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Hi Sarah, have you read/seen The Martian yet? How do u feel about it?

I really liked it! Being a voracious reader in middle school means you devour a certain number of survivalist books despite your actual level of interest in Nature (Paulson, sides of mountains, families Swiss-Robinson, etc.) so it felt very familiar. But I think the saving grace of the Martian is that, even though it’s really just watching this one guy and a small cast of supporting characters work through an array of problems, it’s funny and human, it doesn’t try to….be more than it is? It’s not saying anything profound and it’s not trying to, it’s just a story about a guy on Mars, the shit he does to survive and the mistakes he makes in doing so, the superhuman effort it takes to get him back and the human element ever-present in that effort.

I cried when he got to talk to his crew for the first time since they’d left him. I’m an everlasting sucker for “communicating vast wells of emotion via chronic understatement and/or mocking” so. It was a A Lot.

  • You:would scream
  • We:would fight
  • You:would call me crazy
  • I:would laugh
  • You:were mad but you always kissed me
  • The shirt that I had that you always borrowed:When I woke, it was gone, there was no tomorrow