working on making gif sets for every X-Files episode and it would be nice to share them with someone else who enjoys the show.

go ahead! its fine by me.

/lowkey showing how much klonnie ship trash i am

how bout Klaus keeps calling Bonnie, showing up at her house, etc. prepared to threaten the witch into doing something for him, but every time Bonnie turns him down before he even gets to the threat because there’s some other supernatural bad guy causing trouble, taking up all her focus.
“ I’m sorry! Look, threaten me next week–assuming I live that long–and we’ll go from there.”
“ I most certainly will not. I was here first, you’re casting my spell first.”
“ Something came up Klaus–”
“ I AM THE ONLY THING THAT COMES UP AROUND HERE. Who’s this invasive bloke to say otherwise!?”
Unintentional hero!Klaus. He’s really just a big brat that doesn’t want to share his toys and can’t these bloody Mystic Falls vampires take care of a simple problem without taxing his Bennett Witch? If those Salvatores put her in anymore danger, then he’ll just say sod it and move her down to New Orleans with him and they shall have none.

Song Title Challenge

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Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Try to not repeat a song title, tag 10 blogs.

Pick your artist/band: Sugarland

What is your gender?:  Little miss

Describe yourself: Every girl like me

How do you feel?: It happens

Describe where you currently live: Love shack

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: Sugarland

What is your favorite form of transportation?: Fly away

Your best friend?: Take me as I am

You and your best friend?: Stuck like glue

Favorite time of day?: Tonight

If your life was a tv show what would the title be?: Coming home

What is life to you?: Incredible machine

Describe your relationship: Wide open

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Do they follow me?: yes | no
Do I follow them?: YES | no | now
Favorite part of their blog: How the hell is everything so organized? I know that might be sort of a lame thing to be so excited about, but damn … their entire blog is perfectly organized. How do you get specifically tagged posts to go to their own pages? Is that something that has to be moved around every time? I am so envious of that organization, I seriously want to scream! Chestnutcas, baby, sweetie, my love … show me how you do it, because I want to know!!

Send me urls and I’ll fill out the thing

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Birthday: May 6

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 5′1 :P i’m a tiny human being

Favorite Color: Navy blue

Average hours of sleep: About 10 during the summer

Last thing I googled: seymour little shop of horrors costume

First word that comes to mind: bacon

Happy place: idek

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 in the summer, 3 or 4 in the winter (i’m super cold natured it’s not fun)

Favorite fictional characters: CRUTCHIE, Neville Longbottom, Captain America (Y)

Celebrity crush: Every Newsies actor ever (i‘m exaggerating a tiny bit here), MATTHEW LEWIS

Dream Trip: Probably going to New York and going to see shows or to the UK to see King’s Cross station, that Sherlock Holmes museum thing, shit like that

Dream Job: Singer (Y)

What I am wearing right now: Jeans and a teal tee shirt

I’m tagging: Whoever wants to do it, i guess!

Older post i made about this is buried so I’m just going to make another one:

I apologize if any of my posts regarding current events and issues bothers you.

While my blog is primarily fandom trash and nonsense, I do reblog other things that I find concerning. If need be, I’d be happy ot properly tag them so they dont appear on your dash. But please be aware that they will show up.

tl;dr - I am a mostly fun blog who reblogs serious issues that concern me every so often.