Andi Wellinger delights crowds of fans gathered at Mühlenkopfschanze with his victory and two excellent jumps (147.5 and 135 meters), Willingen 29.1.17 (Andi wins, gets hugs from eveyone, and everyone is happy 💖 😍 😌)


byun baekhyun | sweetest downfall

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u H
I had to draw this rn
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I had
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drawn this prior


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THIS TOOK ME MONTHS but it’s finally done! I literally cannot believe I’ve gotten this far! Thank all you guys for supporting me this far, it means the world to me. You are all the best!


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Thanks again to everyone! 


it is finally finished!!! the reset group picture is done and i am in a lot of pain. yes it might seem simple but i spent 3 hours on it and one hour tagging everyone. i am REALLY REALLY SORRY that your reset oc isn’t there, it was already hard on drawing this and lining to… but because of it FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WASN’T DRAWN please pm me and i will do ANYTHING for you, there was SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE who reblogged it and really i’m touched but i never knew 54 (or 55) people wanted to be in it, like i had no clue that was gonna happen, so many people can’t be drawn on such a small(?) paper. so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR JOINIG IN and to the people who didn’t get to be drawn in pm me and i’ll draw WHATEVER you want :), i love you all bye!!!   @badly-drawn-josuyasu @doitsunokagakuwasekaichi @dailyrhcp @daily-lisa-lisa @dailyokuyasuandpup @poorlydrawnroses @dailymomcujoh @bad-yamagishi @poorlydrawnjouta @poorlydrawnfemdio @poorly-drawn-lisa-lisa @poorlydrawn-jolynecujoh @clumsilydrawnpaisleypark @dailyshadowdio @dailyshizukajostar @badlydrawn-shadow-dio @notsodaily4taro @daily-caesar @badlydrawn-yukakoyamagishi @dailykujos @dailykakyoin @badlydrawnfunnyvalentine @dailyrohan @daily-giogio @badlydrawnkingdededeinjjba @badlydrawnmekandmoney @daily-jojo-villains @jotaroinnerthoughts @dailyjolynekujo @ask-the-brandos @badlydrawnalternatediego @badlydrawntittykakyoin @badlydrawntoshikazuhazamada @bdpinkdarkboy @badlydrawn-greenday @badlydrawnrats @dailydaiyaa @badlydrawnkirbyinjjba @bdprisongang @badlydrawnaxtoninjjba @badlydrawnpol @almostdailyjosukes @dailyyoungmrskujo @badlydrawn-lisalisa @daiya-chan @daily-jojoanimals @dailygemfucksandco @daily-holhorse-and-maybe-boingo @dailyhayato @badlydrawnhot-pants @dailycj

A few months ago, I joined a Discord daily blog chat just for fun, and I don’t think I could have even imagined how amazing an experience it has been. I’ve met so many wonderful people and I know I’m going to enjoy talking to the many new people who’ve joined recently! This is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to all the wonderful people I’ve met.


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If Europe intends to keep its Jewish populations - and keep them safe - it’ll have to do better than “don’t go out after dark, don’t go into certain neighborhoods, don’t wear identifiers."  How is that any sort of protection?  How is that any sort of promise?

I am Insecurity so i would really appreciate it if everyone would call me porrim or narancia instead of jake from now on!


I don’t think you guys realize how much your tags and messages mean to me.

When these things happen, it tells me that someone out there likes what I do so much that they will go out of their way and tell me.

It’s motivational, it keeps me happy, it keeps me going. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

So please, don’t ever hesitate to tell your fellow artist that you love their art, because I guarantee that every single one of them will appreciate your warm words.

“Smiles make people kind. From there, love shall connect.” - Kis-My-Ft2′s 4th Overture

As I’ve reached a number of followers that I don’t think I’ve ever reached before on this account, I decided that I would appreciate some of you guys. I didn’t expect to hang around much after stepping back into this, but thanks to the affection, care, interest, and support of many of you, I’ve managed to stay around longer than I thought that I would. I hope that many of us can grow even closer, or that we’ll actually talk and form a friendship. I’ll probably miss some people that I wanted to put on this somewhere, but please keep in mind that when you see this, I appreciate you. This isn’t a post for just those that I name. Each of you have a part in this. Who knows, I might even end up tagging some people that I follow, but that aren’t on my followers list. Whatever the case is, thank you for taking the time to make this ride a little more interesting for me.

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hello!! so this says holiday follow forever but really i just wanted an excuse to use this really pretty picture of ornaments! anyway, i just wanted to say thank you to all of the amazing blogs that I follow, especially my lovely mutuals! (ps. the bolded are my absolute favorite blogs and italics mean that i want 2 be friends, or we already are, but honestly i want to be friends with all my mutuals so!! also i know i forgot some people so if that’s you i am so sorry!! i love u

[a - e] @acelourry / @acestyles / @adidassaintlaurenthoe / @adidastan @adidhaz / @aintnosaintlouis / @alienharrys / @antilarriestears / @aprilsquad / @arigrnade / @arouziall / @aspiringladd / @b1ack7 / @backhometolou / @bangpayne / @bearychristmas / @birthdau / @bleachedharry / @bloubird / @bonjourziall / @boobearau / @bottomlinsons / @brianamontana / @buttplugau / @chillniazkilam / @christlouis / @cuddlylarents / @cutielouiepatootie / @daddyzainmalik / @daggertat / @dickchoke / @donnyboylou / @dragmelouis / @edolouis / @elfhatlouis / @elflou

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insp | Happy birthday, jusdrenjusdaun

be all you want to be and more. you are a star crashing from the heavens, a deity ascending from the earth. you may break, ruin it all, but you can build a brace for it and rise again

bobbi ‘big sister to the entire world’ morse would absolutely convince daisy, jem & fitz to jump in the car and go with her on a shopping trip, only to then drive them straight past the shops and declare an impromptu road trip instead

I’ve never seen a post dedicated the lgbtq+ folk that had an easy time coming out, where it wasn’t a big deal to them, where they don’t feel isolated afterwards, where they feel safe in their community. This is just to remind you that even if you have been lucky enough to have less of a struggle then others because of your sexual/gender orientation doesn’t mean you are less of the community then people who have had to fight for our rights.

everyone was making beaut graphics and it was all lovely and i cba to compete with that so here have me as an elf.

these are in no order at all because i am LAZY. basically all the people who’ve made 2011 for me and have made me laugh or smile or get that awesome feeling when you find out someone hates the same things as you. okay lets go.

blaineisapizza | ohblainers | iclemyer | peevesthepoltergeist | thisdoesnotsuck | belleanima | louisecriss | cracktastic | emmastoned | tellyleung | pelennors | blaineandersons | coolestgirl- | zcatz | rachel–lopez | holymotherofrowling | brainygranger | mattrutherford | lezbray | ameliawilliamspond | lunalalonde | blaine-anderson | kumchocolatesouffle | whamblamthankyoumaam | sirblaine | twistdmentality | scrunchyblaine | mocriss | squidkitten | averypotterurl | babelsounds | paulcolfers | kurtsie | kurchel | blaintana | thedailyprophet | andersoncolfer | youcancallmepotter | supey | ishumcriss | lopezpierce | thomasgrantgustin | kurt-blaine | riddlemetom | xoxogossipalana | rfswanson | lupincantsing | fucktana | feltons | lucywoodall | darrencrass | addisonislove | evarren | hannahhorvath | monswift | randomsplashes | pervyanon | officialrickperry | kurhummel | milakunis | colfvera | corymontooth | pezberrry | leasarfarti | auldlangsarfati | alluponeachother | chordaholic | max-blacks | swiftchele | acciovoldy | goobercriss | boobschele | blainchel | dapperasfuck | merrytitsmas | flowersbeforesex

that seems like an excessive list but you actually have all made my year whether you’ve been there for all of it or a couple of months or a couple of days or you don’t even know who i am that’s cool but thanks yes have a nice christmas and if i forgot you i’m really sorry but you have a nice christmas too AAAAND I LOVE YOU BYE