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Today I got to class and my friend looked me over and 1000% seriously said, "I'm not sure it's socially acceptable to wear a plaid shirt and a leather jacket at the same time" it was the most Lydia Martin thing I have ever experienced

Oh my god *cackles*. Did they also give you the look?

I have the worst fashion sense but I say rock that plaid and leather combo, nonnie. 

I have such a weakness for people in plaid…

and leather….

I don’t know about anyone else but I think they go perfectly together…


Hamildolph: An American Christmas Story



vagues w emily

n also the way she talks and holds herself is so elitist and superior i couldn’t Deal with it so i just unfollowed her like she always writes in complete sentences and uses long warm words like she holdin some sorta speech every time she answers an ask

anon: uh how d o i send an ask to someone

her: Sending asks is an integral part of tumblr culture, i’ve found. I think that it’s very important to locate the bubble in someone’s profile and click on it before sending a message. You can select anonymous if you want but try not to send anonymous hate! Unless its to an army haha. Just kidding we have to be respectful to all fandoms. Anonymous hate can tear lives apart, anon. Stay safe.