I’m on mobile so this will be a trip but I believe I’ve already lost my mind and now all my followers gotta suffer through it as I take what knowledge I DO have about animation and talk out of my ass for a bit. As quite a few of my followers are well aware, I have been watching Dragon Ball Z as per re-watching my favorite series for the hell of it with my sister @redasuki My followers will also know that I am currently in the Namek Saga. This saga has been so great for my animation heart. Thanks to everyone talking down on Dragon Ball’s animation I have been focusing SUPER HARD on it all so every moment that’s off makes me cringe while every moment like the gif (or gifs we’ll see what happens on the app) I put below my no-doubt-gonna-be-a wall of text makes me squee in happiness. I’m going into animation for a reason guys. Shit that’s by no means impressive by professional standards always gets me so excited. I love looking at quality animation. There’s a feeling to it I can’t quite describe. It’s better than what I feel when I sing a song I’m confident in and the more I learn about the art, the more I train my eyes to catch inbetweens while looking at full motions, the more I love to stare and the stronger that feeling becomes. This scene is an example. It’s just standard quality stuff. In a perfect world everything would always look this good at least. What’s different about this scene from 82% of Dragon Ball Super is that the entire character moves. What gets me going in my re-watching is when the entire character moves because by the 90/80’s standard of Anime, you don’t see that a lot. The folds of Bulma’s clothes are moving very naturally. That shit is so hard for me to do. I can’t keep track of stripes, folds, any sorts of line like that and I have Adobe Animate with the onion skin tool! These guys had light-boxes how the holy hell did you guys manage to not lose track of the letters on Krillin’s hat? They all move the way they should with the hat. That’s impressive to me. Same with the lines in Bulma’s hair. Let’s talk about Bulma’s hair. As she hits Krillin some of it moves after her. That’s animation. Part of animating is knowing what moves with your main subject and moves after. Nothing here settles which would’ve made the motion all the better but I have a soft spot in my heart for settling. It’s not a necessity when your motion goes by so quickly. Then there’s the slap. The key focus. The motion that leads you across and into the center square of your scene while not keeping you there for so long that it begins to feel unnatural. Storyboarding 101, Y'all, divide your scene into 9 equal squares, recognize that the center square is where the audiences focus will be but do not place characters directly in the center of your center square for more than a moment or two at a time. Even if this gif were 4:3, Krillin’s head after the slap would still be center. It is center because everything in this composition points you there. It is the most important part of the sequence. Krillin’s head after getting slapped. The contact of the slap itself is important of course, but not as important as the reaction. Comedy isn’t about pain. It’s about the reaction to pain. (This is a comedic scene, remember that). Of course before and after, Krillin is slightly off center. Where he should be. For the record, I love how well drawn the fact that the hat was resting on Krillin’s ear before the slap is. That must’ve been a really hard hit. Okay now the real number 1 thing that makes me go “basic shit that Super SHOULD and IS NOT doing 101” In DBS, after the slap, they would’ve animated the scene how I animate. Everything frozen aside from the mouth, the eyes and the hand that gives the peace sign. But this sequence is better than that. This sequence shows how Krillin’s entire body reacts to movement in a natural way. Krillin was tense from the slap. His shoulders were up. But he relaxes and so his right arm falls slightly. Not by a jerky movement of two frames, but by taking just as long as everything else, showing how slow the motion goes. When Krillin grins, you can see how his entire face moves. How the muscles connected to his smile react ever so slightly. I could go on but I have rambled for long enough. I could do this with a ton of scenes. You guys should watch Crowne Prince’s YouTube show “Scribble Kibble”. She’s a more talented and much more learned animator than myself. My university dropped my major two and a half years in so 70% of my knowledge is self-taught with tons and tons and tons of books. I dare anyone to give me a scene like this in Super for me to ramble about all the things that make it great. Find me a scene in the black arc that wasn’t a fight that gives me the same feeling that this scene gives me. I didn’t even talk about the end of Bulma’s shirt/dress and how it moves, or her headband, or how they all stayed on model, or the actual slap itself. Give me a relaxed, pretty average scene from Dragon Ball Super’s Black arc that I can gush like this about. You can’t, and if you can, it’s probably one or two and surrounded by red flags of “don’t be DBS future animators. They used a single picture and tweeted it to signify running while expecting the audience to feel the weight of the character through magic”.

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Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been quiet again lately…

Work has been hell since Christmas season and will still be until halfway through January. I’ve been sick on and off which just sucks… Still am sick right now. I just bought Dead by Daylight which I have been heavily addicted to. And finally every time I have tried to draw, I can’t seem to get any inspiration to make pictures work. Everything just looks wrong or I can’t make a simple doodle, or whatever the reasons, I just can’t seem to get my drawing mojo going.

I’m hoping to have something done up before the actual holiday season but we’ll see.. I just don’t want to leave you guys hanging until this month is over or can some how put drawings back out. Can you tell I can’t brain right now?

Hope to be drawing something soon! See you guys then!
Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go lay back down with my head buried in pillows…


Hi so I just realised my movie plot about a woman trying to escape her fate for thousands of years was pretty much based on my mum’s cancer diagnosis. She was 44 when she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and given eighteen months to live. I was living at home and I overheard a lot of the crying and railing against God she did in private and with my dad, and with us she was very open about how she felt about the whole thing. 

Mum joined a forum for Stage 4 cancer ladies and I’m told she was very kind and good and helpful (I haven’t read her posts there or the tributes that came after, I will one day, but not yet). She cried every time one of her ladies passed away. 

But mum did everything right. Even knowing her diagnosis was terminal she never stopped eating right, exercising, going to therapy and making sure to wring every drop of joy out of this hell world. She kept a journal of her journey, which I am also not ready to read. My mother wasn’t a saint. She had her bad days, she had her angry days, she had her crying days. But she survived for eight years, and she didn’t only survive, she lived them. 

My mum passed away on December 14th, 2014. She spent her last month in a hospice, increasingly confused by the morphine and the calcium leaking into her blood that was mercifully what killed her. But even then that last month was full of laughter and life. 

Mum wanted to go to town for a coffee a few times, once to a coffee shop she saw inside a painting (she treated us like idiots for telling her we couldn’t go there, hahaha). The coffee process required me and my sister to help her dress and to reassure her we picked a good outfit, I had to do her makeup and my sister had to confirm it looked good, she put her high heels on to sit in the wheelchair and made us carry a pair of ballet flats and a cane in case she felt like walking somewhere. The hospice would give her a shot of Ritalin for energy and a bottle of liquid morphine which we called “momma’s sippin’ morphine”. 

Mum had many tattoos but I want to finish by telling you all the one she had on the inside of her arm. It said WHILST WE LIVE, LET US LIVE. So go forth or stay home, have a bad day or a good one, but while you live, live.

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Yeah exactly! Elena wanting to get the "old her" back should've lasted a few episodes after the 4x06 break up and then she could've been like "Stefan... stop. There's no point, this is who I am now" then she could go do whatever the hell she wanted like go have sex with Damon but it was legit the very next day?? Her brain was so messed up during season 4.. and it almost makes me sad for her character, I wish the writers would've focused more on her confusion that would result from a sire bond

I keep trying to find the interview but I remember Julie saying that she wanted Damon and Elena to just jump in bed as soon as possible and it shows with the choices she made as a writer and the fact that Damon doesn’t do anything when he finds out about the sire bond doesn’t absolve him, she was in a vulnerable position in 4x07 and he took advantage of that without question. Like Elena tells Caroline that she still loves Stefan but she’s confused and needs time on her own and she doesn’t even get to do that. The show went about it in such a bad way.

oscar wilde
  • had three middle names
  • spoke five languages
  • was sentenced to prison for sodomy
  • was 16 when he had his first kiss
  • loved to travel
  • had an eidetic memory
  • lied about his age on his marriage certificate
  • held seances at his house
  • spoke with his hand in front of his mouth bc he was embarrassed by how supernaturally white his teeth were
  • kept a vase of flowers on his writing desk to neutralize the smell of his ashtray
  • had a passion for interior design and aesthetics—his drawing room was painted blue and covered in dragons, he even pressed feathers into the plaster to make it look cool
  • the kids at his school called him “grey crow”
  • one of the reasons he didn’t commit suicide was bc he was afraid he would go to hell for it
  • his favorite word was ivory
  • his last words were “i am in a duel to the death with this wallpaper, one of us has got to go”
  • his grave, in paris, has become the target of mass quantities of lipstick kisses. no lie. it’s literally covered in lipstick stains. and a sphinx. he also asked to be buried with his former lover’s ashes

not taking off my hijab today. i’m never going to let the ugliest, most vile, hateful scum of the earth think they’ve won.

didn’t take my hijab off after 9/11 and i sure as hell am not going to start now.

but i’m here for my muslim sisters that feel the need to. i’m here for you and i love you and you’re absolutely in the right to do what makes you feel safe.

Allah is with you.

The Challenge

Pairing: Demon!Dean/Virgin!Reader
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Crowley thinks the virgin at the diner is out of Dean’s league. Dean loves a challenge.
Warnings: Smut. A lot of it. Dean is not the nicest guy in this one, but I do so love my big bad demon baby.
A/N: I’m going to hell for this one. Written for my 900 (and seven!) followers. Thank y’all so much for making the last seven months of my life absolute amazing. You make my certain incarceration in the pit worth it. 

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“Love is patient, love is kind. 

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

I’m in Zona’s heaven

Let’s just start with the very first interaction they have at the beginning of the series.

Zoro came down just to talk to HER. He was teaching her the way of a man and that’s just so manly and charming. She should have fallen for him, damn it! This isn’t the first time by the way… he has done this so many times.

Uhm… Franky entrusted Nami to keep Zoro’s swords.

He  could  just ask Luffy to do so, but then he CHOSE Nami for that task… something fishy~~.

All right! Those swords are heavy… we know but then… you can carry them around just like that…

And duh! keeping those swords with you most of the time… * meeee squealllls*

Zoro should have seen this. His gal is badass too.

O.o… I’m impressed. Nami-gal is really sumthing.

RUN! RUN to him…

If Usopp was there to catch Sanji, then I assumed she did the same to Zoro after undid the shackle. Zoro must have fallen down to his knees and she caught him. That must be the case. But damn! the scene was cut off for this to happen,

look at that drowsy face… Nami’s worried…

Ouh yes, Nami! Your man is back!
[ She looks happy. Does she love that face? That face when he’s about to go crazy… in bed. Muahahaha]

Uh… nothing… just… since Nami knew those two will most likely fight, she butted in.

No matter how Zoro hates to be ordered around, he still listens to her… (p/s: he’s looking at her, miahahaha)

And this, 

Does that mean, Nami was checking him out?

YES! SHE DID. Look at how far they sat from each other yet she could notice the mushroom in Zoro’s haramaki. MUSHROOM IN ZORO’S HARAMAKI!!! ~The chemistry~

This gal did check out Zoro’s lower part… So good to know. Ah~ I’m dead.. x_x