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i kinda need a fic where Noora takes Isak and Even to her yoga class and Isak is actually really good at it and enjoys it and Even is all like “I’m to tall for this shit, the earth seems too far I am an artist goddamit, downward dog yourself hoe, nope I am never doing this again ever”

Our vibrational frequency is another way of saying what our feeling is right now, what our attitude is, and what the results in our life are. When we raise it (by focusing on our burning desire) then we let the Universe know what we’d like to experience.
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Name: Brittany
Age: 28
Country: USA

Hi there! I’m Brittany. Born and bred in the PNW by way of the Florida Keys, I live in Los Angeles and write for television. I’ve always really loved the idea of a pen pal – there’s nothing quite like curling up with handwritten correspondence and a cup of something warm (I’m an equal opportunity beverage enthusiast – tea and coffee are uniformly delightful). I tried the pen pal thing when I was Young and Irresponsible ™, but didn’t hold up my end of the bargain. Now that I am Old and Somewhat Less Broke ™, I’m back at it again and very excited to potentially meet someone great and have it turn into a long-term friendship.

Quick and dirty stats: I am a Taurus sun, Leo moon; a Gryffindor and a Wampus; an ENTP in the streets and an ENTJ in the workplace; I like sports, film, television, comedy, fine art, concerts, reading, yoga and hippie shit; I’ve had relationships with both men and women; I ferociously love to swim; and I can drink more red wine than you (although I do not endorse such contests because I am also Very Healthful and Responsible ™).

Preferences: My only preference would be to exchange handwritten letters with folks in their mid-twenties and up, just so’s I don’t feel like a very old grandma. Please absolutely be over 18.


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Name: Alexandra
Age: 22
Country: USA

My name’s Alexandra but I go by Alex and I’m new to the whole penpal world.

I’m looking for like a real deal friendship. Someone I can consider a really great friend.

I’m currently in my doctorate program for clinical psychology. My end goal is to work with corrections providing therapy to clinically mentally ill inmates. I’m a huge nerd and I totally enjoy school and learning. I used to say my dream job would be a professional student.

I just got into yoga and I’ve been practicing for about 6 months now. It’s seriously been a life saver. I played basketball my whole life and even into some of college and when I quit I needed something that was an escape from life. Yoga has proved essential in that aspect.

I’m also an AVID reader so a “bookclub penpal” would be so awesome! I have too many favorites to even consider but some recent ones close to my heart are IT by Stephen King and the Lincoln Rhyme series. Harry Potter will probably be a lifelong favorite.

Other than yoga and reading I really enjoy a variety of music. Pretty much anything but country music. I love hiking and I’d enjoy getting more into like “roughing it”. I also LOVE kayaking/canoeing.

I love animals, but I’m definitely more partial to cats. I have two that hold my heart.

Im honestly open to meeting anyone as long as you think we could be friends!

Preferences: 21 and older please
Preferably females
Generally just awesome, nice people
I’d prefer to start with email and work to snail mail and even texting but I’m open to ideas!

Trouble Man - Part 2

Title: Trouble Man - Part 2

Summary: Your boyfriend had cheated on you, and in a way to escape the pain, you moved back to New York with your brother, only to meet the guy you had slept with before you left. James Buchanan Barnes. And he was trouble.

Warnings: Implied sex, Cocky Bucky, 

A/n: Well I promise the sex is coming soon, please be patient with me, and i hope you guys enjoy it, please leave me a comment;)

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Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily-Rose Depp in Yoga Hosers (2016) (x)

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Name:  Lyuba
Age: 19
Country: Russia

Hi! I don’t know that to write here. So I’ll write everything that remeber (and intresting) about myself.
I’m a student of the faculty of Cinema and TV. First year of five. It’s as much interesting as exhausting.
I’m a introvert but I want more friends because I feel pretty lonely often.
I like drawing, black tea, cofe, meditation, yoga, literature, traveling, blue, fruits and vegetables, chocolate ice-cream, video games, watching movies/cartoons, music.
I would like to know new people from different places! I think it’s an awesome experience!
Also I’ll be very glad if you can help me with English because I still learning. If you want I can try to teach you Russian. Some people say that I’m a good teacher. At least I have patience.

Preferences:  I prefer people of my age or younger because with older people I feel uncomfortable. Let’s say between 16-25.

“The sun shines down, and its image reflects in a thousand different pots filled with water. The reflections are many, but they are each reflecting the same sun. Similarly, when we come to know who we truly are, we will see ourselves in all people.”

—Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

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Yuri has to start doing yoga to deal with his unhealthy bursts of anger. Yakov is literally forcing him to or he won't coach him in the upcoming season, and well, you can't do yoga without yoga pants and Yuri hates yoga but he loves shoving his ass in the air right as Otabek's walking into the living room.

can somebody write a full length fic of this because it has both the ideal levels of humour and sexiness