I’ve always been incredibly insecure of my body. Ever since I was just a kid I’ve been pressured to lose weight and change my appearance, not only by my peers but my parents. I may not have a perfect body or look the way most people expect me too and some days II’ll wake up and hate every single part of who I am. But I want to take this opportunity to be proud of how I look and learn to love myself lumps, stretch marks, rolls, and all. I look forward to the day that I’m not insecure about eating around people, wearing shorts, running, meeting new people, etc. I may not be all the way there yet, but I’m trying. And I want everyone out there who’s insecure about their bodies to love themselves too. Whether you’re thin, big, curvy, tall, short, or somewhere in the middle. Every part of you is beautiful. Love every stretch mark, scar, freckle, or spot. They’re a part of who you are. 

Those things don’t determine your beauty or worth. You’re a beautiful flower and I love you. 

  • Kate:From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Eli, code name -- Been There, Done That. Tommy is -- Currently Doing That. Teddy is -- It Happened Once in a Dream; Cassie, code name -- If I Had To Pick a girl. Billy is -- Eagle Two.
  • Billy:Oh, thank god.

So TK hasn’t stopped talking about ArcV for the past few months and I had a pretty bad couple of days last week and maybe clicked on a video out of pure argh, and maybe watched all of it.

And then last night this happened. Oops.

(Yuto is too edgy for you. Too edgy for us all.)


Incidentally, I decided to follow deancasheadcanons because I thought it was gonna be a bunch of actual headcanons. It turned out to be way better than that. Happy birthday!!!

You asked for cockles and I swear this was going to be more serious but it all came out very cracky

The light is too bright and the sheets are too scratchy.

Where the hell am I?

It seems that Jensen says his question out loud because a rough voice answers, a little too loud for his liking. “No idea. I know we were in Rome last night but this doesn’t look like Rome.” Misha is already sitting on the edge of the bed, far too awake for Jensen’s liking.

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General life update, as submitted into the void of a blog on semi-hiatus:

  • Pulled an all-nighter and finished my dissertation with 2 hours left before I had to leave for the train station
  • Packed bags for flight home in 20 minutes time
  • BUT: have officially completed my undergraduate degree, and will be graduating with at least a 2:1 in July
  • Have also been accepted in my post-graduate course of choice in creative writing
  • Scholarship: still pending


stuff aliens would say if they came to Earth:

  • “why are one gender’s chest lumps forbidden and another gender’s slightly smaller chest lumps aren’t?”
  • “what do you mean it’s a binary how can there only be two genders i thought this planet was old as fuck there’s gotta be more diversity”
  • “so you have people who like anothe- *sighs* okay the //opposite// gender in one group and everyone else in another one? why”
  • “okay dude we have the concept of “money” too but why does this piece of paper represent more money than that one if they cost the same to print? back home we just trade one thing for another of the same value and call that money” “it used to be like that here too” “then why did you change?? this shit makes no sense”
  • “why do all you people think we’re green with antennas why would we even have antennas do you really think that’s practical? how would we wear these sick hats”
  • “shit son that’s a lot of movies about us how can not a single one be even remotely right that’s amazing”
  • “we have movies about space too and they all show earthlings as assholes. i guess we were right. suck it frex-nu you owe me 2 rocks”
  • “for fuck’s sake tam or tim or whatever your name is we don’t have a goverment making laws because we have the brains to know better than to do stupid shit”
  • “yes we have a buttload of genders. yes they’re all equal why wouldn’t they be what the fuck. no that doesn’t mean you can hit girls is2g”

It’s late at night and you’ve just gotten into bed. You’re surfing sites for a nice movie to watch when suddenly you hear a scratching at the door. Your eyes widen in fear and your breath stops. The scratching grows more insistent. Your hands grip the blanket so tight your knuckles turn white. The doorknob turns slowly and you’re sure your heart is going to give out. A figure enters, it’s one shot yongguk w acorn hair. He wants to tell you something you already know. You continue to stare in fear as he approaches your bed. He sits carefully at the side and slowly draws out a piece of paper. At this point you’re not sure what this apparition wants. He clears his throats and begins his recital. It is a speech on capitalism and it’s evils. At this point you are no longer scared. You begin to feel sleepy and so you try to gently shoo him away but his speech is lengthy and so you let him continue. Your eyes begin to droop and just as they’re about to close fingers snap in front of your face. Apparition yongguk will not let you sleep until you have heard fully the evils of capitalism. After an hour’s lapse, he finally folds his paper and slowly gets up. He cocks his head at you at grunts “chyeah” before slowly reverse floating away. You let out a huge sigh of relief before rolling your eyes and finally going to sleep.


“Who are You?! Go. Away.”

“Ah, pardon my manners, princess. My name is Morlag, I am assassin and occasionally, party dancer.”


“What, I don’t- what? Where by the Gods they even find such a person… You are here to kill me yet You are standing here and joking?!”

“Well, look, I was supposed to kill Your grandmother, not You, I choose the wrong balcony, right? It’s not her room obviously. But since I am exposed… maybe we can forget what just happened, I will ignore contract and we can start again?”


“That’s… What do You even… You are the weirdest person… I’ve ever met. What is Your name even?”

“I told You already.”

“Your REAL name.”

“Ah, a smart one. My name is Nexius, my lady.”