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Did I avoid my studying responsibilities just to draw them– yes; am I ashamed of myself–honestly yes

guys this is a spoiler (so dont read if you dont want to know).  I dont know how reliable it is, but it seems that D&D really want the audience to see Jon and Sansa as Ned and Cat 2.0.  

michael gambon’s performance as mr. woodhouse in emma 2009 is so sweet and delightful and quietly heart-wrenching that i can even forgive him for “HARRY, DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?!?!?!?!?”


Lana stood up to an anti-Hook heckler at a Con.

Jmo is nice to fans of s q and signs things #s w a n q u e e n at Cons.

Neither of which would be remotely surprising to anyone who doesn’t believe what their ships’ fandoms tell them to believe about these actresses.

I was walking to work behind a group of guys who were all talking to each other in that bro kind of way when the one guy notices throw up on the ground in front of this other guy who was about to walk into it. He literally went “bro watch out!” Bears hugs the guy next to him, lifts him off the ground, carries him over the throw up and puts him down. The one who was picked up just went “thanks bro” and kept walking to which the other guy went “I got you bro.” Humanity is great and love is real.

how can you tell your friends that they’re not worthless and that you deeply care about them and that you love them and that they deserve the world when you barely believe any of those things about yourself?

hello my loves !! i’m lizzy ( 18, she/her, est ), alli’s messy co-admin and local china line enthusiast. right here is my lil bab ace !!  i’ve been playing him for quite some time now, but i’m always in the mood for developing him even further !! if you’d like to give him a chance and plot, give this a like or feel free to hit me up on dis*ord @ #8932 !!


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can someone take me back to the times when I didn’t find 90% of everything either annoying, cringy, or pretentious? i’m trying to be less cynical and positive, but I believe my soul is made of bitterness and has bags under its eyes

So what have we learned today

Do NOT ‘convert’ anyone’s fic/story without first getting permission. Now after a simple search on Wattpad I found quite a few fics that were ‘converted’ from other fandoms, most without giving even a hint of the original author’s name. For example today with @blackleatherboots139 who converted many fics to Camren. Also note, I am not coming for the camren fandom I am simply using what I found and what happened today as an example, I am coming for any person that would dare copy someone’s work without permission.

Nevermind that if the author hasn’t explicitly told you yes that you shouldn’t even have converted their fic and posted it in the first place. If you aren’t even going to give them their due credit then you KNOW somewhere inside that what you did was wrong.

So here’s a PSA this goes for anything fan art, fan videos (including gifs you may have made and posted from a video that you did NOT make), fanfiction and anything you did not make originally. If you do not have permission from the original maker of that content then you should under no circumstances try to copy it and pass it off as your own. Someone put a lot of work into those words or into every stroke of that art or editing needed for that video and you changing a few details like a character’s name or a change of colors DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT to take that content and then try and pass it of as your own.

And no putting the word ‘Converted’ on a story still DOES NOT give you that right unless you have gotten permission AS WELL AS given credit to the original content creator. I cannot stress that enough because what I have seen today truly baffled me. Over 89 fics on Wattpad alone copied and ‘converted’ from clexa and shoot and bechloe and glee and supercorp and hollstein and many other fandoms I’m sure. 

THIS IS NOT OK WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL CONTENT MAKER’S PERMISSION if it was ok sites like wattpad and ao3 and and Youtube and Tumblr would not have an option to report this as theft. 

One of my friends was so upset by the blatant thievery of their hard work that they thought of deleting their stories. and YES this is a form of THEFT and NO i’m not being dramatic but I am quite angry. 

And you know the excuse I heard? “Well other people do the same thing…” Now I know this is cliche but, if someone jumped off a cliff would you do it as well? Guess what those people that also do this? They are also in the wrong. The fact that they also do it does not make it right it simply means they have yet to get caught and reported. 

Just because what you converted/copied was fanfiction or a fan art or a fan video does not make it any less of a problem than if you outright copied copyrighted work from a book or an ad on Tv etc…