I need to get something off my chest.

I am very much one of those people who let things fester secretly inside until I get sick or I explode….

The only reason I am sharing this here is because I know/hope there are people on here who can make me feel better about it.

I have someone in my life, who likes to let me know how much they disapprove of my running.

This person just happens to be a doctor and thinks “endurance” training is horrible for me since I have an auto immune disease.

This person comments on posts( not tumblr posts) and has spoken to me in person about how it is destructive and destroying my body.

THE ANGER I feel every time this happens is out of control. I received one such comment in the middle of my run today. I read it and let it fuel me which is awful.

even if i am “obsessed” with running WHO THE FUCK CARES!??

Im not an alcoholic, a drug addict or and abuser. how is this person even trying to compare RUNNINGGGGGG to these things???

I KNOW I am not crazy but what the actual fuck.

I have said, “i’m going to do what i’m going to do, so drop it” before and nope. they continue to drop their medical terminology on me as i “destroy” my body..

MIND YOU, when i’m running my disease is the most under control as opposed to when I’M NOT ( i have ulcerative colitis for those who don’t know)

ok well there it is.

i don’t even want to write anymore because it gets me SO fired up.

I almost deleted this because it was semi therapeutic just writing it but im going to just go ahead and post.

ok bye.

Please be gentle in your responses i am feeling rather sensitive.

“Threads of Gold” - Digital Oil Painting

I’ve started experimenting with adding some visual effects to my paintings, because I am obsessed with sparkle. It’s a little odd, but I kinda like how it turned out. This painting is also HUGE, so look at it in full size to see all the details!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

connieisland  asked:

Is your Hotel California fic gonna be related to the song? cuz I am obsessed with the song and I can't help imagine 70sBucky parking his green cadillac in some crappy hotel


It’s not quite 70′s though. It’s a little more complicated.

So, you work and live at a run down hotel in the middle of the California desert, when one day a stranger checks in. He stays for a while, comes and goes, keeps to himself mostly. He stops and chats with you sometimes, though. Sometimes he’s distant, like his head is far away. Sometimes he’s charming and suave. You don’t know what his deal is. All you know is that you want him.

“What’s your story, New York?” you ask in a whisper, leaning in closer to him.

He leans in too. “It would take too long to tell.”

You smile and sit back in your chair, take another drag of your cigarette. You let it out, smoke billowing as you say, “I have all the time in the world.”

He nods his head. “Maybe another time, then. Since you got it.”

You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave

Best Ed Moment #30

This is only a little moment, but I am so obsessed with this one second scene.

Edd has been stuck in the ground helpless to the situation. Upon striking Eddy’s Brother, and knowing that Eddy who has been beaten to a pulp lay a few feet away, Ed gently pulls Edd out from the ground.

When caught in situations like these Ed has a hard time in deciding what he should do. He worries what people are going to think about him.

This similar scene happened in Postcards from the Ed where Edd was stuck in a tree, Eddy captured Plank’s parents, and Ed was caught running back and forth trying to figure out what to do. He roughly pulled out out from the tree.

Look at Ed’s face very closely. He is very nervous about what is to come next. He detached the door having it knock Bro in the face, Eddy toppled along the ground with the door. He may have hurt Eddy. This something that Ed has never done before. He never hurt someone on purpose.

I always love this moment. He wants them all to be together to check on Eddy. Friendship is very important to him.

anonymous asked:

i'd love to see more (real time) vids of you doing art on your pottery if you'd be interested in taking them! I am absolutely obsessed with those little scritch scritch noises that it makes and it's just so pleasant to watch in real time.

i’d like to as well!! i’ll try n take more vids in the future! :-)


I was tagged by the babes @amyole @notnaturalanahi and @nerdflash

Rules: Make your own asthetic using only photos already on your device. I am obsessed with snapchat, travel, and waffle fries (well food in general). Family is one of the most important things to me, and I am 100% a feminist! I know pretty much everything about Harry Potter and have read the series countless times (I may or may not be reading it now). And if I could work anywhere it would NASA! I love everything space (hint hint: if you are looking for someone with a Master’s in communication I’m here for you @nasa) Anyone that wants to join in, consider yourself tagged!

psicygni  asked:

on the chris pine scale I am only moderately obsessed, but I'm now in ABJECT MOURNING of the fact that the wonder women press will be so colored by this hair, as opposed to the glorious locks we were so previously blessed with

I KNOW. It’s one thing for him to do this at all, but to do it so close to the WW press tour?? UNFORGIVABLE. Like when Zach cut all his off and then it wasn’t long enough for Trek and he had to wear that wig. Obviously their ability to decide what to do with their own hair should be revoked.

babygirl-blood  asked:

How have I only just followed you?! Your blog is so cute and you're such a babe 😍😍😍

Girl I literally am obsessed with your blog and I’m actually fangirling super hard right now ughhhh you’re the sweetest and I’m so honored you found my blog let alone messaged me 😍😭

Founders Aesthetics

March 20: Hufflepuff

March 21: Slytherin

March 22: Gryffindor

March 23: Ravenclaw

((OOC: In honor of each Hogwarts House Day this week, here are some Aesthetics for the beloved Founders))