I have to go to the Local Police Department because all the package’s in my apartment building were stolen, and I have to report what was stolen from me.

How does one go to a police department and with a straight face, say, “Yes, my package that was stolen held a limited edition of Dream Daddy, a Dad Dating Simulator.”

Seriously though

Am I the only one who gets genuinely frustrated when the show ends without us ever finding out how the otp/best friends of the show met??
Like excuse me I’d like to know how Lance and Keith’s rivalry started at the Garrison. I want to know how Shiro knew Keith and Pidge. I want to know how Hunk and Lance started talking. I want to know how Lukas and Phillip started hanging out before Phillip was shooting his motocross jumps. I want to know how Armin and Eren became friends. I want to know how Karma and Nagisa’s friendship was going when they were at each other’s houses. I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW MY BABES RELATIONSHIPS BEGAN AND DEVELOPED OKAY?!?!

  • S.coups to Dino: You must understand, he's had a very hard childhood.
  • Dino: Yeah, I understand, I'm having one right now.