am I wrong?

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so is marine botany not a big thing? i don't see much hype about plant life in the ocean going on online or am i looking in the wrong place??

it’s a thing! i saw a couple presentations on seagrass at one of the conferences i went to last summer, but it doesn’t seem to be an incredibly large thing, no. i know of one comprehensive textbook for it, Marine Botany by Clinton J. Dawes, although i’m under the impression that there’s more. 

The Best Men ™ who could make Tony Stark the happiest man in the world and treat him right ranked:

11. Each

10. Of

9. Them

8. Can

7. Make

6. Tony

5. Happy

4. In

3. Their

2: Own way.

1. Rhodey Rhodes.


(´;ω;`) Hey everybirdie. Today is a sad day, imah sincerely sorry but i’ll need ur help…

This is an art reposter. From the category ‘’ i don’t credit the artists ,i’m doin’ it and i dun’ care about the consequences of my acts. ” 

I talked to them, multiple times.They eventually blocked me and i’m completely out of ideas now. (T~T;。)


What happened ? 

One day,i shared an artwork on twitter. That was some lemon septiplier that i regretted so much that i deleted 30 minutes after posting it. I asked to everyone to noooot repost it anywhere. Too bad,this person did it.Their friends shared the picture without telling them to not repost it. No prob’ .that’s okay,I told them and they took my picture down. However, when i started to ask to take down all the other pictures not credited...things started to get…problematic.  (๑ १д१)

A lot of artworks are daily reposted on this fan account. @konoira, @smollerei  @suke1234 , @some-youtubes​ , @kihori​ ,@floatingmegane-san​ ect… 

Sfw and Nsfw are publically reposted without the consent of anybirdie.

I’ve engaged ¾ times a conversation with them (once a week/two weeks) and they never rly listened to my warnings.Only promises. No real act.

 After my warnings, they were starting to repost things again and again. 1 and half month passed and my patience running out. I thought that was enough. that’s why i’m askin’ ur help.

What i would consider to do :

  • Comment the reposted artworks. Tell them what they’re doing bad. Why it’s not respectful towards the artists. no hate. Just explain.
  • If you kno’ some artists .comment their name, if not, ask septiplier.trash to take down the art.
  • Report the account .

Don’t forget. ONE RULE:

No hate.

This is clearly someone who doesn’t want to hurt anybirdie. They like the septiplier community , want to entertain them and keep their fan blog active. they think it’s too hard to credit the artists so they don’t.However it’s not optional. 

 I don’t want to ruin the life of this person. i guess they have life issues and want some attention but today they also need to respect ppl as we respect them.  


Spread the love,think by yourself and neveh forget to respect  everyone. \(@;◇;@)/ 

You can also link them my post ‘cause i don’t want to talk to them anymoar. When someone makes me waste my time,my patience, don’t respect my art friends and block me when i tried to help. it’s not possibru anymoar.

40 or 4000 fans for a repost account? this is not acceptable. Nothin’ against this person but respect is respect and today, it’s enough. 

-thanks to @owlyabun and @reikiwie-art for the screenshots and support !

the cast: yeah there won’t be romance for a long while

travis: this is my boy fjord, he’s the most handsome man in the world, the most charming person in the party, and a mild-mannered southern boy who just wants to look out for his friends

the cast: oh, we can’t NOT fuck him now

AtLA Characters as Things People at my School Have Said

Katara: Sometimes I just go like five days without sleeping

Sokka: were you drunk? “I don’t remember”

Suki: “you’re like a star, you’re only beautiful from a far” yes and I’ll set you on fire if you get too close

Aang: I’ve been reincarnated a bunch why do you think I have so much personality

Toph: Shut the fuck up that’s why

Zuko: “Why are you yelling?” BECAUSE IM CONFUSED

Iroh: Never buy off brand funions! Regular funions you eat two and you’re like ok I’m done, but off brand funions, oh my God

Mai: If you plan to kill someone tell me in advance

Ty Lee: I spent two hours chasing a duck

Azula: Friends are overrated

Yue: Ghost bad, spirit good