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Here’s something that needs to be said: being a hairy woman is beautiful and healthy.

It’s completely normal to have hair on your breasts, on your crotch, and literally everywhere else. You’re allowed to have a hairy face, and hairy legs, and hairy armpits, and you’re allowed to be damn proud of it!

This goes doubly so for trans women. Don’t be embarrassed about any hair you have, it doesn’t change a damn thing about who you are as a person; and who you are is a godsdamn beautiful woman.

It’s normal and healthy and beautiful to be hairy.

I don’t take requests on the whole BUT I did want to throw down a concept sketch for part of a future story- everyone agrees that it’s cute when the ducks wag their tails when they’re happy, right? right.

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ALRIGHT fellas imagine: u had a rough day and this Funky Bird comes up 2 u and starts talking about anything and everything eventho he’s nervous as shit bc he has been wanting 2 talk 2 u all day ((i would!!! die!!!))

when netflix said choose ur own adventure i was thinking like runnin from a monster not continuously bein confronted w the insignificance of ur own decisions in a world where biology & external factors have already determined the course of ur life……………………………………….but like i guesss that’s just me…… ha