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the stars were made for falling | Poe Dameron x Reader

A/N: You guys are v into this story lol you’re as cruel as me!! Angst is awesome to read so I get it. I love writing it anyway!! I’m glad for the response, thank you so much <3

Rating: Hard T

Warning: Naughty language. References to Poe getting beaten up.

Word count: 2,645, apparently!! Anyone else worried that I can write so much for something as messed up as this

Summary: Poe gives reader a break. She learns some new information about him, courtesy of General Hux.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

GIF credit: I genuinely don’t know, but can say that it’s not mine!

You expected to be shut away for another eight days. That seemed to be the pattern.

Eight days of loneliness. Twenty minutes of hurting Poe. Eight days of emptiness. Twenty minutes of getting hurt and watching Poe get hurt.

You started counting to the next eight days and were so surprised when a stormtrooper walked in on the second day that you forgot all about your plan again.

“Get up.”

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howd you feel about the book? or what are som ya thoughts?

I’m never good at explaining myself but I like the way the parents thing was handled and their relationship with their kids was very sweet to me I love that. It was just a rlly tender book and I love love love ari something abt him I can relate to. Cute book overall tho I am kinda “hmmm” about the whole ari’s older brother thing especially when I find out what he did I was like ari bro u gotta let it go ur bro is a monster lol so I def think that could have been handled better . Over all 9/10 tho! I rlly enjoyed reading it and it made me feel good

S A V E    T H E M   (some pizza to eat cause they’re hungry)

speedpaint here ( X )

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Reaper76 Week Day 5 “Downfall” - Falling Out/Heart

I had such a hard time coming up with something for this day lol. Well my last one was a little bit clever so I’m evening it out with a less clever one lol.

Gabriel plays favorites and hopefully one day blizz will make the lame hands-heart-thing a matching emote for R76 HAHA!

Plz don’t tag any ships but Reaper76


Yeah so I got some time (absolutely not, I just didn’t sleep lmao) and did this.

Hawks tried to be a little shit but Endeavor don’t know shit so it backfired. Hawks loved it and will did it again

Enji is now proud to have someone (don’t tell him he’s not his true son) who really like him lol. Also I drew him glasses because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It kinda make him hotter ? And he’s 46 y/o now, he needs glasses to read ?

Who am i lying to ? daddy kink lmao 

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This is really random so feel free to not answer this but do you have any good anime recommendations?

Sorry, there are no good animes


BTS_twt Twitter Update 180621


oh pearly girly, what is going on with you